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Formula to Keep Your Kids Happy When Moving | TB Moving

5 Epic Formulas to Keep Your Kids (And Yourself) Super Happy When Moving House

You’ve been living in this house for years now… shared joys with your other-half, made memories with the kids and celebrated so many festivals together.


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Now, maybe you’ve got promotion in your office and needs to move to a different city, or maybe you want to explore new places and opportunities and hence have to move. With heavy heart, you have finally decided that “it’s time” to relocate.


Saying Goodbye doesn’t have to be difficult


Admittedly, saying goodbye to people and place is difficult. But it doesn’t really have to be that way.


You’re feeling low right now – and so are your kids – because you have to leave a place that you called “home” for so many years. However, you don’t necessarily have to mope about this fact. There’s always a brighter picture to every uneasy change. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but there are ways that can easily keep your whole family feel excited and happy during such emotionally-chaotic moments.


Here are 5 epic formulas to keep your kids and yourself happy and super-charged when moving house-


1.Spend time together


The simplest and best way to be a rocking and happily-ever family is to spend time together. Talk to your partner and children and give them some time. Now you don’t have to be glued to each other all the hours. At least have breakfast and dinner together, and enjoy some TV-time with them.


2.Take a small vacation


What better way to super-charge your whole family than to go on a vacation?! Go to a nice place for few days; decide on the place together. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pockets here. A local farm house or resort is okay; you just want everyone to stay away from the home and stress for few days.


3.Plan everything together


Often parents completely overlook the views and opinions of their kids. And needless to say, this upsets the little ones big time. So don’t be one of these parents. Ask things to your kids. Include them in all your decisions and plan everything together.


4.(For once) switch off all the gadgets


Yes please… give up your Smartphone. Take away (sweetly) the gadgets from your kids. Go on a short tech-break. Not only will you be able to make plenty of time to spend together with the family, but you will also be less stressed out. (It’s proven, social media platforms trigger your anxiety and stress!)


5.Visit your new place once in advance


Don’t keep things surprise in regards to your new home. Visit, with your partner and kids, the new place at least once in advance. Know how the rooms and neighborhood are. Visualize where will all your stuffs go in the house. And, looking at all the positives, hype the move.



6.Be certain of everything in the moving process


Being certain of things is the easiest way to simmer down your anxieties and be happy. So when moving house, have answer to all the whys, how’s and when’s. Having one of the top short or long distance movers Manhattan by your side can ensure a smooth and successful moving ahead. Be careful and take your time when picking one of the reliable Brooklyn movers local.


These are 5 (+1) epic and effective formulas to keep your kids and yourself happy and super charged when moving house.



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