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Guide for moving from Brooklyn to Long Island

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    Ah, moving… So much stress, fuss, tension, and so many sleepless nights. Yes, moving is often like that. However, it really doesn’t have to be, especially when moving a really short distance, between different parts of NYC. Of course, at TB Moving & Storage NYC we know that distance is just one contributing factor of how one’s move will go. That’s why you should invest time and energy to properly prepare for a move if you wish for your move to be smooth and easy. This is important even when moving from Brooklyn to Long Island which is such a short distance.

    One thing many people seem to forget, though, is how important learning as much as possible about the place you’re moving to is. This is a shame since this alone can make moving much easier. That’s why it’s very important for you to get to know Long Island well before your upcoming move.

    When moving from Brooklyn to Long Island you have to prepare yourself for some serious changes

    No matter where you’re moving you should expect to have to adapt, at least in some ways. Some things are going to be easier to get used to, and some might be harder. However, with proper prep, your adaptation process won’t be nearly as stressful and as demanding as it could be. So before you start making calls to amazing local movers Long Island has to offer, here’s what you should know about Long Island so you can plan and prepare accordingly.

    A young man having coffe and thinking about moving from Brooklyn to Long Island.
    Before moving from Brooklyn to Long Island it’s important for you to prepare mentally just as much as physically!

    The weather is not something you’ll have to worry about

    Brooklyn and Long Island are relatively close. That means that aside from a few subtle differences, there isn’t much else really. That’s amazing because you won’t have to adjust your wardrobe or your daily routine at all. If it starts raining at 5 pm in Brooklyn, it’ll likely start raining at 5:15 pm in Long Island. That said, you might find that Long Island is a tiny bit chillier near the ocean, but those are some truly minor temperature differences. All in all, as a New Yorker, you already know all there is to know about Long Island weather.

    You have to think of finances before you move to Long Island from Brooklyn

    Well, this bit is truly important. Long Island is Expensive with a capital E. It costs nearly 140.000 dollars a year for a small family to live modestly there. So if you’re not well off, you might want to rethink your decision to move! Even if you find some of the most affordable commercial movers Brooklyn has to offer to move your business, as well as affordable residential movers to move your home, moving to Long Island will likely end up being insanely expensive long term.

    Keep in mind that Long Island is even more expansive than Manhattan. That means that you can expect to pay north of $1,750 per month for a simple, one-bedroom apartment. Plus, the taxes in Long Island are absolutely crazy, so that’s another thing you should take into consideration before pulling the trigger. Relocating from Brooklyn to Long Island might seem super fun, but you should make sure you can afford it first.

    If a job is something you’re after, you won’t have problems in Long Island

    Long Island job market might not be as vast and as dynamic as NYC’s, but it’s still outstanding. I mean, what job market is better than NYC’s really? Not a single one, exactly. That said, no matter your profession, it’s very likely that you’d be able to find something suitable to your needs and qualifications in the sea of Long Island employment opportunities. And if you don’t, the rest of NYC is right there. Plus, transportation from Long Island to other parts of NYC is not that shabby either, so getting to and from work won’t be much of a hassle no matter where in the city you get a job.

    An employer shaking hands with a candidate.
    Getting a job in Long Island shouldn’t be a problem!

    There’s no shortage of entertainment in Long Island either

    Now let’s move on to a more lighthearted topic. After all this moving and job hunting, you’ll likely want to decompress. And what better way to do so than losing yourself in the world of Long Island entertainment. Clubs, bars, exquisite restaurants, local breweries, theatres, cinemas, amusement parks, events, and more, Long Island has it all. So if you were worried that by living Brooklyn behind you’re also leaving behind all the fun as well, stop worrying now. Long Island is probably even livelier than Brooklyn, and if you love having fun, you’ll love living in Long Island!

    When moving to Long Island from Brooklyn it’s important to choose your neighborhood wisely

    Most, if not all, Long Island neighborhoods are pretty great. However, not all these neighborhoods will fit all people. Some are more expensive than others, some are friendlier than others, some sport more nature, some are closer to the water, and so on. That’s why it’s very important for you to do some research and choose a neighborhood that fits your budget and needs, as well as your wants. That said, here are a few safe choices you might want to check out:

    • Massapequa – great for families who want a simple life
    • Plainview – a great choice for families who want the best education for the kids
    • Commack– a place to be if healthy living and sports are your jam
    • Huntington – absolute heaven for those who love nightlife
    • Ronkonkoma – a great place for those who travel for work and simply love to travel
    • Roslyn – a place for those who can afford high-class living
    a street at night
    It is important to choose a neighborhood you’ll love!

    Moving to Long Island from Brooklyn can be a great experience

    Whether you’re moving to the west coast with long distance movers NYC residents recommend or moving from Brooklyn to Long Island, it’s extremely important to prepare well. Of course, that includes taking care of regular moving tasks like choosing movers and packing your belongings. However, smooth moving takes a lot more than just doing the very basics. If you wish for your transition to Long Island to be successful and stress-free, then get to learning, planning, thinking, and exploring. Doing all that will make your move much easier and more enjoyable.

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