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Hiring movers based on reviews – yes or no

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    Moving is a process full of mixed emotions. In fact, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. While it can be an exciting venture, it can also be an intimidating challenge. You may be thrilled about starting a new life, but there are various things you should do before the move. Sorting things out, packing, moving – all those things require a lot of time and nerves of steel. The first thing that comes to people’s minds is to organize a DIY move. However, you can avoid losing time on daunting tasks by hiring professionals to help you move. But how to decide what company is the right one? There are multiple ways to choose the right moving company, one of them is hiring movers based on reviews. People tend to use a service based on experiences or recommendations. Word of mouth is more likely to be effective, but is it always true?

    A man thinking of hiring movers based on reviews
    Hiring movers based on reviews has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Why you should hire movers in the first place

    As you already know, relocation can be difficult and challenging. And, it’s even more complicated and stressful if you are moving interstate. Moving is so much more than packing and transporting your belongings. A successful move requires a lot of plannings, coordination, and attention. It is due to these reasons people decide to hire professional movers. And, no matter if you’ve moved before or not, it is always good to have some help around. Professional moving companies offer different kinds of services to make your relocation easier, safer, and less stressful. With the right moving company, you’ll even enjoy the relocation process. It will save you both time and money, and you’ll be able to focus on your family and daily tasks.  Read on to find out how to choose the right moving company.

    Ways of finding suitable movers

    It’s not always easy to find a reliable moving company. There are some things to consider when picking up the right one:

    • Know the characteristics of good movers
    • Check whether the company offers interstate moving services: if you are moving abroad, interstate movers NYC may be the right choice for you,
    • Do an additional research
    • Compare the moving estimates
    • Research what service they offer
    • Read customer’s reviews

    Benefits of hiring movers based on reviews

    When searching for the right moving company, the first thing people do is search online. If you are searching for moving companies Manhattan, make sure to read customer reviews first. If hiring movers based on reviews is your first moving decision, you are on an excellent way to have a stress-free relocation. The advantages of reading customer reviews are plentiful. By reading them, you can find many useful things – from types of services to the way a company conducts relocations. What’s most important, you’ll see the overall customer experience. Customers’ satisfaction is every company’s number one priority. So, by reading customer reviews, you can see how helpful, efficient, and professional the movers are. Customer testimonials show you how moving companies treat their clients. If the reviews are positive, you are onto the right moving company.

    Feedback stars
    Hiring movers based on reviews is a good idea.

    Hiring movers based on reviews may be a two-edge-sword

    Although hiring movers based on reviews can be beneficial, there are some disadvantages. It can be dangerous as much as it can be helpful. People usually feel the need to leave feedback after using some service, whether they are satisfied or not. So, a good review should be reason enough to hire professional movers, right? However, things are not so easy as they seem to be.  You need to have two pairs of eyes when reading the reviews. Unfortunately, many companies are writing fake reviews of other companies in order to have more customers by their side.

    Tips on how to how to know whether the reviews are real or fake

    Indeed, reading customer reviews can be very helpful. But how to know whether it’s a good idea to hire movers based on them? To help you avoid scammers, we’ve prepared some tips on how to spot fake reviews:

    • All the reviews seem similar: If the reviews resemble each other in terms of content, they are scams.
    • The testimonials sound like ads: It’s obvious that if they contain a call to action, they are probably not written by real users.
    • The reviews are too positive: No company is perfect. If a review praises every single aspect of moving services, it’s likely to be fake. 
    • A bunch of negative reviews: If there are many negative reviews, they are probably written by the same person. 

    Keep your eyes wide open, and beware of fake reviews.  

    Hiring movers based on reviews: use reviews as a guide

    First of all, reading the reviews on moving companies is very important. They can serve you as a guide. Both positive and negative testimonials can help you decide whether that moving company is suitable for you. Also, you can find out more about their moving services – whether they offer services that fit your needs. Let reviews guide you. That way, you’ll be able to decide if hiring movers based on reviews is a good decision. Moving and storage Brooklyn doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you carefully read customer reviews.

    Feedback rating stars
    Reviews can serve you as a guide for hiring the right movers.

    Don’t take for granted everything you read

    The best advice we can give you when hiring movers based on reviews is not to take everything for granted. Carefully read and examine all the reviews. Pay attention to every single detail. Be careful and trust your intuition, but do some additional research rather than just referring to the reviews. Let the reviews and your further research be your general guide on choosing the right moving company. You should look at reviews as if you were given a piece of advice. It’s up to you to decide whether you will use it or not.

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