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Guide for moving from Manhattan to Queens

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    Choosing a neighborhood in New York City is a challenging experience, especially if you want to move from one of the most popular neighborhoods – Manhattan. Saying goodbye to Manhattan is indeed so hard, but a true New Yorker will know that New York has a lot more to offer than just Manhattan or Brooklyn. Yes, Manhattan is great, but have you ever thought of moving from Manhattan to Queens? So, if you are planning to move to this diverse borough, one thing is certain – you won’t regret it. However, moving to another NYC borough can be stressful if you don’t have a well-established moving plan. Undoubtedly, planning requires a lot of time, but no worries. We can help you. Read our moving guide, and whenever you are ready for the move, TB Moving & Storage NYC will be there to make your relocation simple, smooth and stress-free.

    Reasons for moving from Manhattan to Queens

    Even though Manhattan draws almost all attention when it comes to living in New York, Queens doesn’t lag behind Manhattan. In recent years Queens has become more popular than Manhattan due to several reasons. And, although very similar at first, there are some crucial differences that go in Queen’s favor. Here are some of the main reasons for moving from Manhattan to Queens:

    • The first and one of the most important differences is – the price of living. In Queens, you can find more affordable housing and cost of living.
    • Diversity – people and culture are what make a neighborhood home. Being one of the most diverse boroughs in New York, Queens gives you the opportunity to experience authentic cultures, taste different cuisines, and, what’s most important, it gives you the opportunity to be who you really are regardless of where you come from.
    • A family-friendly borough – Queens offers a suburban feel where many residents live in single-family homes, unlike Manhattan’s high-rise buildings.

    Now, if these reasons are enough for you to move from Manhattan to Queens, then you should find a reliable moving company to help you move. You can completely rely on Manhattan Movers.

    NYC map: moving from Manhattan to Queens
    If you want to move to a diverse neighborhood, then Queens is the best option

    Welcome to Queens: a diverse borough that leaves no one indifferent

    Queens, named after the English queen Catherine of Braganza, is the largest borough in NYC and the second-largest in population. It has a lot to offer to young professionals who are pursuing the American dream. If you want to experience diversity in experience, culture, landscapes, cuisine, and live a family life affordably, then Queens is a perfect place to get started. Furthermore, Queens is the ideal place for life-work balance. Being a hotspot for museums, airports, and many outdoor activities, Queens has it all. The abundance of living options makes Queens one of the most popular boroughs in the city of New York. If Queens sounds to you like a perfect place to have a fresh start, then don’t wait too long and move here. Hire our movers in Queens to complement your Queens experience.

    How to organize your move from Manhattan to Queens

    Relocation is a laborious process, even when moving locally. That is why you need to make a strong plan. If you are not sure how to, follow our guide that can help you organize your move. Pay attention to the following.

    A person writing a plan
    Moving from Manhattan to Queens requires a lot of organization

    Plan your budget accordingly

    Although Queens is cheaper than Manhattan and the housing is more affordable, it’s easy to overlook the expenses when moving. Therefore, it would be a good idea to make a financial plan for your move in detail. This way, you won’t forget anything, and you’ll be able to calculate all the expenses. Think about the bills you must pay for your old home. Then plan your budget for using professional moving services, including storage units you may need. Think about whether it is cheaper to do some things by yourself, like cleaning your house for example, or it’s better to use some help. Also, consider using your budget for professional packing services to avoid spending a lot of money on packing supplies you may not need.

    Prepare the necessary documentation on time

    If you have moved before, you know that you need a bunch of documents to realize your relocation. Dealing with paperwork is always so tedious and overwhelming. The sooner you start gathering the documentation, the better. Keep them in a file or on your computer, but make sure you have background copies. Trust us – you don’t want to be in a situation where you miss an important document. Having all the required documents at hand is the core of a stress-free relocation.

    Make a moving plan by days

    After you’ve planned your moving budget and created a file for your paperwork, it’s time to move on to planning your relocation. A concise moving plan will give you the overall picture of what it takes to complete your relocation successfully. Most importantly, it will guide you on where to start from preparing and what to declutter. Create a moving plan by days to ensure you manage your relocation on time. It will save you a lot of time and nerves and give you the opportunity to focus on primary things. This way, you won’t forget anything and you may buy some extra time for dealing with everyday responsibilities.

    Make an inventory list and declutter

    A good moving plan is not possible without having a list of all your belongings. It will give you an insight of what and how you need to pack but also what to leave behind. Also, an inventory list will help your movers in planning your relocation and proposing a moving estimate. You can use this list to make a floor plan too.

    A woman packing a box
    The organization is the key to a successful relocation

    Pack effectively

    Finally, here comes the practical part – packing. Although you are moving locally, it’s essential to pack your belongings properly to avoid cracking and damage. Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies. We’ve prepared you some tips & tricks on how to pack effectively for your move:

    • Pack an essential box and have it at hand
    • Gather your packing supplies
    • Pack room by room
    • Sort things by category and pack like items together
    • Label each box, especially fragile ones
    • Pack your plants last

    Search for a moving company and get an estimate for moving from Manhattan to Queens

    The last and most important step for moving from Manhattan to Queens is to find a moving company that will handle the whole relocation process. Many people think they don’t need to use professional moving services since they are moving “a neighborhood away,” but they’re not aware of the obstacles that may cross their way during this venture. To avoid unpleasant problems and stressful events, hire a reliable moving company to make your relocation an easy, smooth, and enjoyable experience. Who better to hire than local movers NYC? Contact us, get a free moving estimate and get ready for your move.

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