The movers were prompt, professional, and unbelievably fast! They helped pack things efficiently and none of my belongings were damaged. Whenever there was an issue which may have cost more or wasn't...

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We had an excellent experience with TB Moving! My wife and I did a long-distance move from NYC to Nashville, and we settled on TB based on their online reputation and their professionalism during the...

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TB Moving company made moving for me stress free! They were prompt, fast, and they protected all my furniture and items. The team of guys I had are Samuel, Alex, Vadim. Each one of them had a smile on...

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Minimum wage, by definition, is a high enough pay needed to maintain a normal standard of living. Given NYC is the most expensive place in the world, its living wage is naturally higher comparatively; it is $14.52 per hour-per adult, to be precise. And perhaps this is the biggest obstruction for self-employed people looking to move to this vibrant city but can’t because of financial constraints; because their business doesn’t yield as much as required to maintain a ‘normal standard of living’ in New York.


So what does that mean? Do these people just give up on their dreams to move to NYC? Do they just wait till they earn sufficient?


While high pay would definitely help one live luxuriously in New York, it isn’t necessary by any means. There are few smart ways around with which these soloprenuers can enjoy a decent lifestyle in this expensive city even when their business doesn’t yield the required living wage NYC


  1. Let local moving company help you– New York has few renowned moving companies that not only offer efficient long and short-distance services but also charge relatively low. So instead of settling for your hometown movers, look for these NYC based local moving companies. You’ll be surprised by just how much you’ll be able to save here.


  1. Walk or take public transport– The traffic in NYC is congested; so you can do without a car. Also, taxis charge high. So you’re left with public transport. Subway is your best option. Although getting used to the complicated subway map can take time, it’s much cheaper and can easily save hours of your day.



  1. Avoid eating outside– If you’re an outgoing kind of person who likes hitting cafes, pubs and hotels every other day, you might want to change that habit. Eating out in New York is costly; add to that the cost of tips you’re supposed to leave every time. Cook and eat at home!


  1. Shop at your local market– New York is crowded with retail service providers, right from groceries to clothes. While all of them might claim to charge you “cheap”, you often end up spending more than normal. So, at least for the groceries and other utilities, avoid shopping online. Hit your local market and buy from there.



  1. Cut unnecessary cost– Many unnecessary costs might be taking a chunk of your budget without even you noticing. So look out for such costs and cut them off. You don’t need a landline; your cell is enough. You don’t need to go to the movies and pubs every day. You don’t need to sign up to any laundry service.


  1. Make use of everything “free”– Admittedly, New York is the most expensive. However, the city does offer a lot of things for Free, if only you keep your eyes open. Instead of paying for internet, make use of public WiFi. Don’t go to the gym; instead make use of free parks to run and exercise. Also, you can get plenty of things at very cheap if you know where to look at; like shopping at flea market.



  1. Save– Whether at New York or Detroit, saving should be a big part of your finance strategy to welcome any uncertainty with preparation. Sure cutting back in your expenditure in a costly city is a difficult task. But following smart ways, you can manage to save a decent amount every month.


These are 7 simple ways that can help the soloprenuers (and anyone) afford a living in NYC even when they are making less than city’s marked living wage. So if you’re planning to move to New York City soon, don’t let your low business return disappoint you. You can live decently in this costly place without compromising on your needs and preferences.




Sometimes easy looking tasks can be a complete catastrophe if handled carelessly. And house moving is one of those tasks. Ask those who have experienced the disasters on the moving day just because they skipped on some important tips and essentials.


Want your house moving be smooth and successful? Here are 5 essentials to make it possible:


1.A planned budget


If you’re not certain in your budget, you’ll end burning a big hole in your pocket. You must calculate everything in advance – the total amount of money you’re going spend through the process – to save yourself from any extra and unnecessary cost.


2.A Reliable Brooklyn Moving Company


You’re heading to big problems if you’re planning to do all alone. Even when moving locally, you need renowned and reliable Brooklyn movers-professionals who highlight years of experience and vouches to make the move quick and smooth.


3.Strong packaging boxes


Problems will erupt if the boxes you have packed your items in start giving-up on the way. In the market, many different types and varieties of packaging boxes are available. Avoid falling for the cheap ones. Invest in high quality, strong boxes.


4.A definite checklist


House moving includes a lot of tasks than what meet our eyes. There’s a lot to handle, right from packing all your items to cleaning up your home to proper waste treatment to preparing for all the emergencies. Having a definite checklist of all the tasks you need to tick-off is essential.




Sadly, during the strenuous days and all the anxieties, many people simply overlook their health-eating less, sleeping less, and not exercising. And this negatively affects health, making them weaker and sick. And guess what happens when they don’t feel well on the moving day? It ends up in a disaster. So take care of yourself all the while.


These are 5 essentials that will make your house moving quick, smooth and successful.


So be smart, make all the right calls and start a new journey in your new home in a complete perfect way. Good luck!



manhattan movers nycWhile you may have managed to successfully tame your house moving anxieties for weeks, the last day will get the best of you. Period. The big day when you’re going to leave your dear-home for something new— you’ll be confused about nearly everything, lost in the whats and hows, drained physically, psychologically and emotionally.


And it is in this hassle, it’s quite common that you’re going to make some mistakes that will play major speed-breakers on your way to a successful house moving.


To help you keep the things just as smooth and easy even on the actual moving day, here’s a quick house moving checklist for the very last-minute:


1.The items are packed… in high quality boxes


Look around and get assured that every item is packed properly. Check the packing again! At least the important and expensive items, make sure they are stashed in high-quality, strong boxes that won’t give up on the way. Having any packing related accident is the last thing you would want during the move.


2.You have talked to your movers thoroughly


Confusions arise when you and your movers Brooklyn NY are not on the same platform. You’re planning something, while they have completely different things in their mind. To avoid this, talk to these professionals about every little detail of the move; like the path you’re going to take, the stops you’re going to make. (Note: Go for the reliable professionals; look around and find one of the best Brooklyn NY moving companies.


3.You have informed your friends and families about your move


It might seem irrelevant but is important that you let your friends and families know about your move for any “what if” moment. What if there’s any problem on the way, what if there’s some accident, what if things didn’t go as planned—having people know where you are and what you’re up to always make sure that help is nearer.


4.Your kids and pets are happy and excited


Double your moving confusion and anxiety-and that’s what your kids and pets might be going through. So throughout the whole process, you must pay special attention to their needs and requirements. Make sure they are happy and full-excited.


5.You have taken care of all the waste


You don’t want to leave all the waste in your old home, whether it’s regular garbage or big, wrecked sofa set. Dispose or recycle them properly. Dial any good waste management company, and get everything cleaned up.


6.You have the emergency contacts on a piece of paper


Again, for the “what if” moments – if it’s a long-distance move, in particular – you must be extra prepared in advance. So have all the emergency contacts on a piece of paper (Yes, no Smartphone, please!). Know who to call when any problem arises.




Here are few other things you should check right before house moving:


•Your phone’s battery is full; if not, invest in power bank.
•You’ve packed food according to the length of your journey.
•You have informed the owner of your new house that you’re coming today.
•You have keys of new house with you; or you know where to get them from once you’re there.
•The weather is nice for the move.
•You have a map with you.
•You have a perfect, psychedelic set of songs to keep everyone excited.


These are things you should check out from a list, on the last day, right before you move. Be smart, make the house moving successful and welcome a refreshing start.



Feeling overwhelmed, under equipped and panicky about the move? Well, sadly, the relocation stress meltdown has hit you finally! The feeling of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty connected to change is inevitable to occur, and you might just feel clueless about everything, no matter since how long you have been planning this. The host of challenges that lie ahead will make you petrified, and you feel running away from them. This, in turn, aggravates your stress hormones making you feel more nervous. Your personal, professional and mental stability seems to strike turmoil, and the more you try to unclutter, things get more cumbersome.

local moving nyc

Our natural desire to feel comfortable and poised is the major reason why we sense a state of conundrum. There are a thousand little details that have to be planned, organized, and executed, and moving out of the comfort zone is mind-boggling in itself. The emotionally and physically strenuous decision of changing your home or hypothetically altering your complete lifestyle is irksome, and hence to make sure that you mitigate the consequences of a “meltdown”, here are some tips to follow.

Be assured of a good mover


Instead of packing and lugging around your small and bulky belongings, make sure you hire one of the reputed and reliable Brooklyn movers. Having movers do all the work will take away so much of your stress, and it will be definitely worth it. They help you unclutter a lot of intricacies, from packing to relocating and unpacking. Thus, this is probably the first thing that you should sort out.

The right mental attitude works


No matter whether you are moving out of your own wish, or forced to do so due to some professional compulsion, adopting the right mental attitude and viewpoint comes first. You can totter around this move, or be positive. Definitely the latter would work for you, because life is all about the unpredictable changes and we are ought to welcome them. Thus, think about the brighter side of meeting new people, and inculcating new experiences and life lessons to relocating.

Procrastinating? Du’h, bad idea!


Instead of leaving the important things to be sorted out and done at the last minute, you need to stop being lazy and clueless, and do them in time. Procrastinating will only stress you out more. Start planning things, and make sure that the checklist pointers are ticked off with time.

Your emotional needs must be responded


Your relocation might be an upsetting ideal phase of your life and that is completely fair and normal. You do not have to behave fine and happy always, by bottling things up. We are all emotionally vulnerable, and hence, you must share things with someone who can comfort you in this phase. Talk to them, and express your fears, and anxieties to get some relief. Remember that you need to be emotionally strong to accept this change.

Eat and sleep well


From the favorite pizza being delivered at your doorstep, to hogging on Chinese cuisines, or the stress buster chocolate, make sure to eat something fulfilling that would make you satiated and happy. There is nothing a good meal can’t cure. To fight fatigue and mental tiredness, you can boost your cognitive performance by taking short naps all throughout the busy and tiring day.

As the day comes, book a spa appointment


No matter how much the Brooklyn moving company has promised to you, you have to pack your private and personal belongings and that is no easy task. You run from one place to another, fixing your stuff and putting them in boxes, giving way to headache or body aches. Thus to unwind, the spa appointment is mandatory.

The challenges of moving house double if you have pets with you. These little, cute creatures need special attention and extra pampering during the strenuous days. And if not handled well, things could turn into a disaster real quick.


brooklyn moving company


So if you have pets and you’re relocating soon, here’s how to make it smooth and successful-here are 9 simple tips to make the move easier for your pet-


1.Act calmly throughout the move


Look (and feel) calm about the house moving. Don’t show any signs to strain. If you’re stressed out, panicking about the upcoming change, this might reflect on the mood of your cats, dogs or more. So keep your emotions stable throughout.


2.Take all of your pets’ belongings with you


You want your new place feel exactly like the old one-at least for your pets. So carry all your pets’ belongings, right from home to toys to other things that they are used to. This will help them for an easy transition.


3.If it’s a long move, ask your friends to look after them


When you’re moving to different state, across the country, it is best to leave your pets with your friends or family during the actual move. You don’t want them to be on this long road-journey, taking bumps and getting bored in traffic.


4.Spend time with them; let professionals handle your move


Instead of focusing on planning, packaging and moving things yourself, let your movers Brooklyn NY based handle and assist you with everything. This will save you plenty of time (and, of course, stress) that you can spend with your pets.


5.Carry them in your own vehicle when moving


If you’re actually moving – as in, travelling – with them to the new house, make sure to use your own vehicle. This will make them feel safe, comfortable and at ease.


6.Consult your vet if needed


Understand that this move is just as big for your pets as it is for you. If things aren’t looking good, if they are acting weirdly and not eating properly, go to your vet and make sure everything’s fine with these cuddly-ones.


7.Keep them well fed


When moving, it is quite common that you skip your own meal. And just as common is you forget to feed your pets properly; or offer them different food and, that, in untimely manner. This can seriously affect their health. So be very careful about their meals. Make sure the stress of moving doesn’t mirror here.


8.Keep your new house ready for the pets


You don’t want your pets to enter the new house and freak in the brand new space. So move the house before you move the pet. Keep the new place ready for them. Have their belongings all settled so they feel at home.


9.Take all the safety precaution


Whether you’re taking your pet with you or keeping them at your friend’s, it is important you take few simple safety precautions. Like buckle them up in your car safely, keep their vaccination up-to-date, keep their tags or microchip up-to-date, explain your friends about what your pet likes and don’t, and more.


These are 9 simple tips to make house moving easy for your pets. Of course, there could be few more uncertainties and challenges. But with the right tips and Brooklyn NY moving companies by your side, you can make it smooth and successful.


In a poll, conducted recently, two-third of the participants voted house moving as the most stressful task that brings even more anxiety than breakups, divorce and new job. This revelation isn’t surprising by any means though. Relocating home is nothing short of changing your whole lifestyle. And needless to say, it’s stressful and full of challenges.


brooklyn ny mover


So if you’re moving house soon, it’s quite common that you’re strained, both emotionally and physically. However, the problem comes when you cross a threshold level and enter the “red zone”- when you start obsessing your worries and it eventually starts affecting your health. At times like these, it is important that you dial your doctor immediately before things go out of hand.


To be more precise, here are 7 times when your house moving stress is crossing that threshold level and you should contact your doctor right away-


1.You have lost your appetite


When stressed out, people often forget to eat. Or they simply don’t want to eat because “I don’t feel like eating”. While this is sometimes okay, other times the problem is much more than what meet the eyes. Skipping meals for long can have serious health repercussions. So if you have lost your appetite, seek doctor’s help.


2.You have become a night owl


The worries of packing, finding a good Brooklyn moving service provider, adjusting in the new place and more-all these are giving you sleepless nights. The stress has taken over your life and you have become a night owl. Even when tired and willing to sleep, you just can’t seem to lull yourself into a peaceful nap. Call a doctor!!!


3.You’re feeling weak


When not eating, you’ll definitely feel weak. However, even if you’re having a mouthful every day, you’re feeling weaker and exhausted. Understand, if this is the case, the stress is getting the best of you and that you need medical attention quickly.


4.You’re always on the edge


Stress, often, transcends into anger quickly and very easily. If you’ve been edgy as of late, losing your cool every other minute and on everyone, for no real reason really, you need to immediately tame your anxiety and calm yourself down. And for that you need help from your doctor (or counselor).


5.You’re experiencing headache round the clock


This isn’t the kind of headache that your regular pain relief pills can help you with. With stress toying with your head, the ache stays round the clock and you feel even more tired, groggy and out of life. So don’t take these persisting house moving-headaches lightly; they can worsen your health if left unchecked. Get medical treatment.


These are 5 signs that the stress of house-moving is getting the best of you and your health and that you should see a doctor immediately.


Remember, one of the biggest ingredients of successful house moving is healthy-you. So take care of yourself. Sleep sufficiently, eat healthy, exercise, and have a reliable Moving Brooklyn NY based company by your side to tame your stress.


The internet is cluttered with so (soooo….) many tips, tricks and even “hacks” to make house moving successful. Sadly, only a handful of them are really useful and makes sense, rests are fictitious and talk on hypothetical.


moving packaging


For ones moving house for the first time, going through these blogs and articles, and picking the experts’ advices that are, in fact, useful is difficult and time-consuming.


Are you soon relocating?


We’ve done the half work for you. Going through the crowd of the best (and the worst), we’ve picked the most useful house moving tips revealed by some of the well-renowned niche experts. So here we go-


Yes, you’re welcome!


1.Take care of your movers


The whole relocation process depends on your Brooklyn Moving company. So not only is it important to be careful when picking these professionals, but also you need to treat them right. Be considerate to their limitations; don’t over-bargain and try to strike unreasonable pricing.


2.Early planning is the key of successful house moving


There’s a lot to handle when moving house. And it all needs planning in advance. So don’t push everything till the last moment. Start preparing early to avoid any last moment rush and confusion.


3.Make sure your movers are certified


Very important, but this is one of the most overlooked factors when selecting moving company Brooklyn NY based. Not certified, with less expertise and experience, moving disaster is imminent with such companies. So make sure your professionals are certified.


4.Invest in high quality packing boxes


Many different types of packing boxes are available in the market today. And they vary in terms of quality. You must be thoughtful in buying these boxes. Factoring your own moving needs – like, it is local or long distance, the items you’ll pack in them – try and avoid the boxes that are cheap and weak.


5.Be flexible in your decisions


A lot of challenges and uncertainties lie ahead on the path when moving house. And you can’t be prepared for all of them; the weather on the moving day might not be good, you’re not feeling well, or there’s some other emergency in your city— it could be anything. So you must be flexible enough to change your moving place and date.


6.Think before you pack


Packing is much more than stashing your stuffs in the box. It needs planning and detailed attention, like you need to sort your items into different categories, use different kinds of boxes for different items, expensive items needs to be taken care of foremost. So think before you pack.


7.Pay attention on your health


Needless to say, housing moving is one of the most stressful experiences. And it is quite common to get lost in the hassle and neglect your own health. Don’t be one of those people who do this! Eat healthy, sleep sufficiently and exercise a bit every day.


These are 7 house moving tips revealed by the industry’s experts. Now you know, avoid all the screw-ups on the way and stride towards a quick, stress-free and successful house relocation with more confidence.


Changing your house is nothing short of changing your whole lifestyle. The decision is big-and strenuous, both physical and emotionally; so much so that majority of people consider house moving as the most stressful task (or that’s what multiple surveys suggest!)

moving company brooklyn new york

Given the magnitude of this decision, it is essential that you don’t rush into things. You must take your time to think things through and factor everything there is to ensure a smooth and happy house moving. And when things aren’t looking right, you must be flexible enough to take a step back to rethink.

Are you relocating?

Here are 5 times when you should actually postpone your moving date-

1.You haven’t found a reliable Brooklyn Moving company

Having one of the top apartment movers NYC based by your side is a ticket for a safe, quick and happy moving. Do it alone with no professional help and, even it’s a local move, things are going to go wrong. So if you haven’t found a moving company who you can rely on, postpone the date and keep looking for the one who’s experienced and affordable enough to match your individual requirements.

2.The weather is not good

As important as it is, sadly weather is one of the least considered factors when moving house. Majority of accidents happen when it’s raining or snowing. Summer heat and winter chills pose few of their own challenges. So when deciding on the date, it is important to look at the forecast of that day. If it’s not looking good, push back the date.

3.You’re not feeling well

One of the foremost advices of the moving experts is to take care of your health. With all the stress surrounding people throughout the whole process, right from packing to storing, it is quite common to neglect one’s own health. If you too have been careless towards your health – skipping breakfast, not sleeping sufficiently, not working out – and if you’re feeling ill, it’s probably a good idea to reschedule your house moving date.

4.The new place (or neighborhood) is not good enough

Sure you have to move urgently, but that doesn’t mean you must settle for any kind of house. If you (and your family) don’t like the new place, or the neighborhood doesn’t looks nice, you should buy time to continue looking for a nice house. Put off the moving date!

5.Few other questions to ask…

There’s a range of other questions that you should actually ask yourself before moving house, like-

  • Is the housing affordable?
  • Are you excited about the new place?
  • Is the crime rate in the new neighborhood low?
  • Do you like the weather of your new city/town?
  • Do you know anyone in the new city/town?
  • Are there more opportunities in the new city/town?

If the answers are NO, you should definitely NOT move; push back the date to keep looking for a better place.

These are 5+ reasons that scream that you should postpone your house moving day. Even postponing might be a difficult decision. But relocating home is one of your life’s biggest decisions and you don’t want to rush here. One wrong step and it can go downhill. So take your time and think well to ensure a safer and happier move. Good luck!


When moving house, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of. The stress level notches higher by every passing day till the big move. And it is in these strain-y hours do many people simply overlook the safety and security aspects of this whole process.

moving packaging nyc


Are you soon relocating?


On the security front, there are few measures that you need to take-or, there are things that you need to be careful of. Here are 5 of them-


1.How safe is your new neighborhood?


The place you’re moving in how safe is it? How is the neighborhood, what is the crime rate there and is police force there sufficient to help you during any emergency? Have answers to all of these! It is best to head to your new place, at least once in advance, and look around carefully. And when uncertain, look for some other place.


2.Take immediate safety measures in your new place


When in your new home, there are few safety measures you need to take immediately. Foremost is, change your locks; you never know who has the spare keys. Second, make sure the alarm system at the new place is working fine. Third, make sure the windows are strong and in good condition.

3.Don’t make it obvious that you’ve just moved in


Sure you just moved to your new place. But you don’t have to make it obvious to everyone on the street. Avoid leaving your boxes on the footpath or garden. Fit curtains or blinds to your windows. Keep your windows and doors shut all the time.


4.Are your movers certified?


You’ve picked through the best affordable movers NYC based the one who meets your individual needs and requirements adequately. However, you also have to make very sure that your moving company Brooklyn NY based is certified. The non-certified ones are less reliable, with chances of theft and robbery often very high.


5.Are your expensive items safely packed?


You have a range of expensive items-right from necklaces and watches to LED TV, Play Station and Macbook. How safely are they packed? First, you need to purchase high-end packing boxes for these items. Second, pay special attention to these boxes-where they are, who is handling them, which vehicle are they in and so forth.




6.If the need for self-storage arises, where would you store your items?


Often, moving and the need for storage walk hand-in-hand. So when moving, if there’s a need for temporary storage facility, where will you store all your items? Is that facility safe enough? Pick the right place for this in advance to avoid any wrong decision. These days, few of the best affordable movers NYC based also offer free storage facility for up to one month.


These are 5 (+1) safety tips for people moving houses. Keep all these in mind and make your move a successful and secured one.


You’ve been living in this house for years now… shared joys with your other-half, made memories with the kids and celebrated so many festivals together.


new york moving company


Now, maybe you’ve got promotion in your office and needs to move to a different city, or maybe you want to explore new places and opportunities and hence have to move. With heavy heart, you have finally decided that “it’s time” to relocate.


Saying Goodbye doesn’t have to be difficult


Admittedly, saying goodbye to people and place is difficult. But it doesn’t really have to be that way.


You’re feeling low right now – and so are your kids – because you have to leave a place that you called “home” for so many years. However, you don’t necessarily have to mope about this fact. There’s always a brighter picture to every uneasy change. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but there are ways that can easily keep your whole family feel excited and happy during such emotionally-chaotic moments.


Here are 5 epic formulas to keep your kids and yourself happy and super-charged when moving house-


1.Spend time together


The simplest and best way to be a rocking and happily-ever family is to spend time together. Talk to your partner and children and give them some time. Now you don’t have to be glued to each other all the hours. At least have breakfast and dinner together, and enjoy some TV-time with them.


2.Take a small vacation


What better way to super-charge your whole family than to go on a vacation?! Go to a nice place for few days; decide on the place together. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pockets here. A local farm house or resort is okay; you just want everyone to stay away from the home and stress for few days.


3.Plan everything together


Often parents completely overlook the views and opinions of their kids. And needless to say, this upsets the little ones big time. So don’t be one of these parents. Ask things to your kids. Include them in all your decisions and plan everything together.


4.(For once) switch off all the gadgets


Yes please… give up your Smartphone. Take away (sweetly) the gadgets from your kids. Go on a short tech-break. Not only will you be able to make plenty of time to spend together with the family, but you will also be less stressed out. (It’s proven, social media platforms trigger your anxiety and stress!)


5.Visit your new place once in advance


Don’t keep things surprise in regards to your new home. Visit, with your partner and kids, the new place at least once in advance. Know how the rooms and neighborhood are. Visualize where will all your stuffs go in the house. And, looking at all the positives, hype the move.



6.Be certain of everything in the moving process


Being certain of things is the easiest way to simmer down your anxieties and be happy. So when moving house, have answer to all the whys, how’s and when’s. Having one of the top short or long distance movers Manhattan by your side can ensure a smooth and successful moving ahead. Be careful and take your time when picking one of the reliable Brooklyn movers local.


These are 5 (+1) epic and effective formulas to keep your kids and yourself happy and super charged when moving house.



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