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Guide for moving to Clinton NYC

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    Clinton NYC, better known by its original name Hell’s Kitchen, is an NYC neighborhood on the West Side of Midtown Manhattan. Its borders are the Hudson River to the west, 34th Street to the south, 59th Street to the north, and Eighth Avenue to the east. The neighborhood was originally an area inhabited by poor Irish immigrants. Today, it is an attractive place and over the few past decades, home prices have considerably increased. The neighborhood is recognizable for its brick, five-story buildings. However, plenty of newer residential towers were built in the area recently. And Clinton’s development continues steadily. If you are moving to Clinton NYC, look for TB Moving & Storage NYC, They will provide you with secure relocation.

    After moving to Clinton NYC, get to know your new neighborhood

    In the past, Clinton was not an attractive place. Until the 1970s, it was as a settlement of Irish American poor workers and ruled by a notorious motorcycle gang “Hell’s Kitchen”. Nowadays, the neighborhood is a nice area, with many locally-owned groceries, boutiques, bistros, bakeries, and restaurants. Most of them are located along Ninth Avenue and Tenth Avenue, which run the entire length of the neighborhood. There, you can also enjoy almost every type of cuisine, in one of the numerous restaurants. Clinton NYC, which is located on the western part of the island, is just a couple of minutes away from the famous Broadway Theatre. Does the neighborhood already seem interesting to you? If you decide to move there, Clinton movers can be your right choice. They know the area and will bring you to your new place easily.

    A brick building in the front and modern, high building behind, that you can see after moving to Clinton NYC.
    After moving to Clinton NYC, get to know your new neighborhood.

    The Clinton’s restaurants and food diversity

    Clinton is a perfect neighborhood for food enthusiasts. There are so many restaurants, within a walk distance of your home. So, you can enjoy food diversity. Whether you like the Caribbean, Thai French, Chinese, Pakistani, Greek, Italian, or some other cuisines, all is there.

    The DeWitt Clinton Park

    This public Park is about six acres area of grass and play equipment. It includes a dog run, sports fields, and perennial gardens. The soccer and football fields are especially attractive under the evening lights. The Park was remodeled in 1996. Since that time residents are enjoying various outdoor activities in the park. Also,  just across the street, there are the famous Comedy Central’s Daily Show studios. Besides, the Greenway, along the Hudson River, is an excellent place for walking or biking.

    Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum Complex of Clinton NYC

    The piers in Midtown West, which is yet one of Clinton’s NYC names, were built for new industries forming around the Hudson River railroad, during the mid-19th century. So, at that time, the area was known for slaughterhouses. However, during WW I and WW II,  the Hell’s Kitchen waterfront become a place for transatlantic ocean liners. The whole area got a new, urban look during the 1980s. Today, this part of the Hudson River is an accommodation for numerous cruise ships. And it also has a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty, George Washington Bridge, and the New York City skyline. So, it attracts numerous tourists. The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum Complex is just a fifteen-minute walk from Times Square.

    A statue of Liberty and boats on Hudson River.
    Clinton NYC residents are often visiting Hudson River docs to enjoy stunning views.

    What is the lifestyle of Clinton residents?

    Soon the moving companies Manhattan relocate you to this area, you will join the street crowds. And like others, you will fall in love with its specific vibe. You might find the energetic and spirited feel of the streets very motivating. Streets are filled with people and vendors selling all sorts of goods. And the prices of their seasonal goods are so affordable, that it is hard to resist. NYC is a fast-paced place, with people constantly rushing. However, in Clinton, you will feel calm and relaxed. The need to rush will slowly fade away.

    After moving to Clinton NYC, you will start to enjoy the Hudson River vicinity

    Like most of Clinton’s residents, you will find the vicinity of Hudson River attractive. They are often visiting docs to enjoy the stunning views. Many of them are taking kayaks and boat tours. Those who are looking for active water sports can enroll in one of the clubs at the Hudson banks. Besides, there are also athletic fields, where you can play basketball and baseball.

    After moving you will find out that Clinton NYC is a constantly developing neighborhood

    Although in the heart of NYC, this interesting neighborhood is a calm, and community-friendly place. And this relaxed style is adding to the charm of the place. Although it looks a bit sleepy and avoiding to being too trendy, it is constantly changing and developing. This neighborhood is having much news and it is constantly changing. And, it does it in its own ways. In the locally-owned shops, and at graceful street vendors, you can always find some novelties. And they always have the freshest and best ingredients you can find. So, if you are looking for a calm, friendly and relaxed place for living, Clinton NYC is the right place for you. Soon you decide to move in, commercial movers NYC will be happy to help you relocate your business too.

    A view from the Clinton Park to Hudson River.
    Clinton Park is one of the many nice places in the neighborhood.

    Clinton NYC nightlife that you can enjoy after moving

    If you like nightlife, you can find some interesting places for yourself in Clinton NYC. Maybe you will find some different entertainments for yourself. However, here we give the list of 10 most visited nightlife spots in Clinton NYC:

    • Stage 48 – a multi-use venue that hosts Concerts, Night Life Events, and Private/Corporate Events
    • The Press Lounge – has Manhattan’s most beautiful panoramic views
    • Hudson Terrace – a nightclub
    • Sky Room – rooftop bar & lounge
    • The Polynesian – bringing the islands of Polynesia to the island of Manhattan
    • Playboy Club New York
    • Iron Bar & Lounge – a stellar new Gastro Bar, Restaurant & Lounge just a block off Times Square
    • Mickey Spillane’s
    • Don’t Tell Mama – Piano Bar, Cabaret, & Restaurant
    • Dear Irving on Hudson – the space offers sweeping 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline

    Clinton NYC is one of the best Manhattan neighborhoods

    Clinton NYC is one of the best neighborhoods for living in Manhattan. Known also as a Hells Kitchen and Midtown West, Clinton NYC offers a calm and easy lifestyle. Also, the area is constantly developing, so the real estate prices are not going too high. And that area is an excellent choice for younger people who want to invest in their careers or education. Broadway and Times Square are only a couple of minutes away. And if you like sports, this is the place you will enjoy. So, the most popular activities in the place are skateboarding, rollerblading, baseball, and basketball. So, we hope that we could help you with this guide for moving to Clinton NYC. And we are sure that, once you relocate there, you will find many more interesting places. And that you will love living in Clinton NYC.

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