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How to pack furniture for relocation

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    Packing small items for relocation is not a problem. However, your furniture has to be carefully and properly packed for transportation. When you pack furniture for relocation keep in mind two things. Well packed, your furniture will take less space in the moving track of TB Moving & Storage NYC. This means you will need a smaller moving truck. Thus, you will have smaller overall moving costs. Second, properly packed furniture will not get damaged during relocation. To properly pack your furniture you will need skills, and good wrapping and packing supplies.

    When you pack furniture for relocation get the appropriate packing supplies

    A lot of people are trying to cut the relocation costs. So, they use linen, old blankets, clothes, and old boxes to protect and pack furniture. However, such packing material can’t properly protect all your furniture. It may work for some smaller pieces.

    A living room with fireplace and packed furniture for relocation.
    How to pack furniture for relocation.

    When it comes to large, and bulky pieces, you will need better packing supplies. Also, furniture with sharp edges needs proper attention. So, instead of risking and losing your furniture, contact movers and packers NYC. They have reliable packing supplies. Plus, they have skilled workers who know how to properly protect your furniture. They will use:

    • bubble wrap to cushion your delicate furniture
    • special blankets and mattresses to cover furniture and prevent damage
    • vacuum plastic bags to protect furniture from dust
    • corrugated cardboard sheets as a barrier between pieces, to ensure better protection
    • durable cardboard boxes of proper sizes

    Maybe you didn’t know that you can’t use the same fabrics to pack wooden and plastic items. This is one more piece of information showing how important it is to get the right packing material. After all, your goal is to bring your furniture damage-free to your new home.

    How to organize furniture packing?

    To properly organize furniture packing, follow your inventory list. That will help you to stay organized. And the whole process will go much faster. Some of your furniture will have to be disassembled before packing. However, some pieces can remain in one piece. If they can easily pass through the corridors and doors, keep them in one piece. Eventually, you can remove furniture legs. Always make sure that your furniture and surrounding areas are not damaged during relocation.

    A room with packed sofa and man entering in, carrying a coffee table.
    If you pack furniture by yourself, be careful.

    Disassembling your furniture for relocation

    As we already mentioned, some of your furniture is too big. You can’t get it outside your home in one piece. So, they have to be disassembled before packing. Packing and handling the separate pieces will be much easier. It will also prevent damage. Also, it is easier to load such pieces into the moving truck. When you disassemble a piece of furniture, make sure all pieces are labeled properly. That way, it will be easier to assemble them in your new home. Also, make sure to collect all bolts, screws, and tiny parts. Label them, and if possible, keep them with the belonging pieces.

    Organize and secure the furniture inside the moving truck when relocating

    Local movers Manhattan will help you with this task. It is very important that all pieces are well fastened inside the moving truck. So, during the transportation, they will not move to the sides. Or fall over in case of sudden braking. In such cases, your furniture can get damaged easily. You also need to neatly stack your things in a moving truck. The usual practice is to load first the heavy boxes and bulky items. After them, you can load smaller pieces, properly packed in protective moving blankets.

    Applying proper wrapping is a must for good protection of your furniture

    Every item in your household requires a different packing approach. Things like clothes, books, and linen, you can just seal in a box. Label it and you are done with packing. Packing furniture is different. Every piece of disassembled furniture you have to wrap separately. When  doing so:

    • Use a proper wrapping material
    • Wrap each piece with enough protective materials like bubble wrap
    • Wrap them in the moving blankets for additional protection
    • Put more wrapping on armrests and legs
    • Inspect furniture for sharp edges and add additional layers of wrapping materials to them

    Packing upholstered furniture for relocation

    When preparing to pack various chairs, sofas, and other upholstered furniture, it is a good idea to deep clean them. The benefits of this are twofold. First, the debris can scratch wooden parts or textiles. Second, you will move into your new home nicely looking and clean furniture. To keep them clean while movers NYC to CT is loading and transporting them, pack them properly.


    A living room with heavy and bulky sofas and a massive showcase.
    Some furniture you can’t disassemble.

    Never move heavy furniture by yourself

    If you decided to make DIY relocation, never move the heavy furniture by yourself. Chances to get injured are high. Even when your friends are helping. They are not skilled to move such demanding pieces. And moreover, none of you has insurance for this type of injury.

    Hiring professional movers when packing and relocating your furniture

    Professionals you hire will have the proper equipment to handle your furniture properly. They have all kinds of wrappings. Also, for heavy items like piano or pool table, they will use the equipment that you don’t have. And renting it would not help much, as you will not know how to use it. Such equipment is:

    • Furniture sliders
    • Furniture dolly
    • Utility dolly
    • Moving blankets and pads
    • Moving straps and rope
    • Forearm Forklift
    • Ratchet straps
    • Rope and twine
    • Protective gloves
    • Tool kit

    These are just some of the items the professional movers will bring along. They will use them to help you efficiently pack and load your furniture for relocation.

    Getting additional insurance when packing and relocating your furniture

    The moving company you hire will have your furniture insured during transportation time. However, most of the companies are covering about 60% of furniture loss or damage. So, getting additional insurance is a good idea. That way, your furniture will be fully insured. Also, the company movers have insurance in case of an accident. So, if anything happens, you will not have to settle the hospital charges. A good idea is also to hire professionals to pack furniture for relocation. They know exactly how to protect your furniture. So, you will have peace of mind. And your furniture will be in safe and skilled hands.

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