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How to choose a house in Long Island

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    Long Island is quite a popular location for people looking for a place to relocate to. Unfortunately, the high cost of living, low mortgage rates, can make for a challenging situation. Although, according to new research people seem to be buying property in Long Island, regardless of the aforementioned fact. So, why is that? Well, that’s exactly why we are here today. Our idea is to help you better understand the market, and show you in a few easy steps how to choose a house in Long Island and become its happy proprietor.

    How to choose a house in Long Island

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    Today, in this article you’ll learn how to pick and choose the house of your dreams. You’ll do this by learning how to make a proper plan for your move, how to deal with the mortgage papers, and how to find the perfect neighborhoods and movers to help you relocate. So, let’s get started.

    There is a good reason that available properties on Long Island are decreasing by 22.5% every year. This part of NYC is drop-dead gorgeous.

    Make a plan.

    As with anything in life, you can hardly go anywhere and have any success without a plan. That’s why we always recommend our clients to create a plan. More specifically, we recommend you examine your expenses, debts, and current budget to determine what type of house in Long Island you’ll be able to afford.

    Make sure to sit down and mindfully write up your plans for your next relocation.

    However, keep in mind that most people won’t be able to buy a house of the cuff, so to say. If you are one of those people you’ll likely need a mortgage. And to prepare for your mortgage you’ll need some prep work. We recommend that you get:

    • Social security number
    • Bank Statements (for the previous 60 days)
    • Your credit score. There are plenty of free applications online that offer this service.
    • Your tax returns. 
    • Recent paychecks. 
    • Long-term debts (i.e. student loans)

    By no means is this all of the documentation that you will need. However, it’s a great way to start. Once you actually get in contact with your bank make sure to check all the documentation that they require, and fill in the blanks.

    Before you choose a house in Long Island, make sure you get pre-approval and a commitment letter.

    After you’ve figured out who you are going to take the loan from, and after you’ve submitted all the paperwork it’s time to play the waiting game. While this might be something that you really don’t want to do, we highly encourage our clients to do it, nonetheless. Trust us, it’s going to pay dividends down the line. After your paperwork has been processed you are going to get a pre-approval, and then finally a commitment letter. So, with that paperwork out of the way, you should now be able to go neighborhood searching, knowing exactly what you are looking for. With that in mind…

    Choose a house in Long Island’s neighborhood.

    So, after you’ve figured out your budget, it’s time to go house shopping. Now, before you just jump on in and look for the best house in the price range you can afford, don’t forget to take the following criteria into account:

    • The proximity of good quality schools.
    • Parks. 
    • Commute time. 
    • Median home value. 
    • Crime rates. 

    We recommend you search the internet for the neighborhoods that interest you for the above-mentioned criteria. They can be a (literal) lifesaver. So, don’t be lackadaisical about it. Do your research. You’ll thank us later.

    a person doing research online in order to choose a house in Long Island
    Be diligent about your research. Always ask yourself whether this is the neighborhood I want my family to live in.

    Long Island Neighborhoods

    With that being said, there are a couple of neighborhoods that jump up from the get-go. We recommend you take a gander at:

    • Plainview. A small neighborhood that has around 270,000 people, is filled with an open and welcoming family-friendly community. It close to the Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District which is considered by many to be an excellent school for youngsters. On top of that, it has ease of access to Hicksville and Bethpage. Both really big mass transit options in NYC.
    • East Meadow. East Meadow has an excellent school, beautiful parks, and a thriving community. What more is there to ask for?
    • Commack. If you want to be surrounded by nature while still living in the heart of NYC, then make sure you check out this neighborhood. We are sure you are going to spend countless days in Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve, and Whitman Hollow Park.
    • North Bellmore. Unlike most of the neighborhoods mentioned here, North Bellmore is quite a small hamlet. However, with its powerful community, filled with family-friendly faces and activities, and breathtaking beaches, we are sure you are going to love it here.
    • Massapequa. Believe it or not, this is the hometown of actors Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin. On top of that, it has an amazing community and great school options for you to pick and choose from.

    Find a reliable moving company

    Afterward, we recommend you find a truly reliable moving company. Someone you can put your trust in. Now, there are a lot of moving companies Long Island to choose from. However, we recommend reading online reviews and contacting the movers directly to ask for moving quotes, for best outcomes. You’ll quickly realize that moving companies that count not only have good online reviews, and friendly customer support, but great services, as well.

    After you’ve managed to choose a neighborhood it’s time to relocate. Make sure you’ve got all your moving supplies NYC because you are going to need them. We recommend decluttering all your belongings and only packing the absolute essentials. We hope that you choose a house in Long Island that is nothing less than your dream one.

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