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4 Questions to Ask If You Are Hiring Long Distance Movers in Brooklyn!

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You often tend to make the mistake of not making few things clear before hiring packers and movers. Hence, it creates a lot of confusion at the end, be it with fees, insurance or moving supplies. Now that conversation with the movers can be done online, it is easier for you to clarify certain points before you hire them. So, it is not enough to do your research just browsing the internet, but you should also ask few questions to your moving company before you seal the deal.

Here are the four essential questions you must ask your movers.


1) Do They Provide Insurance For Any Damage? Ask For Proof!


When you are choosing long distance movers Brooklyn, chances of damage, accidents or mishaps are higher and you certainly don’t want it. Most moving companies offer insurance but often clients do not understand the policies. This is why; you should ask your local moving company to show proof of their insurance. Ask which of your belongings are insured with them. Make sure your movers give you the different amounts of compensation they offer. If they are insured, you can sit back and relaxed as they will recompense for the damage caused by them.


2) Ask Whether Your Company Will Provide All The Equipment:


NYC local movers mostly bring all their equipment with them, whether it is the trucks, moving pads or the packaging essentials. But before you finalize your deal with the moving company, make sure they will provide all the equipment. Or else, it will create a lot of fuss if they arrive without any of the moving supplies which are essential for the task.


3) Get The Breakdown Of Their Fees:


Some moving companies have hidden charges and some do not. So when they are giving you the final estimate, ask them to show the breakdown of it. This will help you understand their service charges and the taxes. Most often, the movers charge by hours taken in the relocation but some of them also include the time taken to reach your place and pack the valuables. In that case, it will be hard for you to understand the amount of their fees. So, make it clear before you hire them.


4) What If They Are Subcontracting?


Customers frequently face this issue with the moving companies. At times the long distance movers Brooklyn delegate the task to other movers. Well, in that case, you certainly do not want to get confused with whom to contact. Therefore, it is advised that you ask beforehand whether your moving company is going to subcontract others.



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