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Guide for moving from Queens to Manhattan

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    No two boroughs of New York are the same. In general, that is a great thing since everyone can find an NYC borough they’d enjoy. However, when moving between two boroughs, that means that you’ll have some adjusting to do even if you’ve lived in NYC your whole life. Our job, at TB Moving and Storage is, of course, to help you move, but our job is also to help you set your expectations when it comes to moving. And let us tell you, moving from Queens to Manhattan likely won’t be an easy task. Of course, your relocation likely won’t be as hard as if you were moving thousands of miles away. But no move is every easy and moving always requires a lot of preparation. And fortunately, all that preparation can help you move and adjust much easier. Because of that, you should learn as much as possible about Manhattan before leaving Queens.

    There are some things you won’t have to worry about when moving from Queens to Manhattan

    Even though you’ll have to adjust to some aspects of Manhattan, you’ll still be in New York, a city that you already know. Even if it takes a while for you to explore all the nooks and crannies of Manhattan, you won’t struggle to get around. And on top of that, all your friends, as well as your family will still be there. Your favorite restaurant, shopping center, park, bar, and coffee shop are also not going anywhere. Sure, they might be a bit further away. However, you’ll likely still feel comforted knowing that the things you know and love are still there for you to enjoy. That means that moving to Manhattan, with great commercial movers Queens has to offer, won’t be nearly as stressful as it would be if you were actually leaving NYC.

    A group of friends laughing.
    Just moving to a borough nearby means that you’re friends and family will still be close to you.

    On top of that, there are also some factors that won’t change much since the two boroughs are geographically relatively close to one another. The weather is a great example of what is going to be pretty much the same in Manhattan as it is now, in Queens. You can forget about buying a new whole new wardrobe. The good ol’ gloomy New York weather is here to stay. But what is even greater than the fact that the weather is going to be the same is that there’s no time difference. That means that you won’t have to worry about time zones after the move. First, you won’t have to adapt to a different time. And then, all your friends and family will still be in the same time zone as you. Given that they live in the east as well, of course.

    There are also a few things you have to think about before moving to Manhattan from Queens

    Even though these two boroughs are in the same city, there are some serious differences between them. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s advisable to do some serious research before moving to another borough. Even when moving with one of the best moving companies Manhattan has to offer, moving is still risky. But what exactly should you pay attention to before moving to Manhattan from Queens?

    You have to think about the finances

    A woman checking her finances.
    It’s important to make sure you can afford your moving venture!

    Manhattan is a lot more expensive than Queens. So even if you hire some of the most affordable local movers Queens NY has to offer, your move will likely be pretty expensive. Of course, it’s always possible to cut some corners and make living expenses more affordable. However, you should be aware of the fact that Queens has nothing on Manhattan when it comes to prices. Living in Manhattan is more than 30% more expensive than living in Queens. But how exactly does that break down:

    • Food and groceries are nearly 4% more expensive in Manhattan.
    • Housing is a mindboggling 99.4% more expensive in Manhattan than it is in Queens.
    • Transportation is 14.6% more expensive in Manhattan compared to Queens.
    • Utilities are roughly 1% more expensive in Manhattan.

    All this can add up quite quickly. That means that you should break out a cost of living calculator and make sure you can actually afford this move.

    Getting used to the Manhattan lifestyle might be hard for you

    While Queens is very laid-back, family-oriented, and serene, Manhattan is all about efficiency, business, and glam. Plus, Queens is a lot more spacious while Manhattan is pretty crammed. All of that might take some getting used to. So if you really love that friendly and peaceful vibe of Queens, you likely won’t enjoy Manhattan much. Well, at least until you get used to it.

    You’ll have to find your new favorites and go-to’s in Manhattan

    A person reading newspapers and enjoying morning coffee after moving from Queens to Manhattan.
    After moving from Queens to Manhattan, you’ll likely have to find a new favorite place to have your morning coffee!

    Even if you’re moving a few kilometers away to another borough, it’s not very likely that all your favorite spots will be that close to your home anymore. Sure, they might be a short drive away. However, if you’re ready to drive all the way from Manhattan to Queens just for a gym session or a cup of coffee, you likely know nothing about NYC traffic. So once you move, you’ll definitely have to look for your new favorites. That said, Manhattan is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants, shops, gyms, bars, and cafes, as well all those basics that everyone needs like gas stations, pharmacies, and grocery stores. All in all, finding new things and places to love and enjoy likely won’t be a problem in Manhattan.

    When relocating to Manhattan from Queens, be wary, but be optimistic

    Finding great movers in Queens and moving, likely won’t be much of an issue. However, even when moving from Queens to Manhattan, which is such a short distance, you should be wary of all these small traps you might fall into if you’re not prepared for your move. Preparing for a move obviously involves tasks like hiring movers and packing. But, it also involves preparing yourself mentally and learning about what you should expect after the move. So prepare well, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Moving can be very exciting!

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