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House Moving Checklist | Moving Company | TB Moving

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A Quick Last-Minute House Moving Checklist

manhattan movers nycWhile you may have managed to successfully tame your house moving anxieties for weeks, the last day will get the best of you. Period. The big day when you’re going to leave your dear-home for something new— you’ll be confused about nearly everything, lost in the whats and hows, drained physically, psychologically and emotionally.


And it is in this hassle, it’s quite common that you’re going to make some mistakes that will play major speed-breakers on your way to a successful house moving.


To help you keep the things just as smooth and easy even on the actual moving day, here’s a quick house moving checklist for the very last-minute:


1.The items are packed… in high quality boxes


Look around and get assured that every item is packed properly. Check the packing again! At least the important and expensive items, make sure they are stashed in high-quality, strong boxes that won’t give up on the way. Having any packing related accident is the last thing you would want during the move.


2.You have talked to your movers thoroughly


Confusions arise when you and your movers Brooklyn NY are not on the same platform. You’re planning something, while they have completely different things in their mind. To avoid this, talk to these professionals about every little detail of the move; like the path you’re going to take, the stops you’re going to make. (Note: Go for the reliable professionals; look around and find one of the best Brooklyn NY moving companies.


3.You have informed your friends and families about your move


It might seem irrelevant but is important that you let your friends and families know about your move for any “what if” moment. What if there’s any problem on the way, what if there’s some accident, what if things didn’t go as planned—having people know where you are and what you’re up to always make sure that help is nearer.


4.Your kids and pets are happy and excited


Double your moving confusion and anxiety-and that’s what your kids and pets might be going through. So throughout the whole process, you must pay special attention to their needs and requirements. Make sure they are happy and full-excited.


5.You have taken care of all the waste


You don’t want to leave all the waste in your old home, whether it’s regular garbage or big, wrecked sofa set. Dispose or recycle them properly. Dial any good waste management company, and get everything cleaned up.


6.You have the emergency contacts on a piece of paper


Again, for the “what if” moments – if it’s a long-distance move, in particular – you must be extra prepared in advance. So have all the emergency contacts on a piece of paper (Yes, no Smartphone, please!). Know who to call when any problem arises.




Here are few other things you should check right before house moving:


•Your phone’s battery is full; if not, invest in power bank.
•You’ve packed food according to the length of your journey.
•You have informed the owner of your new house that you’re coming today.
•You have keys of new house with you; or you know where to get them from once you’re there.
•The weather is nice for the move.
•You have a map with you.
•You have a perfect, psychedelic set of songs to keep everyone excited.


These are things you should check out from a list, on the last day, right before you move. Be smart, make the house moving successful and welcome a refreshing start.



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