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8 Pro Tips Before Moving to NYC with Limited Money | TB Moving

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How to Move In NYC with No Job and Limited Money? 8 Pro Tips


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So is the charm of NYC, millions across the world dream to live in this city. However, as costly as this place is, very few really manage to bring their dream into reality. There lays a host of challenges, right from financial constraints to lack of definite planning.


Are you thinking to move to New York City?


While for people with no job and limited savings New York might seem like a far-fetch idea, there do exist few ways around to make it possible. So if you’re unemployed or fresh out of school and have limited cash in your bank account, we’re here to help.


Here 8 winning tips to bring your NYC dream reality-


  1. Know why you want to move to NYC


Why do want to move is the bigger question you should answer before going on to ‘how to move in NYC’ part. Is it just the city’s fast lifestyle that appeals to you or the beautiful sights; or you want to move because of all the hype and hullabaloo? You must know ‘why’ and then base your future decisions accordingly.


  1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations


Hollywood movies, the cliché stories over web and the countless romantic novels (and, of course, FRIENDS and How I Met Your Mother) have done enough for the dreamers to form unrealistic expectations regarding the city. Get your facts and figures correct before you move to this city. It won’t be dreamy, you’ll face a lot of problems and sometimes help might not be there when you need it the most.


  1. Learn to make new friends


If you don’t already know anyone in NYC, learn to make new friends. It will help you in the long run. From helping you find the right apartment to decent job to having fun at the weekends, these strangers-cum-friends will play a big role into assuring your journey in the city remains exciting and trouble-free.


  1. Try to save for your apartment rent


Housing should be the most important priority when you’re moving to New York. Where will you live? The rent here is one of the highest in USA. If you know someone, you can squeeze in their apartment. But it is best to have your own personal space. So hunt for the right apartment, on various websites, that suits your preference and savings before you actually move here. Try and save if you don’t have enough money months before. Hire a good NYC based moving company on the big day to keep things quick and stress-free.


  1. Fix few interviews before you move here


Of course, getting a job is important; you can’t live on your savings, however big, for months. So it is best you start preparing for this from before. Contact different companies that suit your personal interest and experience for job even before you move to NYC. Don’t wait for the appropriate job openings; shoot employers emails, asking for job in their office, from the front. If things go perfectly, you can land a good job. If not, you’ll figure out something once you’re here. There’s always job openings for mediocre work with decent pay; nice for short-term.


  1. Be smart in your daily budget


Mentioned already, New York is expensive. So you got to be smart in your daily spending. Avoid taking taxis; subway is your best option. Don’t eat outside—it’s costly and add to that the tip you’re suppose to give, it’s just too much; prepare meal at home. Cut back on every other unnecessary cost and make use of everything that’s available at free of cost like public wifi, public parks (instead of heading to gym).


  1. Be flexible and open to changes


There will a lot of surprises here when your plans won’t work out well. You might get fired on the first day out of job, you might get evicted from your home, you’ll have to eat out for weeks for whatever reason. So keep yourself prepared for such uncertainties. Be more flexible and open to changes.


  1. Have a backup plan


‘If you have a backup plan, you don’t want it bad enough.’ The quote is quite motivating but hugely flawed. Things can (and will) go wrong. You need backup plans; it is essential! So map contingencies. What if you run out of your saving without getting any good paying job, what if there’s any emergency and you have to move back to your home, what if you ended up with a fraud moving company. Answer these questions and stay prepared.


These are 8 simple tips that will help you move to NYC – smoothly – even when you’re jobless and have a limited saving. Good luck!




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