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Need to store a few things or your entire household? We can do that too! We offer NYC and NJ climate-controlled storage facilities with 24/7 surveillance to protect your valuables. Plus, we take inventory and label everything to make things easier when you do move into your new place.

Relocation Packaging

Need help packing for a move or unpacking after a relocation? We’ve got you covered. We want your move to be as painless and smooth as possible, so our professional movers will carefully and efficiently pack and label your belongings for a move, and we’ll even help you unpack!

The movers were prompt, professional, and unbelievably fast! They helped pack things efficiently and none of my belongings were damaged. Whenever there was an issue which may have cost more or wasn't...

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We had an excellent experience with TB Moving! My wife and I did a long-distance move from NYC to Nashville, and we settled on TB based on their online reputation and their professionalism during the...

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TB Moving company made moving for me stress free! They were prompt, fast, and they protected all my furniture and items. The team of guys I had are Samuel, Alex, Vadim. Each one of them had a smile on...

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Professional movers often come across clients who move from the country to the city and have little idea of what to expect. The logistics of such a move are often more complex than they realize, especially as cities often have limited parking and clients may be moving to high-rise apartments.

Hire a moving company

“Can I move to New York City?”  is a question many people ask. If ever you need to hire a moving company, it is when moving to New York City. For a start, parking is hard to find. Having a team of professional movers will solve some of the logistics that may be facing you if you are moving from the country to the city.

A full-service moving company NYC will take care of all the details so you have more peace of mind. If you’re asking yourself the question “Can I move to New York?” The answer is yes but don’t try to move on your own. Using a reputable moving company will help you to make that move from country to the city with peace of mind.

From the need for an insurance certificate to freight elevator negotiations and more, NYC moving company will have you covered.  These annoying little details can make your move a nightmare but when you don’t have to worry about them, you can devote your time to what really matters.

Stick to a budget

City life tends to be more expensive. Rentals are higher and you have more temptations and opportunities to spend money than in the country. Planning and sticking to a budget is one way to avoid overspending. If you can build up a little ‘cash cushion’ before moving, this can also be very helpful, especially when moving to a city like New York.

Try New Things

Making new friends is often difficult when moving from the country to the city. It may be necessary to join a gym in your neighborhood or take up a new hobby and join a class. People do want to socialize and if you put yourself out there, it shouldn’t be long before you find yourself making friends.

Where to move in New York City?

Hunting for an apartment, large deposits, restrictive rules and broker’s fees can cause stress to seasoned citizens when they move, never mind newcomers to New York City.

The desirability and affordability of the different New York neighborhoods is another complex issue. If you are wondering about where to move in New York City, it’s best for you to spend some time in different neighborhoods, chatting to locals and learning about things such as how to get around on the subway and the best eating spots.

The Bronx or Queens is more affordable than Manhattan or Brooklyn and you may be able to live there for a time before moving to a more expensive area. Newcomers to New York often take time to adjust to their new circumstances but once they have, they usually love the city and never want to move away from it.



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Moving is stressful and you want to be sure that your possessions are transported to your new destination as safely as possible. Options such as using a moving company, a broker or subcontractor exist, and there are factors you need to keep in mind when using them.

Moving Brokers

The advantage of using a moving broker is that they work with several moving companies so they are able to determine which one suits your needs best and try to save you costs by negotiating. They do the work of looking for you and “sell” your move to the selected company.

For instance, Brooklyn movers may be one of the companies on their list that they feel would provide you with the best options. The disadvantage is that when they choose the moving company Brooklyn to move your goods, they are not held responsible for damage or loss due to thefts, accidents, and other mishaps.

They are not personally authorized to move your possessions, don’t have their own moving trucks or movers and unless they have a watertight contract with the moving company, you have absolutely no guarantees.

If you do decide to use a broker rather than making arrangements directly with the company, you need to be very careful about who you use. They must be registered with FMCSA, offer a list of all the moving companies they use who must also be registered and have solid, written agreements with these companies

Moving Subcontractors

When you select a moving company, you may not be aware that they use subcontractors.  They might subcontract the driving of the truck, the moving of furniture or both. The problem is that although the parent company may be reputable, there is no guarantee that this applies to the subcontractors.

These people are not direct employees of the moving company and so they are not subject to the same policies, guidelines or rules. For instance, you may hire Brooklyn movers to move your goods and then find that the moving is being done by some subcontractor you have never heard of before.

Moving companies

When it comes to moving your precious possessions, you want people with expertise. It is not just about moving boxes and furniture around. Reputable companies who have years of experience know exactly what needs to be done, have the right equipment and can complete the move efficiently and safely.

It is often best to get your own estimates from a couple of reputable moving companies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, such as whether they use subcontractors, before making a decision.

Make sure the company is registered with FMCSA. The estimate should be based on a personal inspection of your moveable goods. For interstate moves, the company must have a U.S. DOT number but for moves within a state, requirements vary.

Remember that hiring a mover based solely on price may mean sacrificing on quality. If you are wanting to hire a moving company Brooklyn has reputable companies who will be happy to give you an estimate.



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Packing is often the most difficult part of moving. When your possessions are professionally packed and wrapped, they have a better chance of surviving the journey to your new home. Professional packers will save you time and energy too. The extra cost is often well worth it.

Different options

Companies offer many different options, from packing up and unpacking your entire home to just packing and unpacking a number of specialty items.  Even if you prefer to handle packing your own boxes, professional movers will often supply you with boxes if requested. They will also provide the necessary packing materials for the move such as sofa and mattress bags or blankets to protect furniture.


Experience does count when it comes to packing efficiently. Movers are used to dealing with the precious possessions you have in your home and know what techniques to use to ensure their safety. They will also be able to estimate how many boxes you need more easily than you and ensure that they don’t run out of boxes halfway through packing.

The right equipment

The movers have the right equipment for the job.  The boxes from your local store may not seal properly and this can be a problem, especially if you’re moving in rainy weather. Many of us end up using bin bags for packing and they tear open easily.  Boxes you use may even have originally contained foodstuffs that leave an odor on your possessions.

Peace of Mind

Professional packers usually take great care with your possessions because they know their jobs are on the line if they break items. They don’t want to risk getting negative reviews that will lose the future clients.

Last minute moving tips

local movers, moving company,One of the last-minute moving tips to keep in mind is to keep aside what you might actually need on the day of the move or shortly thereafter. Work out what you need well in advance of the packing crew arriving such as a change of clothes, toiletries, a phone charger etc. If you don’t do this, you may just find that everything is packed, including the items you really need for the next day or two.

Remember to make sure that you have all the keys to the new house such as garages, garden gates, sheds etc. or you may find yourself in an awkward position on moving day.

Tips for moving to New York City

If you are moving to New York City remember that space is limited and you need to be prepared to live in a smaller space. Take this as an opportunity to get rid of possessions you no longer need or want. Don’t move to New York City without having spent some time there. When you visit, don’t just do what tourists do. Try to get an idea of the area where you would like to live as neighborhoods differ considerably.

Regardless of where you move to New York, your closest parking spot will probably be a few blocks away. Moving by yourself and carrying heavy furniture is not a good idea.  A reputable moving company will save you trouble.



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You need to find out how to protect your new home from damage while moving your possessions into the house. You don’t want to go through the expense of a move and then still have to deal with dirty carpets, scratched hardwood floors, and chips in the walls.

Reputable moving companies, such as movers in New York, Queens will help to ensure that the best possible care is taken to avoid nicks, scratches or tears.

Protecting carpeting

A self-adhesive plastic film can be purchased to protect carpets. This will also help to prevent slipping. It does not leave any residue and it comes in different sizes. This option is not cheap but it will mean you do not have to employ professional carpet cleaners whose services are usually expensive.

If you cannot find this plastic film or would rather save money, you can use towels, drop cloths, blankets or carpet scraps.  However, some of these items can bunch up and cause tripping. Taping down the corners can help to prevent this from happening.

Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be damaged very easily and plastic film can be used to protect them. This film is found in specific formulas based on the type of flooring.

In the absence of the plastic, contractor’s paper might do the trick. Floors in high traffic areas can also be covered with cardboard to protect them. Just make sure that any paper or cardboard you use is not colored or dye may be transferred to the floor. Heavy duty paper helps to cut down on any scratches and scuffs from all the foot traffic going in and out of the house.

Putting felt pads on furniture legs will help to avoid scratching when moving pieces around. Wrapping blankets around furniture legs and bases can also help to protect floors when you’re moving it around.

Protecting walls

Walls are not in as much danger but they can still be damaged Sharp edges of furniture may make chips in a wall and should be wrapped with corner guards or moving pads to prevent damage to walls.

Other considerations

Keep in mind that rainy weather can easily cause slipping. You will constantly have to keep an eye on what has been used for protecting floors. The cardboard may need to be replaced as it becomes soggy. The plastic film may become slippery so it may need to be dried frequently.

Find out from a moving company in Queens today what they suggest to protect your new home during a move. Movers in Queens, New York have years of experience and they have learned all the tricks of the trade.

If you decide to enlist the help of a moving company in New York, Queens they will assist you to keep your floors, carpets, and walls protected.  They are known for going over and beyond what is expected to make sure that the walls, carpets, and floors of your new home are protected.

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Some people choose to move during the Christmas time for their own reasons. This is the period when most people relax, buy presents and celebrate. When moving your house comes it disturbs your focus and have to focus on relocating. But, there is a way to combine moving house with maintaining the Christmas mood. Here is how to move your house during Christmas.


1. Prioritizing your packing

To move your house during Christmas provides you with little time for preparation because of the holiday. This results in less time to pack your items and getting the right moving services. It is significant to pack all the items and get ready for your new home. All that should be left are those for decorating your house.


The moving services can also provide you with the moving supplies. They can do the packing and you should request a quotation for moving during the Christmas period. Ensure that you understand their moving services correctly. Some companies will just do one thing which is either packing or moving the items.


2. Plan your budget

local movers, moving company,It is advisable to request a representative from the moving services to go to your house to see the items. This will give them a proper estimate and you can get an accurate quotation. This will prevent you from facing unexpected costs. More importantly, it will help you properly plan your budget.


Moving comes with expected expenses and it’s significant that you should have extra funds at hand. In some situations, you may have forgotten to show the movers some items. This will incur some additional expenditure. If you spend less on the moving, then you can have some extra money for Christmas shopping.


3. Presents

Moving before Christmas will mean packing all the items including the gifts. The Christmas presents are all about giving your loved ones a surprise. The gifts can be packed in boxes and label them differently from its contents. This will prevent anyone from guessing what’s inside. No one will be coming looking in these boxes.


The items that you will need until Christmas day should be left out. Such items include the sets of bed sheets, kitchen towels, and grooming products. The moving services can pack these on the day that you are moving. Remember to let the moving company know these items will be immediately needed at your new home.


4. Moving before Christmas day

movers, local movers,Moving a day before Christmas means everyone will be expecting their gifts. You can take the presents with you to the new home and wait for the moving company. Taking the decorations with you is important because you cannot be sure at the exact time the moving services will be arriving. You can decorate the new home while waiting.


Get organized is important and don’t be distracted by the Christmas spirit. You can make things easier by ensuring that you keep communicating with the movers. Ask questions when it’s necessary and read the documents that the moving company give you. The moving documentation can be requested a day before so that you can read it prior to moving.


5. Moving on Christmas day

movers in nycIf you are moving just hours before Christmas day, you can keep the Christmas mood by playing holiday songs. It’s understandable that the movers might be in a hurry to pack and load your items. Christmas songs will cheer them up and will make the moving be a jovial one.


The moving company will be handling your precious items and it will not hurt to consider giving them drinks and food. This will keep a good mood during the moving day. The kids can stay with friends or family so that you have all the attention on the movers.



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Dealing with utilities well ahead of moving day can help to ensure a successful move. You don’t want to relocate only to find the lights are out and the phone is dead or be presented with a bill long after moving for your previous utilities.


It’s worth getting a movers estimate and hiring a moving company to take the weight of the actual move off your shoulders so that you have time to focus on other issues such as transferring utilities. A flat rate moving price is guaranteed as all-inclusive.


Get organized

Make a checklist of all your services. Most utility providers need advance notice of at least ten days. The company will need some time to complete a soft credit check. Some top companies give you the opportunity of scheduling a new service appointment on their websites.


Call providers

When you apply for a new service, providers will require details such as your name, date of birth and social security number for a soft credit check. You may have to pay a deposit before your request is processed. Find out whether someone will need to be present when utilities are switched on or off.  Make sure you give them your new address for final notices or bills.


Transferring your services

Sometimes you are able to transfer your services and this can save costs because a deposit is charged for new services. It will depend on how far you move but if the company operates in your new area, a transfer shouldn’t be a problem.


Time shut off and turn on correctly

You need to decide when to shut off services at your current address and turn them on at the new address. You can choose to turn on the services in your new home the day before you move or the day of the move. Rather turn on non-essentials, such as your TV, after moving day.


Once you have moved, make sure that utilities have been turned off in your old home or you might just get a bill for services long after your move!  You can arrange for a final reading of meters and compare these readings with your final bill. Check your actual move-out date to ensure you were not overcharged.


Save some money

local movers,Ask all service providers if there are any specials for new customers. Internet and cable suppliers often have deals available that can reduce monthly bills.


Remember to get your deposit back when utilities are shut off at your old home. If you meet the necessary requirements, you may receive a credit on your bill, a check or a direct deposit.


Finding reputable movers to handle your move will allow you to have more time to focus on issues such as home services and utilities. It’s best to get a movers estimate from about three companies and make some comparisons before making this decision. A flat rate moving price will guarantee that you don’t have to face unexpected costs.



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A bedroom is a place of refuge where you go to sleep and relax. Ensuring that it is well packed helps to create a lasting impression. However, once you get to the planning stages, the nervous excitement sets in.


Knowing what items to pack can be a daunting task. The items you need to pack will determine the style of your bedroom. Here are tips for moving furniture.


Style of your bedroom

The bedroom is where you spend most of your time to relax and sleep after a hard day. A well-planned bedroom should ensure that it will make you feel good living in it.


Make the place feel welcoming by choosing the furniture which will complement the room settings. In most cases, the bedroom is a place which is packed with more items and some of which are not necessary.

Packing list

The packing list will help you to take only the items that will be needed in your bedroom. Take only the items that will be used and suit the design of your bedroom.


The furniture such as a bed, mattress, and chairs are some of the items that take up most of the space in the bedroom. They are also items that you cannot do without in the bedroom. These should be on top of your packing list when packing.

Basic necessities

Oftentimes, we tend to underestimate the value of furniture, curtaining, and accessories that we use in the bedroom. You need to pack only the items that will ultimately define the interior of your bedroom. The items that will not be used should be packed last and you may consider another place where you can store them.


One of the most important tips for moving to a new city is that some of the storage places can be expensive. Therefore, getting a storage place for the unused items can incur more expenses. It is advisable to consider donating the items to charity organizations.


You will need to separate out the items that you may need to use when moving. This includes clothing, electronics, and toiletries. You can temporarily keep these in your bedroom. This can be packed in a suitcase that is small enough to be easily carried.


The furniture such as the bed, bookshelves, and lamps require being disassembled. The nails and/or screws should be kept properly together because you will need them when assembling.


It is advisable to have a small container or plastic bag where you can put the nuts, bolts and small parts of the bed frame. Start disassembling the bed frame and take the mattress and frame out of the bedroom.

Precautions when moving furniture

When you are moving out the furniture make sure that it is not scratched. This is especially applicable to the wooden furniture. You can wrap the edges of the furniture with bubble-wrap to avoid them getting scratched. If you are not entirely sure the safety of your furniture, you can consider hiring professional movers.



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Your home is so much more than just a place to live-in, it’s also where you can be yourself and enjoy quality time with family. Having a loved one to live with is an important decision someone can make.


Most people, ask themselves how can I move to New York with my loved one? Here are some factors to consider to help you make a proper decision.


Once you have considered a possible purchase or apartment to let, you need to be sure that it is worth the money you are going to be paying. You need to do the maths correctly. Don’t rely on the vendor’s estate agent, though, as they have vested interest in the property and are likely to err toward the higher end of a likely rental figure.


A good way of seeing what rental property in New York City is being let for is to look at websites where you can check out properties similar to the one you are considering in the same area.


Once you have found the property that interests you, look into the rental agreement form. This will specify the terms of living in the property such as if you are allowed to keep pets, trash disposal, and responsibility for repairs. Make sure that the apartment has enough space to fit in the items that you want to take with you.


Deciding what to take

local movers nyc,This is a significant factor where both of you have items that you were using before. You will need to see that the smaller items like spoons which will not be needed can be disposed of. The bigger items such as furniture will be chosen depending on the space that is available in the new apartment.


Importantly, you will have to determine if they suit the style of the house. Remember that whatever you are taking will contribute to the cost of moving. The more weight, the higher the costs.


Therefore, you may decide to dispose of, sell or donate the other items which will not be needed. Do you think of storing the other furniture? Forget it because this will be expensive in the long-run as it will require paying for that storage space.


It is important to decide if you will be moving on your own or hiring professional movers. This can be simple if it is only yourself that is moving but when it involves your partner as well it can be tricky.


The following will also have to be considered, the distance you are moving, the number of items you are moving, the location of the new place and size of the fragile materials. The professional movers can give you more details on how to move to NYC.


Hiring Professional Movers

If the distance to where you are moving is far and you have a lot of items, it will be better to use the professional movers. In New York City, you might find that many places have loading and unloading time restrictions.


This might necessitate that you should hire professional movers who can offload the items within the time limits. For the large fragile items, these also require professional movers who are specialized in moving such items.



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As if moving isn’t stressful enough, handling kids and settling down in a new neighborhood, it gets even more inconvenient when you have to move to a smaller home, and all your old stuff ends up either cramped within your new house or altogether doesn’t fit.


This is one of those mildly infuriating things nearly everyone has to deal with in their lives. Living in a cramped room is not only unhealthy, it’s also a gateway to unlocking your inborn claustrophobic. Searching reputed flat rate moving companies and hiring the best one is the ultimate solution to your woes.

Expert Tips from Flat Rate Movers

Create more space out of less square footage:

Yes, moving ain’t easy. It’s excruciating if you have no helping hand. Luckily enough, though, there are a few ways you can optimize on space and save yourself from the hassle of having to reorganize the house afresh.

Throw out stuff you don’t need

flat rate movers,This first methodology can be broken down into four simple words – throw out the junk. Most times you don’t even realize it, but up to ten percent of the stuff filling your room halfway up to the roof is junk you don’t need. In other words, most people are hoarders and they don’t even realize it.


Not only is it an unhealthy habit, it’s a complete waste of valuable time. No matter how much time it may take you to eventually get rid of all that clutter that has piled up over the years, it will be totally worth it once you actually do.

Capitalize on vertical space

This is the most often ignored factor when attempting to organize possessions within the home, but if you know how to use it, you’ll find that vertical space is extremely invaluable.


Don’t expect your flat rate movers to help you organize your belongings. Once they’ve moved everything in, their job is more or less over with.


One way to do this is installing floor-to-ceiling shelves and cabinets. This way, you can easily stack all your books without having to sacrifice precious floor space. Additionally, hooks are your second best friend if you want to keep stuff off the floor.

Invest in multi-functional furniture

Furniture easily comes in first when it comes to how much space by square area your stuff eats up around the house, and this is unavoidable. So, as much as your furniture is completely necessary, it doesn’t have to be dead weight on your floor space. A good example would be how ottomans can be used to provide you with some extra storage space.


Alternatively, your furniture can also be meant to serve different purposes – for instance, a chest with drawers embedded within it or a small bedside desk that can double up as a nightstand and so on. What’s more, furniture like loveseats is so much easier for flat rate moving companies to transport.

Get in touch with a professional

A golden rule of thumb to use in life as a whole is that everything you don’t know how to do, there’s someone out there who does it for a living. As a last-ditch effort, you should consider hiring a professional to help you organize everything.


Some flat rate movers offer this as an additional service to simply moving your stuff, for some extra fees, of course. When you’re looking for a company to take care of the moving process for you, ask them if they offer professional organization services, and in the long run, it will probably be cheaper than hiring an independent.



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The big day is approaching fast, and you’ve finally put the decision on the table. You’ve set a date, prepared all your stuff, contacted NY moving companies, and you’re excited because you’re going to move.


All that’s left is to raise some extra cash and lighten your load before you actually move. There’s only one thing in order – a garage sale to ready you for the big day.

NY Moving Companies Advice on a garage sale

To make the garage sale successful, the sale has to be carefully planned. There are lots of details most people forget that will often land them in lots of trouble. To help you make sure it all goes smoothly, here are some things you have to remember.


Make Sure You Are Following the Law

First things first, you will need to check with your local authorities in order to acquire a sale permit. Some locations also require you to pay taxes on the proceeds of the garage sale. Finally, inquire if your city allows you to advertise the event because the last thing you want is fines for doing something illegal. Some NY movers may not want anything to do with you otherwise.


If you’re paranoid, you may also check with your insurance company cover costs of the possibility that anyone will be hurt on your property. Most people put up signs to indicate that they are not responsible for slip and fall accidents on their property, but signs don’t protect you from legal liability.

Figure Out Where To Hold The Sale

moving companiesWhere you locate the sale is just as important as holding the sale and the stuff you’re going to sell. A few questions you’re going to want to ask yourself are:


  • Are you going to hold the sale in the yard, your garage or inside?
  • Are multiple families involved in the sale, and if so, where would be a good location that everyone is comfortable with?
  • What will the weather be like? Are you willing to continue if it’s unfavorable?


Set a date

The day and time for the sale is the next essential item on the checklist. Most times, the best day to hold a yard sale is on a Saturday; however, if that’s not suitable for the area you live in, you can decide to set it to whatever day best fits with your community.


Just avoid setting it on holidays like Labor day and schedule it on days that are either close to the end or the beginning of the month to maximize customers, and such that it’s not too close to your eventual moving day with movers NY.

Decide What To Sell

If you’re going to hold a sale, you’re going to need to need something to sell. Whereas actually pinning down what to sell might be a bit of a challenge, this few tips from some famous NY moving companies might help smoothen the process.


Take an inventory of everything you own, then begin crossing out whatever you don’t use any longer. People will often stop by to buy your items if there are lots of things to choose from, so don’t be too selective.

Organize Clothes and Shoes

The number of clothes you have at your sale can make or break it because some people won’t even give your sale a second look if they spot tables piled with clothes over them.


Take time to organize your clothing and that the sizes are grouped together, clearly marked with price tags and are hung up neatly.



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