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How to pack your Astoria home for a local move

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    The relocation process can be really exhausting somehow. If you don’t know all the steps and don’t follow any plan, it can get messy. That is the reason why you need to be prepared for this. You need to make a plan that you are going to follow. And you need to stick to that plan. Yes, Astoria NY movers that you will hire are going to help you out as much as possible, but for some things, it’s only up to you how well they function. Knowing how to pack your Astoria home for a local move is a good way to prepare for that. Also, it can happen sometimes that you don’t have that much space in your new home for everything. Or that you run out of money. So, you’re better off reading up and preparing for your relocation to ensure its success.

    A couple packing things up in cardboard boxes for moving.
    Pack your Astoria home for a local move properly to avoid mess!

    What supplies you will need to pack your Astoria home for a local move?

    Before you even start thinking about your relocation, you should make a list. There are certain things that you are going to need so you can pack your Astoria home for a local move. You can ask movers Queens for help, but it is not necessary. Some of the supplies you most likely already have at home. But some, you will have to either rent, borrow or buy. But, if you run out of money, don’t worry. You can find alternatives when packing.

    • Boxesyou can use either plastic reusable ones or the normal cardboard boxes
    • Duck tape
    • Scissors
    • Marker for labeling
    • Wrapping paperpreferably bubble wrap for better protection of breakable belongings
    • Newspaperfor extra protection if needed
    • Styrofoam ballsto fill in the empty space in boxes

    Alternatives for the boxes are definitely suitcases. You for sure have some at home, and you are not going to throw them away. So try to pack things inside them, it’s free and it’s better. Also, remember that you can use garbage bags for packing, too. And for wrapping, you can use towels, bed linen, and sheets that you will pack anyway. Don’t buy new markers, you probably have some at home already.

    How to pack things properly

    Girl trying to close a suitcase which she packed.
    Use suitcase instead of boxes for your clothes.

    When you are packing your items, you need to be careful. It is important to make a schedule and plan that you will follow. You can also call packing NYC professionals, but it will cost you more. It is better if you do it by yourself. Don’t worry, packing is not philosophy and it’s in fact really easy if you are careful, especially with those easily breakable items.

    So, what you want to do first is to take one item and bubble wrap it. Secure that with the duck tape. Do that for every item, and then one by one, carefully place them in the box. Fill in the empty space with those styrofoam balls and newspapers. Close the box, and tape it. Don’t forget to label each box by saying what exactly is inside. This will ease your unpacking a lot. You see, nothing complicated!

    Pay attention when you are packing electronics. You should remove all the cables, and secure them with a zip tie. This will prevent tangling. Make sure that you turned them off completely before you pack them. Try not to mix a lot of different items into one box. It will make a mess when you unpack.

    In which order you should pack your Astoria home for a local move?

    Of course, nothing can be done without some order! Right? That same rule goes for packing. Also, if you pack in a certain order, you will make it easier for local movers Queens NY that you hired. You should start packing by the importance of the things, for sure. And also by room. So, decide which part of the home is the most important. Probably your bedroom. If it’s the bedroom, then start from there. And pack for instance clothes in the suitcase, other essentials in one box, books in another, and so on. Move next to the bathroom. Also use more boxes, to separate things. When you are packing toiletries and makeup, make sure you put each item in a separate bag for the freezer, to avoid liquid things to spill around other items.

    After that, move to the kitchen and the living room. Then you are left with other rooms around the home that you have. It is preferable if you leave electronic devices for the end, and pack them separately from everything else. And unpack them last. Once you pack up everything, go once again through the list that you made and check items that are ready for the relocation. One more time enters each room in your home to be sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

    What about an essential box?

    Woman sitting on the bed with boxes.
    Leave the unpacking for when you get some rest!

    At any cost, don’t forget to pack one, or two essential boxes. This box you pack at the end when you finish with other boxes. You can separate some things while you are packing the rest of the house, but don’t pack right away. In the essential box, you need to pack everything that is necessary to live for a few days. You need to do this because sometimes it can happen that the movers are late with relocating your belongings to your address. Better be prepared for that. It is not always the case, but you shouldn’t risk it. You need to pack clothes that you are going to wear, bathroom essentials, electronic devices that are important, and some kitchen utilities with food.

    What about unpacking?

    Well, if you follow these instructions and tips when you pack your home, the unpacking will be easy! It is definitely a process that is easier than packing, so don’t worry. Get some rest when you arrive at your new home, so you can unpack faster and easier after that. There is no reason to rush. Your new chapter of life just started!

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