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10 Key Takeaways from Unsuccessful House Moving

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Even with all the house moving tips and checklists available online, many people often end up making some rather silly mistakes. And while that’s as sad for them, for the rest, the mistakes bring a long list of takeaways to learn and understand from.


Are you moving your house soon? Too stressed out? Thinking about all that could go wrong on the ‘big day’?


Here are 10 key takeaways from past unsuccessful house moving-


  1. You have a lot more items than anticipated


Many people undermine the number of items they have at their home, only to be left dumbstruck when actually cleaning and packing. Unsurprisingly, seeing all these many items take a toll on their stress level, leaving them in need for new moving plan.


  1. It all WON’T fit in your personal minivan


Dedicated fleets are required, whether moving short distance or long. Period. However, many people take their vehicles as sufficient to carry all the items to the new place. But turns out, on the ‘big day’ they finally realize that it all won’t fit in their little car or minivan.


  1. You’ll hurt yourself when loading/unloading items


You’re not an expert and chances are that this is the first time you’re moving. So, if you’re handling all by yourself, it’s quite given that you’re going to hurt yourself, even when super careful; you’re going to slam your pinky-toe at the corner of the furniture or get scratches when picking heavy items.


  1. Your friends aren’t professionals


Sure you can have your friends around to help when moving but it won’t be like picnic. You friends aren’t professionals— they are going to make even more mistakes than you. In fact, sometimes their presence could be just the opposite of helpful.


  1. Stay away from poor quality packaging boxes


There exist many types of packaging boxes in the market. While the cheap varieties might be able to save you some decent bucks, they often could be a disastrous deal. The poor quality boxes might give-in in bad weather and could fail to carry heavy items.


Today, top moving company New York City based also offers boxes and packaging services under single roof.


  1. Caring about the weather is VERY important


Among the many under-rated house moving considerations, weather condition tops that list. Moving when it’s raining or chilly cold, or a storm is anticipated, is a bad decision. A host of problems can come when on the road. Ideally, summer is the most convenient season for long-distance house moving.


  1. Illegal and uncertified movers exist


Not doing a thorough research on the moving companies brings bad news. There exist many uncertified and illegal movers across USA. Not only do they charge more and offer poor quality services but their also exists big chances of theft.


  1. Short-distance apartment move is just as difficult


Contrary to what many believe, short distance apartment move, even right in the next neighborhood, is just as stressful and difficult, but with different sets of challenges. Packing your items is just as important, and there might even be the need for storage in Brooklyn; having the right and reliable mover by your side is just as important.


  1. Kids and pets will cause a great deal of stress


Paying special heed to the needs of children and pets when moving house is very important—something many people overlook. They need to be looked after. And if left unchecked, they can bring a great deal of stress to an already stressed out you.


  1. You might end up sick


When moving house, whether short distance or to the next state, there’s a lot to handle in the process. And often too involved in it, many people fail to keep their health good and intact. Lack of sleep, fatigue, and loss of appetite are some common signs that you’re taking it too hard on yourself.


These are 10 key takeaways from past house moving fails. Of course, nearly all of them could be avoided with a tad bit of smart planning and a right moving company New York City based by your side. So don’t rush, learn from others’ mistakes and enjoy a successful home transition.


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