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Keep House Moving Sweet And Stress-Free | TB Moving

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House Moving for Single Parents- How To Keep It Sweet And Stress-Free?

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Moving house is difficult to say the least. But its stress quadruples for the single parents who literally have to manage every chaos single-handedly. To that, taking care of the little ones! Stress, stress, stress…


Are you a single mom or dad prepping up to relocate?


People sure face some minor hiccups on the moving day even when they think they’re all set for a smooth transition. You, however, don’t have to be a part of that crowd. To help you complete a successful and stress-free move, here 5 things you should put-up on your to-do list immediately-


  1. Visit your new house and get to know the place


Knowing about the whole place where you’re moving – the house itself and the neighborhood – is going to simmer down a great deal of your anxiety. So before the actual move, pay a trip to your new place. Look around, picture exactly where things are going in your new living room, rooms and kitchen. Socialize with your to-be-neighbors. Make yourself at ease in this new environment.


  1. Ask the kids; involve them in the decision-making


Keeping your kids happy and on their toes is a task you should prioritize atop. The rule’s simple- they are happy, you’re happy. So don’t let your stress bounce to their cute faces. Ask for their opinions, involve them in every decision you’re taking. Make them feel good about the whole move.


  1. Don’t hire moving packaging company carelessly


It’s common that in ‘this and that’ of moving, many people forget to do thorough research on the moving and storage NYC Brooklyn based company they are going with. Don’t make this mistake. Take your time, option from a list of movers and pick one that suits your individual needs; after all they’re the key for a successful and smooth moving day. Make sure they are well experienced and have the right vehicles; and also they provide you with moving insurance.


  1. Don’t isolate yourself; be among friends and family


When stressed out, many people retrieve themselves from social life. Don’t be one of them. Talk to your friends and family, and keep yourself busy throughout. The theory is simple- the more time you’re going to spend alone, the more your brain will think of all the wrongs that could happen on the moving day. So don’t isolate yourself. Talk and socialize.


  1. Be careful of the kids’ and your safety


When moving long distance in particular, there are few things you must take care of, before and after, in regards to your and your kids’ safety. Like keep your car well maintained and in good condition for the ‘big day’; change the lock of your new home just as soon as you reach there, given your housekeepers, gardeners, repairmen and neighbors too might have the old keys.


  1. Stop, breathe and exercise a bit


When gone beyond the normal limit, stress could be potentially harmful to your health. So don’t get carried away in the boxes, storage, packaging and all. Take few hours break everyday and spend them on yourself. Relax, meditate and exercise if possible. Spend some time outdoors, under the sun, with the nature; jogging every morning would be a great help to settle your anxiety; never skip meals. Point is, take good care of your health.


These are 6 things single parent must put up on their to-do list to make house moving sweet, successful and stress-free. Now you know, you know what to do! Don’t let the hassle of relocation drag you down. Take care of yourself and your kids.



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