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How to Stay Organized when Moving House? 12 Psychological Hacks [PART 2]

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When moving house, one of the biggest challenges is to keep yourself organized and prevent your personal and professional life from getting disarranged.

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Here are 6 other psychological hacks that will help you stay organized throughout the stress and hassle of relocating to a new place-


7. Sort your items into different categories

On a more technical note, sort your items into different categories, be it in terms of their needs, importance, cost, and more. And then, accordingly, prioritize them. Like if there are fragile items, give them most of your time; take care of your important documents and other expensive items first; leave small and less-important items for the last. You will be more coordinated to yourself with the right frame of mind.


8. Start packing weeks ahead

Don’t push your packing till the last minute even if there are limited items and you’re moving right in the next neighborhood. Start packing your stuff weeks ahead.


9. Try to do easy things yourself

When you rely on others, plenty of “what ifs” circles your mind, stressing you more; what if they don’t do it, what if they can’t do it, what if they screw things up. So instead of asking others, do things yourself for your higher satisfaction. Sure, there are tasks that you won’t be able to do all by yourself and that you would need help. But for small things like picking the right and strong boxes, sorting your clothes and accessories, go alone.


10. Don’t miss your daily chores

You will feel worried and, in fact, let down if you’re spending all your time in taking care of your house moving, completely overlooking your daily chores. So when planning and setting goals, make sure you’re making time to live your regular life. Exercise like you used to do every day, read books, talk to friends, do laundry, feed your pets. Make everything look and feel normal.


11. Get some sleep

Yes, please!!!! It’s quite common that amid all the stress and hassle of house moving, people, forget to sleep, which eventually reflects badly on their health, and it only worsens the task-at-hand. Don’t be one of them. Sleep around 7-8 hours every night to keep yourself fresh and fit.


12. Accept (and enjoy) the uncertainties

Even with all the plannings and the best cheap NYC movers by your side, things could go wrong. And these are things that might be beyond your control. So don’t try to be a perfectionist who’s looking to hit all the chords perfectly. Understand that even when fully prepared and organized, there will be challenges when moving house. And train yourself to love these uncertainties. ‘It will come when it will come.’ You will feel much relaxed.

These are 12 psychological hacks that will help you stay organized and relaxed when moving house. Good luck!



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