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How to relocate large furniture?

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    We know that you have your work cut out for you and that complications surely do not help. Relocating large furniture can represent a complication or can lead to complications if you do not know what you are doing. Hiring top moving companies in NYC is most definitely a sure way of having a quick and easy move but you will still have to take care of many obligations. Besides, for all we know, you might just be set to relocate large furniture on your own. If that is the case, then maybe this guide is going to be more than useful to you. Here is what you should know and do.

    First of all, should you relocate large furniture on your own?

    On your own? Most definitely not. Without professional help? Yes, you can. This does not mean that you should. Your residential movers will do a better, quicker, and safer job than you and whoever helps you would. On the other hand, many people cannot afford every moving service they need so they opt for doing most of the work themselves. We still recommend that you think long and hard about hiring professionals. Sometimes they end up being a cheaper option considering how costly moving mistakes can be. If, nevertheless, you decide that you will be embarking on this process without them, keep in mind that you will have to be very organized and careful.

    Dumbbells in three different colors representing how heavy it is to relocate large furniture
    Large furniture is, logically, very heavy most of the time. Relocating it on your own is possible but perhaps not the best idea.

    What kind of packing supplies should you use?

    Packing small items and packing an item that is as large as a couch are two very different processes. Anything larger than a chair is considered large furniture. You can always hire packing professionals and let them handle this for you but that is just an option. It is not necessary. What is, on the other hand, necessary, is buying professional moving boxes. Used, unreliable packing supplies will not protect any of your items, let alone large ones. You will need a lot of bubble wrap, foam padding, boxes of adequate size (preferably the original ones), and more duct tape than you think.

    Disassembling is necessary when relocating large furniture

    Not everything can be disassembled but what can, should be. There are couches that are too big to fit through a door. On the other hand, not disassembling your furniture will only make the chances of damage higher. Most furniture can, in fact, be disassembled. If not entirely, then at least some parts can be packed separately. It is very important for you to do this because smaller items can be packed in a safer way than large items.

    Tools for disassembling and reassembling
    It is easier to pack smaller items and much safer for them as well.

    What to pay special attention to?

    When packing furniture, either whole or disassembled, it is very important to think in advance. For example, you must have enough padding and adequate boxes for the disassembled parts. They should all be in the same box but separated properly so that they do not damage one another. The corners are the most damage-prone part of any piece of furniture. Especially if we are talking about wood. Wood is a strong but scratchable item that can also absorb moisture very quickly. Therefore, do not cover it directly with plastic. Cotton sheets go first, and bubble wrap comes second. The same principle applies to other items.

    Cleaning your furniture is essential, either before or after the transfer

    People clean their houses daily, weekly, monthly but they rarely call in professional furniture cleaners to do their part. Unless you have the required equipment to do it yourself, we suggest you call them. They will do a deep clean on every kind of surface, soft fabric or not. You can either take care of this before or after the transfer itself. It does not matter that much. The only important thing is to get it done and not delay it until further notice. Make sure that everything is dry before the transfer. If you want to make sure, you can always just clean it after the relocation.

    Be careful when loading and unloading, you will definitely need help and equipment

    The loading and unloading parts play a big role here. First of all, you will want to talk to some of your strong and big friends. They will handle the furniture much easier than someone who is tiny. Furniture, and especially wooden, can be very heavy and several pairs of hands might be necessary. Not only for the safety of the furniture piece but also for the safety of those who are carrying it. One little slip and someone can get seriously hurt. That is why we always recommend calling professionals. You should also have the needed equipment. There are straps that professionals use. Maybe you can borrow them from someone or even buy them. They serve as support and will help you and your friends, family, or neighbors, carry the furniture more easily. You should really take it seriously.

    A movers holding a list and explaining something
    Movers will know what to do in terms of loading and unloading.

    We hope that our advice will help you relocate large furniture properly

    As you can see, in order to relocate large furniture, you have to take a few factors into consideration. Still, we are certain that you will do a lovely job and that all will be fine. We wish you good luck.

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