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6 Interesting Long Distance House-Moving Tips Nobody Gave You Before


Moving houses… you know the gig how to make it smooth and hassle-free. You start packing weeks before the ‘big day’, hire professionals to help you safely pack the high-value, delicate items, select one of the best affordable movers NYC based, and of course be very (very) careful about how much the whole relocation process would cost you.


These are some rather cliched tips that have plagued the web- and we’re frankly bored of them all. Hardly do they tell what you don’t already know; and barely do they manage to tame your house moving anxiety or hype you up for a new start in a new city.


To bring to it a new perspective and get you on your toes, we give you tips that nobody gave you before. 6 simple but interesting long distance house moving tips to make this transition for you (˘and your family) a fun, certain and memorable experience-



  1. Don’t fly; plan an epic road trip


Many people fly to their new houses and leave their long distance movers NYC handle all the tasks. While it sure is much convenient, avoid it, unless necessary. Don’t fly, but plan an epic road trip with your family. Get in your car with ‘him, her and them’, fuel up the tank to the full, and follow your household items to your new home! And in between, enjoy the whole trip.



  1. Prepare a rocking playlist


Prepare a perfect playlist to keep you and your whole family hyped and excited throughout the journey. Avoid the sad and country type music. Pick songs that will psych you up. Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Till I Collapse, as well as ‘All for you’ by Janet Jackson is sure to pump you up to the core.



  1. Pick a good restaurant for meal


Don’t have a meal inside the car. Instead pick fancy (but less expensive) restaurants, cafes, and hotels to meet your appetite with your favorite and never-tried-before light foods. But be sure not to disturb your tummy- that’s the last thing you would want while on the move.



  1. Plan where and how you’re going to sleep


If it’s really a long distance move that would take a couple of days, plan in advance your resting spots- where and how you’re going to sleep! Camping could be a good idea. If staying at lodge or hotel, book the rooms beforehand to avoid any surprises. Be certain of the check-in time and when you’re going to start again. Don’t delay the move- stick to a schedule.



  1. Enjoy the attractions first-hand


Stop on the way and enjoy the place’s attractions. Maybe it’s that large dam or a lake, or a museum. You never know when you’re going to be on the road again, so make the most of it now that you’re here. Stroll around and enjoy yourself with the family. But again, don’t spend too much time though; and also be careful of your budget.



  1. Don’t Instagram on the go


Take a break from your digital life. Give rest to Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. It sure would be tempting to share with others those scenic views you’re witnessing on the road; but don’t. Be selfish and cherish those moments without selfie-intrusion. Capture memories, not photographs.


These are 6 interesting long distance house moving tips that nobody gave you before.


Plan in advance, prepare well, keep aside all the stress, trust your long distance movers NYC based, look lively, and enjoy this whole moving experience with your family; everything will turn out just perfectly.



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