Always Flat Rate

Nobody knows how long last minute moving will take. It could take 2 hours, or it could take more. Which means if we charged you on hourly basis – and unforeseen circumstances occur – your costs could exceed our estimate. So we charge a flat rate instead.  If your move is delayed for any reason, you will pay a flat rate only. You won’t pay anything extra for unexpected hours!

Professional Team Of Last Minute Movers

Our sales team will help you create o room-by-room Inventory. Or if It’s convenient for you, we’ll provide a free onsite estimate.

We have access to any buildings

Our special insurance coverages, which are part of your last minute moving package, qualify us to use any buildings. This flexibility enables us to minimize your costs while protecting your assets.

We handle any size move

Our dedicated team of professional last minute movers has deep experience with moves of every size – from small shipments, to home possessions, to office contents.

We go the extra mile

Our success comes from our ability to listen closely to what you need. We then develop a comprehensive last minute moving plan and execute it down to the smallest detail. We do not consider the job done until you are completely satisfied.