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12 Psychological Hacks While Moving House | TB Moving

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How to Stay Organized when Moving House? 12 Psychological Hacks [PART 1]

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There’s a reason why moving house tops everyone’s “the most stressful thing ever” list; or so multiple studies suggest. It is challenging and things will go wrong.


If you’re moving house, the foremost challenge for you would be to keep yourself organized. With everything that’s going on around (and in your mind), the anxieties and the worries can disarrange your personal and professional life.


To help you through this problem, here are 12 psychological hacks that will keep you organized and will make house moving much easier-


1.Write everything down


It isn’t a cliche. Writing everything down clearly helps your mind stay focused on task-at-hand and be more organized as to what needs to be done next. So pick up a pen and paper (yes, give your phone a rest and go old school), write your moving plans in detail. Answer all the whats, hows and whens; like when is the big moving date, what are the items you will NOT take with you and how are you going to take care of your kids and/or pets amid all the hassle. The more detailed and specific you are, the better it is. Now take this paper and put it on a wall where you can see it every day.


2.Book cheap NYC movers in advance


Of course, you’re going to need reliable professionals by your side for a smooth and quick move. So take your time in screening these local and long distance movers Brooklyn based to see who suits your individual needs and budget adequately. To that, be also sure to book the mover in advance. Knowing someone’s experienced is there to help you throughout the move will ease you up and keep you more relaxed and organized.


3.Keep yourself motivated


It’s no secret that when you’re motivated, you feel more positive and energetic. This ultimately transcends into you being more focused and aware of your goals. When moving house, it is quite common to feel dull and depressed; you have to take care of so many things, plus that sad feel of leaving your house. Still, you must aim to keep yourself excited about the whole thing. Listen to good and psychedelic music, exercise, go out with friends. All these will calm down your anxiety, keep you motivated- giving you more time and energy to make sure that the move is smooth and successful.


4.Take a short visit to your new place


A lot of worries comes when you’re uncertain about things. This is why #1 says you need to write down your plans and goals to keep yourself organized and make moving hassle-free. A big uncertainty about this whole process is how’s the new place? Will I enjoy there? Are the neighbors good? Where will my bed go? And so forth. So resolve these questions and take a short trip to your need home. Look around and plan everything in your head. See the positives. And you’ll feel much settled for your big move.


5.Plan your days the nights before


Mentioned already, planning everything keeps you much prepared and relaxed. So before going to bed every night, take some time to plan things for the next day. Like the contacts you’re going to ring, the items you’re going to pack, the items that you will throw, what you will eat and even the music you’re going to listen when labeling the boxes. Avoid vagueness and try to be more specific. It will help you know that you are moving according to your plans, which will ultimately kill all your stress.


6.Set realistic deadlines


Each of your small plans and goals must have deadliness to ensure you’re striding forward. So set realistic deadlines; until when you will complete packing your furniture, when will you get rid of all the items that you’re not taking with yourself, when you’ll be finished labeling all the packing boxes, and so forth. You will feel much organized.

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