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Common Moving Injuries and How To Prevent Them: Moving Services New York

You simply type local movers New York or moving services New York in the search engine and you get plenty of results. You need the best moving services that can assist you to move home, and save you from a host of common injuries. Local movers in New York can help you avoid back strain, sprained ankles, bruising, and more serious injuries. Moving is one of the most stressful experiences that you can have.

Local Movers New York: Hire the best one to prevent injuries

Packing is a very big job, and then it’s moving day and you have to lift and carry boxes, and furniture. It’s a very physically demanding task which can lead to serious injuries. Using local movers in New York or following their advice is the best way to avoid injury.

Stretch First & Keep A First Aid Kit Handy

Spend a few minutes stretching. You need to warm your muscles up for the hard work that lies ahead. There are many moving services in New York that will do the heavy lifting for you. Should you be doing the heavy lifting you need to warm your body up and keep a First Aid Kit handy.


Stock your First Aid Kit with painkillers, muscle gels, anti inflammatory medication, ice packs, heat packs, plasters, bandages, and antiseptic.

Hernia & Back Strain

Lifting, carrying and shifting, furniture, and boxes place tremendous strain on your body. You are particularly at risk of developing a hernia, groin strain, back strain, and general muscle strain when moving. Your muscles will be under continuous strain, as you shift a lot of weight, moving the contents of your whole home.


You may slip a disk, strain muscles, and throw out your back, completely. The best way to avoid straining your back is to lift with your legs and to wear a back brace, New York movers recommend that you use a trolley/dolley, if the item is heavier than 50lbs, or two people need to carry it. (You can also wear knee braces, and pads)

Broken Toes, Fingers, And Wearing The Right Shoes

Breaking toes, and fingers, New York movers say, is very common. Lifting and moving heavy furniture, and boxes can be very dangerous if your fingers are trapped, and twist. Similarly, your toes can be broken if heavy furniture, or boxes, fall on them. The best way to avoid this is to wear closed toe shoes or boots.


You also need to communicate very carefully with people who are helping you to lift items. The path that you are walking along must be totally clear, and you need to use ram-boards over slippery surfaces, or if the weather is bad. These protect the surface from being damaged as well giving you a better footing.

Wear Jeans & Gloves

It is very common to get scrapes, and cuts, as you move boxes, and furniture. You need to wear gloves for handling all goods, especially mirrors, and glass. Never wear sandals or loose clothing. Denim is a more a hard wearing fabric, and you should wear long jeans, to protect your legs and long sleeve shirts,


Moving services New York will be able to do the heavy lifting for you and help you avoid common moving injuries. Moving is a very stressful experience and particularly physically challenging.  Local movers in New York are expertly trained, and have the skills and experience needed, to lift, and carry, heavy boxes, furniture, and appliances, with ease.



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