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Cleaning Out My Closet and House Before Moving-A Quick Guide

House moving is stressful in itself (even for the minimalists). And if you’re planning to pack and take EVERYTHING from your old house to the new place, expect a lot more challenges and difficulties-more so, if it’s a long distance move.


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A sane idea is to be selective in what you’re going to carry with you. Because let’s admit it, you have things that you don’t use and, chances are, you never will. Bagging them to the new place makes less sense.


So before you start packing…


Be smart to clean out your closets and the whole house to ensure, in your new place, you’re really starting afresh. Sure bidding goodbyes to your items is easier said than done. Here are steps to weed out everything that you shouldn’t be carrying to your new house-


1.Pack first the items that are used the most


Foremost, pack everything that you use the most-from that piece of furniture to that outfit to that set of china. Don’t hassle and take your time here. If there’s an item that you haven’t used in the last one year, don’t pack it!


2.Of course, you’re going to carry the expensive items


Even when you don’t use that wardrobe lying in your extra room, you would definitely want to take it with you just because it is ridiculously expensive. So, next step is to sort all the items that MUST carry because their price burned hole in your pockets.


3.Visit your new place in advance


Maybe your new house has small bedrooms where your current king-size bed won’t fit; maybe the hall is too small to fit your 10-seater dining table; or the lighting is too classy for the new place. To be sure of everything, it is best you visit your new place once in advance.


4.Try selling the old items


There are many online platforms available today where you can sell your old items at the right price. It’s quite easy, in fact. So find such platform, list all the items that you CAN’T and don’t want to carry, and get the right amount in return.


5.Seek advice from you moving professionals


When confused about packing and cleaning, best affordable movers NYC based are always a dial away with their professional help. So look around for one of the reliable affordable moving companies NYC based and ask them for their advices.


6.Recycle the remaining items


You don’t want to carry few items with you and you can’t even find buyers for them-it’s time to act more responsibly. Instead of throwing away those items in the bin carelessly, recycle them. Contact a waste management company.


These are 6 house moving steps to carefully (and responsibly) weed out the items that you shouldn’t be carrying to your new place. Good Luck!!



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