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Guide for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

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    It may seem like living anywhere within New York City would be and feel pretty much the same. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each NYC borough has its own unique feel and flavor. That means that if you’re currently living in Manhattan, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn could actually be a significant change. Obviously, here at TB Moving & Storage NYC, we understand that leaving your old home behind is always a huge change, but we also have enough moves under our belts to know that moving to a different borough will certainly add a bit extra to it. Because of that, it might be a good idea to get acquainted with Brooklyn before you move. That will make the transition much easier. But what to do and where to start? Read on and you will find out.

    The very basics of what you should know before moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

    Manhattan and Brooklyn are in some ways similar, but they’re also quite dissimilar. And that might be a great thing to hear if you’re fed up with Manhattan’s somewhat posh and snobbish vibes. Don’t get us wrong, we think Manhattan is great, plus the commercial movers Manhattan has to offer are some of the best in the city. However, despite some people absolutely adoring all the glam and that typical high-society feel Manhattan has, Manhattan is simply not for everyone.

    Two women running and smiling.
    Everyone can feel at home in Brooklyn!

    Brooklyn, though, is a completely different story. It is very diverse in terms of what it has to offer. That means that Brooklyn goes from very friendly, affordable, and family-oriented, to very expensive, high class, and business-oriented. All that makes it so that Brooklyn could be a great choice for pretty much anyone. But what exactly are the exact similarities and differences between the two? What can you expect from moving?

    How do Brooklyn and Manhattan compare?

    • Area and population density: Brooklyn is home to more people, however, it is also significantly larger than Manhattan. That’s why Brooklyn is a lot less densely populated. So if you’re not a crowd lover, you’ll enjoy Brooklyn more.
    • The cost of living: Manhattan is significantly more expensive than most parts of Brooklyn. So, if you’re were hoping to save some money, moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan might be a smart move.
    • Commuting and parking: Both commuting and parking are much easier in Brooklyn. Why? Well fewer people and fewer cars, duh! Also, public transport is just as good in Brooklyn as it is in Manhattan.
    • Community: Brooklyn is a lot more laid back than Manhattan. People, in general, are a lot friendlier compared to Manhattan. Plus, Brooklyn is by far a better place for pets between the two. So if you’re someone who loves to have a chat with neighbors while walking your dog, you’ll likely prefer Brooklyn.
    • Accessibility: Brooklyn is somewhat easier to get to and from than Manhattan. Since Manhattan is so far up north and isolated, getting there often takes longer and is far more tedious, especially if you work in another borough.
    • Moving: All boroughs offer great moving. There are many local movers NYC prides itself in, and they’re located all throughout the city. That means that you can get great moving no matter where you live and where you’re moving to.

    All these are very important to know before moving. However, there’s a lot more to know about Brooklyn than we outlined here. So before you go about hiring great Manhattan movers to handle your move, it might be a good idea to research a bit more and find out even more things about Brooklyn.

    A woman researching Brooklyn before moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn
    Doing some research on your own is very important!

    Prepare for your upcoming move to Brooklyn properly

    Learning about the place you’re moving to is very important, however, you have to do some proper prep as well. So once you’re done with learning about Brooklyn, here’s what you should do in order to ensure your move is smooth and easy.

    Get to know Brooklyn in person

    There’s no better way to prepare for a move than by visiting the place you’re moving to. So to really get to know Brooklyn you should make sure to not only visit it but explore it. Take a walk or a drive around your neighborhood and try to locate important spots and facilities. For example, supermarket, pharmacy, gas station, your favorite restaurant, local park, and gym are the first things you should look for. Once you do this, all that’s left to do is prepare for the actual move to Brooklyn from Manhattan and you’re all set.

    Ensure your move from Manhattan to Brooklyn is smooth and easy

    Packing and hiring movers are both very important and can be very demanding. That’s why you should start early to ensure your move to Brooklyn doesn’t turn into a nightmare. To avoid that, make sure to create a moving list, as well as a moving schedule. If you’re prone to procrastination, that will keep you in line for sure.

    Also, don’t forget about the moving day. The moving day in itself can be extremely hard, even if you’re just moving to the next borough over. So make sure to also make a moving day list and pack your moving day essentials bag well. But don’t forget about the movers either. The movers you choose can make or break your moving experience. So be mindful when picking movers. If you take all these tips seriously, there’s no doubt your relocation to Brooklyn can not only be effortless but maybe even fun and pleasant.

    Two movers smiling.
    Amazing moving assistance can make moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn much easier!

    Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn can be a great experience

    As you can see, there’s a lot to know and a lot to do when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Still, that doesn’t mean that your moving experience can’t be enjoyable. With proper assistance and some effort on your part, your moving journey can be something you’ll remember fondly for a long time. And as long as you stay positive and try to view your relocation as an opportunity to learn, grow, and experience something new, the whole moving process certainly won’t seem so tedious.

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