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Best places to see in Astoria after a move

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    Moving is always a difficult choice to make. There is a lot to consider, and among those things – the destination where you are set on making a fresh start. And so, if you’ve gone through the countless parts of Queens and have your eyes set on Astoria, it’s only logical to learn all you can about this neighborhood before the relocation. Whether you are planning a simple apartment relocation or are looking to relocate your business with professional commercial movers Queens, knowledge only gives you additional juice when moving. In this article, we prepared a list of the best places to see in Astoria after a move. Keep reading to learn more.

    Are we there yet?

    If you haven’t relocated already, we can’t talk about the places to see in Astoria but we must prepare you for the relocation first. Therefore, the first step is to inspect each room in your home and pinpoint all the furniture and household items you are bringing with you. This way you’ll realize the complexity of the move and figure out the moving budget. You’ll know how many hours you must invest, the moving budget required, and how many people are needed. Then, once you have this in your moving checklist, call your Astoria NY movers and continue from there.

    Relocate and then find places to see in Astoria
    Prepare your relocation and wait for the date. Meanwhile, prepare a list of all the places Astoria has to offer.

    Now, with the information you gathered, your local movers Queens NY will have a much easier time creating a safe and cheap plan to relocate you and your family. It is imperative for your to inspect all items, rooms, and the environment. Or you can let your movers perform onsite estimates and do this themselves. But some people like to do it this way instead of letting strangers touching their stuff. So, now when we got this out of the way, you’ll be presented with the final moving cost and you are ready to obtain packing materials and start packing. Good luck. Now, let’s check what Astoria has to offer!

    The Museum of the Moving Image is one of the places to visit in Astoria

    This is something you must see. We are not sure if you are a fan of movies and images but if you are, this will be heaven for you.  It is a place that holds and gathers the collection of films, clips, old movies, moving images, and related artifacts. And struggling to preserve their state and integrity. Now, the main goal is to have this museum spreading the word and keep the subject alive. With the internet today, people lost their interest in the moving slide, vinyl record, Walkman, and all old-school items.

    This museum is a pioneer who won’t let go of and if you respect such an establishment, give it a go. We surely did, a couple of times. Oh one more thing, there is a theater inside there as well. This means you can watch old movies you can’t find anywhere else, not even on the internet.

    Whitey Ford Field

    A sunny exotic beach
    Whitey Ford Field has it all. Definitely worth checking out.

    What can we say about this place rather than it is created absolutely for everyone? It is Park and Recreation where you can run tracks, play baseball, do yoga, swim, play golf, and much more. Maybe it is better to make a shortlist for you:

    • Pools and beaches
    • Tennis and Golf courses
    • Historic and Nature centers
    • Recreation and Athletic centers
    • Boating/Marinas/Kayak/Canoe
    • Playgrounds and dog run

    As you can see, the list is extensive and surely missed something. So you better run to their official website and browse yourself. You will be astonished at what they have to offer.

    Single Cut Beersmiths

    One of the best places to see in Astoria, but you won’t be able to see anything after you leave. It is a place for grown-ups for sure. One of the best breweries in the states, Single Cut Beersmiths won’t leave you disappointed. They have taprooms, brewery, distribution, and service. You can order online, off the curb, or over the counter, whatever your heart desires. So, be sure to check them out if you are a fan of a good craft beer. Be sure to find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Triborough Bridge and Bounce N’ Play are among the top places to see in Astoria

    Inflatable unicorn in the pool
    Bring your kids in for some watery fun!

    And now something especially for the little ones. These two establishments are solely related to keeping your children entertained. Let’s start with the Triborough Bridge as it is a large playground and an extension to Astoria park. This means you are only 100 meters away from basketball courts where grown-ups and older children can play as well. The playground itself is equipped with all the slides, ponies, benches, and swings. While the playground for grownups has a ping pong table, basketball court, running track, and more. All in all, a good place to take your kid for exercise.

    Now onto the Bounce N’ Play

    This one is another place for your kids to have fun and hang out but with a twist. It is closed and designed more for parties and birthdays. And it is probably the best private birthday place in Astoria. It has an inflatable gym, along with inflatable weapons, balls, and all cushiony items a kid can wish for. The safety standards are in place and everything is top-notch so you won’t have to think about the safety standards for a second. Moreover, you can rent the whole place for yourself and have 100% privacy and a setup you and your kid desire. Even if your kid’s b-day is months away, you should at least know it is there and you have this option available.

    Now you know a few more places to see in Astoria and now you do not have to think about it while getting ready for the move. Focus on the relocation ahead, communicate with your TB Moving & Storage company, and ensure a seamless transition. Astoria awaits and now you know where to hit first. Good luck and have fun visiting all these wonderful places we recommended.

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