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Ways to Tame Your House Moving Anxiety | TB Moving

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10 Psychological Ways to Tame Your House Moving Anxiety

Not dating, not job interviews, and definitely not new marriages. Of all the things that ticks people’s anxiety and stress level to the top is moving houses. Or at least that is what so many surveys suggest.


Unless you have experienced it yourself, you wouldn’t know the emotional rollercoaster that relocating house really is.


Are you moving apartment soon?


Chances are, even if it is months away, you’re already dreading the ‘big day’. You’re stressed, wondering how things will unfold, how you’ll handle everything. And of course the other side to this process is that poignant feel of leaving a place where you and your family have made plentiful of delightful memories.


We’re here to help!


Here are 10 psychological ways to tame your house moving anxiety easily-


  1. Avoid any ‘alone time’


When you’re free and alone, your mind delves into thinking all sorts of unnecessary and irrelevant things. And needless to say, when something as big as moving house is coming, it will think everything that’s going to get wrong. So keep yourself busy; avoid any alone time.


  1. Self-talk everything good that can happen at the new place


There are two ways to keep your mind on track. To either think everything bad that has happened in your current house, which will ultimately make you look forward to your new place positively, or think everything good that can happen at your new place, which will make you feel better. We recommend the later one.


  1. Have someone by you when making decisions


Having someone by you, who you can trust and rely on, helps significantly. Your mind then knows, if something does in fact go wrong, who to approach for help. So include your friend and family member in all the decisions; like the New York moving company you’re going with, the storage NYC Brooklyn based facility you’re going to need and so forth.


  1. Chew gums (without looking crazy though)


This one is one very simple tip to simmer down any kind of anxiety and stress. Chew gums. When you’re eating something, it tells your mind that things are quite alright and in control; if not, you would be panicking right now and not eating. So chew; and don’t overeat.


  1. ‘Clang and bang’ at the gym


Exercising helps a lot—controlling your pulses and triggering your optimist side of your brain with released endorphins. So plant a habit of hitting the gym and tracks, even when you’re super-busy, before moving house. You will feel much positive.


  1. Sleep… but don’t oversleep


Contrary to what many mistake, enough sleep NEVER means oversleep. Get the right amount of sleep – 8 hours is perfect. Beyond that, you will feel dull and tired, which will affect your health, making the idea of moving look even more dreadful.


  1. Know what’s next


A large portion of stress comes when you don’t know what is going to happen next. The uncertainty triggers all the anxiety buttons in the brain. So know exactly what is going to happen on the moving day; plan everything in detail. Make a list of everything that you should package, the stuffs you should clean-up, the numbers you should call on the big day, if your furniture is going to fit in the fleet and so forth. Be certain of things!


  1. Don’t do packing yourself; let professionals do that


You’re packing. You see that intimate collage frames mounted on the wall. And while wrapping them, you, unconsciously, tell yourself “I am going to miss this place so much”.


When you pack, the personal and intimate items in particular, it prompts your brain to think of all the good things about this place – all the amazing memories that you have made here. While this isn’t wrong in itself, it does takes an emotional toll on you, making moving even more difficult. So hire professional packaging services and let them do their work much efficiently than what you could have possibly done.


  1. Keep a nice, homely scent around


Good scent lights up the mood instantly. So, weeks before moving, start keeping your house well scented. It will energize your mood. Plus, when you’ll spray the same aroma in your new house, you’ll feel much homely and relaxed.


  1. Book professional movers weeks before the ‘big day’


Having a good professional New York Moving Company by your side is important. What’s more important is that you book them weeks before. Keeping up with our ‘know what’s next’ idea, booking movers in advance help relaxes your mind, knowing that things are planned well and that there’s no need to panic.


These are 10 psychological ways to put-down your anxiety and stress level before moving houses. Remember, with right people holding your hands, relocating isn’t as hard. It’s all just in your head.


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