A Guide to Transferring Your Home Services and Utilities When You Move

Dealing with utilities well ahead of moving day can help to ensure a successful move. You don’t want to relocate only to find the lights are out and the phone is dead or be presented with a bill long after moving for your previous utilities.


It’s worth getting a movers estimate and hiring a moving company to take the weight of the actual move off your shoulders so that you have time to focus on other issues such as transferring utilities. A flat rate moving price is guaranteed as all-inclusive.


Get organized

Make a checklist of all your services. Most utility providers need advance notice of at least ten days. The company will need some time to complete a soft credit check. Some top companies give you the opportunity of scheduling a new service appointment on their websites.


Call providers

When you apply for a new service, providers will require details such as your name, date of birth and social security number for a soft credit check. You may have to pay a deposit before your request is processed. Find out whether someone will need to be present when utilities are switched on or off.  Make sure you give them your new address for final notices or bills.


Transferring your services

Sometimes you are able to transfer your services and this can save costs because a deposit is charged for new services. It will depend on how far you move but if the company operates in your new area, a transfer shouldn’t be a problem.


Time shut off and turn on correctly

You need to decide when to shut off services at your current address and turn them on at the new address. You can choose to turn on the services in your new home the day before you move or the day of the move. Rather turn on non-essentials, such as your TV, after moving day.


Once you have moved, make sure that utilities have been turned off in your old home or you might just get a bill for services long after your move!  You can arrange for a final reading of meters and compare these readings with your final bill. Check your actual move-out date to ensure you were not overcharged.


Save some money

local movers,Ask all service providers if there are any specials for new customers. Internet and cable suppliers often have deals available that can reduce monthly bills.


Remember to get your deposit back when utilities are shut off at your old home. If you meet the necessary requirements, you may receive a credit on your bill, a check or a direct deposit.


Finding reputable movers to handle your move will allow you to have more time to focus on issues such as home services and utilities. It’s best to get a movers estimate from about three companies and make some comparisons before making this decision. A flat rate moving price will guarantee that you don’t have to face unexpected costs.



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