Avoid Damage When Moving Appliances

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The most common reason people are reluctant to hire movers in Queens NY, and even anywhere else in the US is because most companies aren’t liable for any damages that occur during transportation.


What these people don’t understand is that all reputable companies do their best to avoid damaging your stuff. A good moving company will take utmost care of your goods to ensure zero damage.


That said, most appliances today seem to have been made for breakage, and present quite the challenge to move. If you’ve already made up your mind to move with your appliances instead of selling them, here are a few ways to ensure a damage-free move.

Zero damage to your appliances

Prepare the Moving Route

In this context, ‘route’ refers to the path you’re going to take when moving each appliance from the moving truck into your new home. Damages that occur after the appliances have already arrived aren’t uncommon, so it’s best if you can find ways to avoid that.


Will you need to move up any stairs? At what angle will your appliances need to be aligned in order to fit through the door? Figure out if you’ll need any equipment to move the appliances from your home.

Prepare Your New Floor

Despite the fact that appliances are heavy and seem like they’re going to damage your home, what you should really worried about is much smaller. Stray dirt or small rocks inside your new home is more likely to damage your appliances than anything else.


Spare some of your time getting rid of dirt in order to get ready for your appliances. It’s otherwise a good idea to place some cardboard or some temporary flooring underneath to prevent scratching both your floor and equipment.

Have the Right Equipment

Nobody likes carrying appliances over a long distance, and it’s honestly no fun to do either, especially if you have no equipment to help you out in the moving process. You can make the moving job easier by either buying or renting equipment.


An appliance dolly is the best tool you can possibly think of acquiring when moving your appliances. You can either request for it from your local movers in Queens NY or rent one.


Furniture straps are also pretty handy when it comes to keeping your appliances attached, as they make it much easier for you and a partner to lift heavy appliances together.

Get Some Help

A golden rule of thumb to live by is that moving house on your own is a bad idea. You will always need help when carrying most appliances. You’re always free to ask moving company queens if they are willing to help you out,


It’s always recommendable to have one or two extra people to help you out when lifting heavy equipment to lighten the load. Moving safety tips must always be kept at hand, one of which includes always wearing comfortable shoes, clothes, and gloves, if possible.


The best option for moving appliances to your new home, though would be contacting your moving company queens. They’re always willing to help you get everything moved and placed inside safe and sound.




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