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How to spot fake online moving reviews?

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    Finding out how to spot fake online moving reviews is going to be crucial when preparing for your move. The process of moving is quite difficult and you will want to have reliable and professional movers by your side. However, there are lots of scammer moving companies out there. So, how can you distinguish the real from fake movers? One of the easiest ways is by taking a look at the moving reviews. In this article, we are going to show you how to identify fake online moving reviews easily. We will also talk about the necessity of having professional movers, such as TB Moving & Storage for your relocation.

    Identifying fake online reviews

    A man trying to spot fake online reviews.
    Read each online moving review thoroughly to find out as much as you can about your potential moving company.

    Why are moving reviews so important?

    Before we go any further into investigating the ways you can spot fake reviews, let us first discusses why moving reviews are so important in the first place. A moving review is usually easily accessible. Reading a review of a moving company can give you a good idea of how they operate. You also get to rid a little bit about the experienced of customers. Furthermore, a moving review can show you some of the moving services a company provides. 

    To put it simply, in your process of trying to find reliable long distance movers NYC for example, moving reviews are one of the first things you can research. However, as mentioned already, there are lots of scammers out there and you have to be careful. Let’s see how you can spot fake reviews easily.

    A review is overly positive or overly negative

    Firstly, one of the easiest ways to spot a fake review is to understand that there is no such thing as perfect movers. If a review is only using superlatives, high praises, and nothing but constant positive comments, then it may very well be a fake review. However, make sure you also read each review thoroughly. Just because a customer is praising a moving company for its efficient work does not immediately mean that it is fake. 

    A suspicious comment would be something along the lines of “This is the best moving company ever” or “This is the cheapest and best-moving company out there”. These are very positive praises but they are not specific nor do they explain what the moving company did in particular to deserve such high praise. Likewise, overly negative moving reviews can also be a sign of a fake moving review. How do you notice these? Well, again, the comments are going to be very broad and general as well as generic. There is usually nothing specific that a fake review points out.

    Extreme repetition in a review

    A woman reading reviews online.
    Extreme repetitiveness in reviews is a red flag and one of the ways to spot fake online moving reviews.

    Consecutive sentences and extreme repetition are never a good sign. If a review you are reading uses terms and sentences that all sound almost exactly the same, it might be fake. Furthermore, if there are multiple moving reives that all sound the same and use identical review structures, they might be fake. Another common repetition that acts as a red flag is countless repetitions of the company’s name in the review. This is very common for companies that are trying to promote themselves as the best out there. In case you have a very complicated move such as business relocation, it is extremely important to do your research properly and find reliable commercial movers Brooklyn to help you out.

    Check the time and date of the review

    Real moving reviews are posted at different intervals. They are posted by real people and therefore do not seem organized. Fake reviews, on the other hand, are sometimes published at the exact same time. Take a look at the date and time when a review was posted. This is a good way of making sure you avoid fraudulent movers in New York City.

    A review is too descriptive

    A real moving review is usually based on the experience of past customers. They will write about their dealing with a particular moving company. That means that they will likely mention how they cooperated and the quality of the services they got. However, a review that is overly descriptive and lists all of the services a moving company offers is likely fake. Beware of the reviews that go into a lot of detail, specifying each and every service and making it seem like the moving company in question is the best in the World.

    Hiring professional and reliable movers for your relocation

    A woman with moving boxes.
    Relocating with the help of professional and reliable movers is easy and stress-free.

    Is hiring professional movers really that important? It certainly is! The process of moving is extremely difficult and challenging. Finding the right movers should be your number one priority when preparing for the move. Always read online reviews but also extend your research. Get in touch with the moving company in question and ask them everything that you would like to know. See if they have a permanent address and if they offer the exact moving services you need. With the right local movers Long Island, your relocation is going to be easy and stress-free.


    To sum up, there are multiple ways to spot fake online moving reviews. It is important that you know how to do this because you always want to hire reliable movers for your relocation. So, watch out for overly positive or negative reviews, repetitive reviews with similar structures, reviews that were published at the exact same time, and overly descriptive reviews.

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