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How to pack kitchen appliances properly

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    It is a known fact that packing is a crucial aspect of the relocation process. Thus, handling your stuff properly will be a big step towards successful relocation. Still, careful preparation is obligatory. Especially when you are to pack kitchen appliances. After all, these are all fragile things. And as a moving company with years of experience, TB Moving & Storage NYC understands this. Certainly, they’ll handle your things with great care. Still, you must do your part of the job, which is to find the necessary packing supplies and to pack the items carefully.

    Decide what to pack

    First of all, you must decide what kitchen devices you plan to pack. Surely, you have something you don’t use or that doesn’t work anymore. Remember, you can save money when you decide to declutter and donate or sell the appliances. Bring only the things you really need. Moreover, include all the appliances in your inventory list.

    Should you hire professionals?

    Consider your abilities. Can you do this? How much time will it take? Let’s be realistic – packing is time-consuming. Not only the packing itself but the whole preparation, too. By hiring professional packers to handle the task, you end up saving time and energy. Still, you must consider your budget too. And after careful consideration, make a decision. If you can’t afford it, don’t worry – you have us. We will help you with our advice on the best ways to pack your kitchen appliances.

    Find the material needed to pack kitchen appliances

    Due to the amount and size of kitchen appliances, you’ll know what packing material you need. Start by checking if long distance movers NYC has some packing supplies you can use. Consider what do you actually need?

    • Boxes. Of course, try to find boxes close to the actual size of the appliances to minimize the movement inside the box. Moreover, use original packing supplies if you have any.
    • Packing paper. Use the paper to wrap up the items and fill in the gaps in the boxes. Don’t worry in case you run out of it – you can always fill in the gaps with the dish towels.
    • Packing tape. Seal the boxes using tapes and you can wrap certain things for more security.
    • Twist ties. You can always use packing tape instead of it. Still, twisting ties are perfect for securing cords.
    • Permanent marker. Label the boxes with markers and use different colors for different items.

    Follow the steps for packing small appliances

    After collecting all the necessary material for storing kitchen appliances, start packing. Have faith in yourself. You can pack a kitchen like a pro. Make sure you do it carefully to protect each item.

    • check instruction manuals
    • clean thoroughly
    • disassemble
    • wrap up
    • put in the boxes
    • seal the boxes
    • label

    Consult the manuals

    If you have any, study the manuals of your appliances to become more familiar with the best way to pack them successfully.

    Cleaning is one of the crucial parts of packing

    woman holding a dishtowel ready to clean kitchen devices
    Clean thoroughly your appliances. Let them dry before packing.

    Don’t neglect the importance of cleaning. Your appliances should be clean and dry before packing. So, make sure to wipe them down. On the other hand, use water, mild detergent and clean them. Of course, leave them until they are completely dry to avoid moisture, mildew, and bad odor.

    If possible disassemble your things

    Remove loose and removable parts and wrap them separately. Make sure to pack them in the same box as your appliance so as to diminish the chances of losing crucial parts of the devices.

    Wrap your appliances

    Use packing paper when wrapping appliances. For more fragile items, feel free to use two or three layers of paper. Also, use packing tape to secure appliances that have doors such as dishwashers, microwaves, fridges, etc. Just shut the door and seal it with tape from the outside.

    Your items are ready for boxes

    someone pre[aring the package for the transport
    Pack kitchen appliances properly. Fill in the gaps. Protect them using adequate materials.
    Pack the appliances in the boxes. Make sure to fill in the gaps with paper, bubble wrap, or even dish towels. After all, you should avoid any movement that might damage the item.

    Seal when you finish packing

    Using the packing tape, seal the boxes. Moreover, secure the bottom of the boxes by taping the seams and corners.

    Labeling is quite important

    Finally, take a marker and start labeling the boxes. Above all, mark the fragile items.

    What about big kitchen appliances?

    Unlike smaller things, bigger appliances demand even more attention. But the steps and precautions we mentioned above apply just the same:

    • Disconnect all the devices (power and water);
    • Give them a thorough cleaning;
    • Use moving blankets to wrap them;

    Using storage or not?

    pack kitchen appliances in indoor storage units
    In case you’re using storage for kitchen appliances choose climate-controlled storage units. Your items will be safe there.

    Before the transport, decide if some things will be kept in short term storage NYC. Consider the benefits of this. Of course, you need certain appliances immediately. We can’t live without refrigerators. However, we can live without waffle makers for instance. Therefore, think of the appliances you don’t require the moment you move into your new home. They can be well-protected in storage units. Then, when the time is right, retrieve them from storage.

    Use your appliances for a long period of time

    All in all, you’ll need all those appliances in your new home. Therefore, pack kitchen appliances carefully. Use all the necessary packing material. Stick to the steps we have described. All appliances are fragile to a certain extent. Thus, take care of each device properly. Finally, you’ll be quite satisfied with your achievements. Hopefully, you’ll end up using your devices in your new home for quite a while.

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