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A Quick Reality Check for the Students Moving To New York City to Study



From across USA and the world, thousands of students fly to New York City to study every year. While as dreamy as it is to be a part of this rocking city – and that, as a young student – things often don’t stay as smooth as they hope for. A host of challenges lie on the way that makes the decision of moving here doubtful and off beam.


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So if you’re soon moving to New York to study, be realistic and expect problems and surprises. Here’s a quick reality check for the students— expect these 6 things-


  1. Cutting back on cost would be the biggest challenge…


New York is one of the most expensive places in the world. If you’re sponsored or are on a full-scholarship, good—if not, cutting back on your daily cost would be the biggest challenge. From items of daily needs to food, things are costlier here comparing to other states. You must be smart with your spending; where you spend, when you spend and how you spend.

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  1. …So would be getting used to the complex subway map


Subway is your go-to transportation mean in New York City. It’s cheap and will save you hours. However, the subway map is quite complex and it will another challenge to get used to it. It will take some time and you will find yourself lost for few times before you learn things around.


  1. Tristate movers will do more than just move your items


Whether moving from another state or half way around the world, to make the move quick and smooth, you need reliable tristate movers by your side. These moving companies, aside assisting you in moving items, will also extend their services to packaging and offering storage facility. To that, if you’ve opted for a really good company, you might get additional help to ensure you settle in well and quick.


  1. (For international students) It’s not a cliché—there will be a culture shock


New York City is one most diverse place. You will find people from all corners of the world- from different cities and islands. If you’re moving from a different country – the developing one, in particular – chances are, you might experience a culture shock. You’ll be surprised with the way people dress, communicate and behave. It’ll take some time to simmer down and get comfortable with this drastic change.


  1. Making friends will be difficult


Everyone in New York is in a rush to reach someplace; everyone is busy with their own things. As someone new to this place, you will initially find it difficult to make new friends. You’ll have conflict of interest with many and you will often feel lonely. Over time, you will (and must) eventually make some friends that will of great help in the long run.


  1. You will fall in love with the place—and with the people


There’s a reason why millions of people around the world dream to move in to New York City. The charm and extravaganza of this city isn’t hyped. From food to people to places, everything is really just as appealing as those Rom-Com movies have had us believed. Over the course, after all the shocks, challenges and troubles, you will find yourself in complete love with this place and everything about it.


These are 6 important things students moving to New York to study should expect. Of course, there will be a lot more uncertainties and challenges. But with right decisions and moving companies by your side, the ride ahead will sure be bumpy, but it will be exciting and totally worth it.


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