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Guide to moving a wine collection

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    If you started preparing for your relocation you know how this process can be overwhelming and that there are many things to think about. You will have to take care of all your household items and transport them safely to your new home. In all that, if you are a wine lover you should pay special attention to transporting your wine collection. Moving a wine collection is considered as moving any other special household item such as musical instruments or antiques. It needs special care and protection.

    If you have a wine collection it is important to ensure safe transfer to your new location. Whether you are relocating to or from NYC transportation of wine collection can be a very delicate process. There are things that you should take into consideration such as packing and temperature. Regardless if you are planning on moving your wine collection by yourself or use moving companies in NYC area there are steps that you should follow.

    Wine bottles on the shelf
    Take special care when moving a wine collection

    Appraise your wine collection

    First that you should think about is getting insurance and get your wine collection covered. For that reason, before you even start packing your bottles it is important to know their value. Do good research and hire an appraiser to evaluate your wine collection and give you the accurate value of it. This is important because you will have documentation in case of any unfortunate events during relocation. You will be able to claim for loss or any damages that might happen.

    When looking for an appraiser it is crucial to find a professional and reliable one. The appraiser’s fee can vary from location to location, but it is important to find a good one. If you are not sure who to hire contact local distributors or liquor stores to help you in your search. Remember how much your wine collection is valuable to you and do not try to save money when getting insurance or hiring an appraiser.

    Take inventory of all items

    Once you finish finding a reliable appraiser and getting the best insurance that fits your needs it is time to take inventory of your bottles. This is important especially if you have a big wine collection to have the list of all the bottles- again, in case of any unpredictable events. Aso, make sure to take a picture of each bottle. Because even if you hire a reliable moving company such as Clinton movers it is good to be extra cautious with your wine collection.

    A women sitting at the table, writting in the notebook with laptop in front of her
    Take an inventory of your wines

    It is true that taking an inventory of your bottles, especially if you have a lot of them, can be time-consuming and it might take you a couple of days. But this list will help you decide if you going to relocate everything from your wine collection or maybe sell or give something to your friends and family. This way you will be able to plan space for your wine collection in your new home.

    Moving a wine collection

    After you evaluated which bottles you will take with you it is time to start planning the move of your wine collection. Depending on the number of bottles decide if you will transport your wine collection by yourself or hire professional services. Both ways have their advantages.

    Move it by yourself

    If you have a smaller wine collection and you are moving a short distance it is a good choice to do it by yourself. This way you will be sure that your bottles are transported safely. Also, it will save you some money that you can use for some other services for your relocation such as storage services if needed.

    Hire professional services

    On the other hand, if you are relocating long distance it is better to hire professional services. For example, if you are moving from NYC to NC, you will need well-trained movers to be sure that your wine collection reaches your new home in a protected manner. It is important to do good research to find experienced and professional wine moving services.

    Packing of your valuable wine collection

    If you have decided to entrust your wine collection to the professionals then you shouldn’t worry about packing. They know how to handle bottles and how to protect them from any damages. Also, you will not have to worry about packing supplies when relocating your wine collection since they will have all prepared.

    Bottle of wine in wooden box to use when moving a wine collection
    There are different types of wine moving boxes that you can use for packing

    However, if you decide to move wines by yourself you should pay special attention to packing. You should buy special wine moving boxes from the wine stores or moving companies that have permission to transport alcohol.

    There are three types of wine moving boxes:

    • Styrofoam Shipper
    • Double Wall
    • Original Wood Crate

    All these types of boxes are good for different transportation methods. Choose the one that will best fit yours’. Also, pay special attention to how you will pack and move your wine glasses since that can be challenging as well.

    Ensure temperature-controlled move

    As a wine lover and collector, you already know how much the temperature can affect the appearance and taste of the wine. That is why it’s important to ensure temperature-controlled transport. If you decide to transfer wine on your own control the temperature and keep it steady by using air-conditioning. On the other hand, if you decide to use professional wine moving services you will not have to worry since they all have climate-controlled vans.

    Moving a wine collection can be stressful. There are steps that you will have to follow to keep your bottles without damage and your wine in good condition. But with good preparation for the transport, it will keep its value and you will be able to enjoy a glass of wine once you reach your destination.

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