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House Moving with Pets | Moving Company | TB Moving

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House Moving with Pets – How to Make it Easier (and Happier) for them?

The challenges of moving house double if you have pets with you. These little, cute creatures need special attention and extra pampering during the strenuous days. And if not handled well, things could turn into a disaster real quick.


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So if you have pets and you’re relocating soon, here’s how to make it smooth and successful-here are 9 simple tips to make the move easier for your pet-


1.Act calmly throughout the move


Look (and feel) calm about the house moving. Don’t show any signs to strain. If you’re stressed out, panicking about the upcoming change, this might reflect on the mood of your cats, dogs or more. So keep your emotions stable throughout.


2.Take all of your pets’ belongings with you


You want your new place feel exactly like the old one-at least for your pets. So carry all your pets’ belongings, right from home to toys to other things that they are used to. This will help them for an easy transition.


3.If it’s a long move, ask your friends to look after them


When you’re moving to different state, across the country, it is best to leave your pets with your friends or family during the actual move. You don’t want them to be on this long road-journey, taking bumps and getting bored in traffic.


4.Spend time with them; let professionals handle your move


Instead of focusing on planning, packaging and moving things yourself, let your movers Brooklyn NY based handle and assist you with everything. This will save you plenty of time (and, of course, stress) that you can spend with your pets.


5.Carry them in your own vehicle when moving


If you’re actually moving – as in, travelling – with them to the new house, make sure to use your own vehicle. This will make them feel safe, comfortable and at ease.


6.Consult your vet if needed


Understand that this move is just as big for your pets as it is for you. If things aren’t looking good, if they are acting weirdly and not eating properly, go to your vet and make sure everything’s fine with these cuddly-ones.


7.Keep them well fed


When moving, it is quite common that you skip your own meal. And just as common is you forget to feed your pets properly; or offer them different food and, that, in untimely manner. This can seriously affect their health. So be very careful about their meals. Make sure the stress of moving doesn’t mirror here.


8.Keep your new house ready for the pets


You don’t want your pets to enter the new house and freak in the brand new space. So move the house before you move the pet. Keep the new place ready for them. Have their belongings all settled so they feel at home.


9.Take all the safety precaution


Whether you’re taking your pet with you or keeping them at your friend’s, it is important you take few simple safety precautions. Like buckle them up in your car safely, keep their vaccination up-to-date, keep their tags or microchip up-to-date, explain your friends about what your pet likes and don’t, and more.


These are 9 simple tips to make house moving easy for your pets. Of course, there could be few more uncertainties and challenges. But with the right tips and Brooklyn NY moving companies by your side, you can make it smooth and successful.


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