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Make Moving House Fun for Your Children | TB Moving

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9 EASY Ways to Make Moving House Fun for Your Children

Least to say, moving houses is stressful. However, things are even worse for children, who are more clueless and lost than the parents. What will happen next, how will the things unfold, will it be good or bad, “would I like the new place or not”—a string of important questions circle their minds; and sad thing is, since too involved in preparing for the big day, parents leave these questions unanswered.


The end result?


There you have a kid who’s too moody, upset, even depressed, with lack of appetite and interest in playing her/his favorite video games.


So even amid all the hassle, it is for the mum and dad to ensure the transition from old to new place is smooth, fun and exciting for their children.


If you’re moving house soon, here are 9 ways to make the whole process fun and happy for your little champ and princess-


  1. Bring out your happy side first


It’s no mad science; you won’t be able to make your kids happy if you aren’t happy yourself. So first try to light up your own mood and bring out your happy side. There are many simple and psychological ways to tame your house moving stress. The more cheerful you are the better are the chances that your children will mirror your mood.


  1. DON’T try to lure them with materialistic stuffs


It may look like a no brainer that when your kids are down, you should offer them stuffs to lure them up; maybe gift them video games or promise them a trip to their favorite spot next vacation. While it will definitely put a smile on their faces, it won’t address their main concerns about moving. So avoid giving them any materialist stuffs; it isn’t a long term solution.


  1. “What they should look forward too”


Hype the new place. Tell them everything that’s good about it; their bigger rooms, the beautiful park nearby, amazing neighbors, that popular restaurant and theme park. Tell them things they are going to enjoy there that they don’t here. Explain them the things and experience that they should look forward too.


  1. Address their other concerns


Given, often, the problems are just in our mind, talking is the best peacemaker. So talk to your kids. Ask them questions (without bothering though). Understand their problems and concerns. And resolve all their issues honestly; ‘honestly’ is a key word here.


  1. Include them in all major decision-making


Feeling left out is worst, which feeds on to more stress, uncertainty and spoiled mood. So whatever important decision you’re making, include the little ones there. Ask for their opinions; if they would like that giant sofa set right in the centre of the new living room or not, how the interior of the kitchen should be. They will love it!


  1. Take them to the new house once before moving


Give them an idea of what it would be like living in the new house. Before moving, take a break for one day, and take the kids to the new place. Let them see around and make themselves feel comfortable. Make them understand how you’re planning things to be here; understand how they want things to be in this new house.


  1. Plan to make the first week at new place exciting and epic


A happy start is the best start. So plan and prepare to make the first week at the new house exciting and epic for kids, and yourself. This could be tough with all the boxes lying around and things looking real messed up. However, try!!! Be cheerful. You don’t have to unpack right on the first day. Take a trip to that local Italian restaurant; hang around in the neighborhood; talk to those sweet old couple living next door.


  1. Don’t invest (read “waste”) all your time in packing


You don’t have to pack all the stuffs yourself. Today long distance movers NYC based also offers packaging services, often at free of cost. So bank on their services and let things get packed and managed professionally. Also, aside packing, rest all your hassle of moving on the professionals; be it arranging for custom fleets or helping you with storage facilities. Take your time and pick a good moving company New York City based.


  1. Promise them a homely feel at the new place


Last but definitely not the least, promise them just the same homely feel at the new house. How? With the same interior setup, same furniture arrangement, the same portraits hanging on the wall. Try and make things just as it was in your old place. Not only will your kids feel good, it would also make you feel better.


These are 9 simple ways to make moving house easy and fun for your children. Now you know, you know what to do. Start first by hiring a good moving company New York City based.


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