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Common cross-country moving mistakes and how to avoid them

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    Do you plan on making a cross-country move soon? If so, you should be properly prepared for it. The cross-country moving process can be quite complicated and challenging. There are a few common cross-country moving mistakes that many people make. In this article, we are going to list these cross-country mistakes and show you how to avoid them. In addition to this, we will also cover a few important reasons why you want to hire the help of professional moving companies in NYC area when relocating.

    Common cross-country moving mistakes

    Planning move on time to avoid common cross-country moving mistakes.
    Avoid common cross-country moving mistakes by organizing your relocation on time.

    Not preparing for your move on time

    As we’ve mentioned already, cross-country moves are fairly difficult. Many complications can happen along the way. Not preparing for your move properly can lead to many of these complications and unnecessarily make your moving experience more stressful than it needs to be. The best way at keeping your cross-country move stress-free is to organize and plan for it on time. So, give yourself enough time, at least a couple of months to prepare for your move and avoid this common moving mistake. When making your moving plan, incorporate all of the important moving-related elements such as:

    • Moving budget,
    • Moving costs,
    • Inventory size,
    • Moving date,
    • Distance.

    Taking all of these crucial elements into consideration will take a while which is why it is so crucial to give yourself enough time.

    Organizing items without a checklist

    During your preparations for a cross-country move, one of your number one priorities is likely going to be the safety of your items. However, packing items is more than just putting them inside a few cardboard boxes. This is especially the case for a long-distance move. So, what you always need to have with you is a simple inventory checklist. An inventory checklist will make your packing process a lot more organized and efficient. Furthermore, it will speed things up when packing. Moreover, you will easily know when each item is packed as you can just cross it off the list.

    More importantly, an inventory checklist gives you the perfect insight into the size of your inventory. This will in turn help you understand how many and what kind of packing supplies you might need. Of course, having an inventory checklist will also be quite helpful when hiring the help of interstate movers NYC.

    Leaving out the decluttering process

    Decluttering is something a lot of people forget or simply do not do while relocating long distances. However, this later proves to be another quite common and often crucial moving mistake. Decluttering means going through your inventory and separating the items you no longer want or need in your new home. Why is this process so important? Well, decluttering is important because it makes your packing faster and easier, it makes your inventory list better, and it makes relocation more efficient. 

    Couple decluttering.
    Declutter your home inventory to make your packing easier and solve the common problem of the slow and difficult packing processes.

    Therefore, leaving out this process is a moving mistake you will really want to avoid. What you do with your decluttered items after you go through your entire inventory is up to you. We always recommend contacting a local charity organization for example. On the other hand, you can also set up a garage sale or an online sale.

    Not labeling your boxes properly

    The cardboard boxes are the most common packing materials for the relocation process. However, once packed and closed, it is also important that you label them. A common mistake is not labeling moving boxes which then leads to misplaced items, broken fragile items, difficult unpacking processes, etc. To keep easier track of all of your packed inventory, label each box for its content. That way, you know exactly where everything is packed. Furthermore, it gives your movers a nice heads up of which box needs to be handled with extra care based on its contents. The importance of choosing packing materials in NYC is also crucial. Make sure you pack with high-quality, endurable cardboard boxes.

    Last-minute packing

    The worst of the common moving problems for a cross-country move is likely the last-minute packing. It is something you should absolutely avoid at all costs. How exactly can you achieve this? Well, start by packing your inventory a couple of months before the actual moving date at the very least. This will help you greatly in the process of avoiding last-minute packing. Furthermore, pack the stuff from your garage, closet, cellar, and similar areas first. This will give you enough time to also declutter items that you no longer need or want and which are usually found within these areas.

    Hire the help of professional movers to avoid making common cross-country move mistakes

    A professional mover
    Enlist the help of reliable moving professionals and enjoy a stress-free cross-country moving experience.

    As you can see, the moving process requires a ton of preparation. Of course, this is especially the case when doing a cross-country move. To make things easier on yourself, always enlist the help of reliable moving professionals. Trying to do an entire DIY cross-country move is incredibly challenging. It will make an already stressful period even more stressful. Contact a reliable mover and enjoy a stress-free move. Professional movers can help you with different moving services as well as storage services. They can help you with both long and short term storage NYC.

    To sum up

    In conclusion, there are many common cross-country moving mistakes. With our guide, you should be able to avoid the most common ones and have a stress-free relocation. However, do not forget the important role professional movers play in the relocation process. Always get in touch with reputable movers NYC, and you will relocate to your new home successfully and safely.

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