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Why Leave House Plants Behind: Movers in Brooklyn NY are Here

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So you’re moving to Brooklyn and you need some tips on how to make sure your house plants survive the move?


There are many movers in Brooklyn NY.  We suggest you get some referrals from people you know, especially people who’ve moved house plants with movers before.


So to keep your sanity, and house plants, intact, we suggest you use the following tips to get you into your new home surrounded by the things you love.


Moving house plants: Experienced Movers in Brooklyn NY

Moving house plants is very different to moving furniture or appliances.  Some movers don’t do it, and others say they do but don’t do it very well. As suggested, get some referrals.


If you don’t know anyone who has moved with plants to Brooklyn, go onto the social media pages of the movers you are considering and see what comments their previous clients have made.  Perhaps even contact and ask them directly.


Moving house plants in your car

If you have a car available during your move, consider moving the smaller plants in the car.  You can pack them in a box and protect them from bumping each other by putting newspaper or bubble wrap between them.  The larger or heavier plants will need to go in the movers’ truck.


Re-potting plants

Plants in clay pots are heavy and the pots are in danger of breaking during the move.  Re-potting your plants, as a temporary measure, in plastic pots is advised.  Clean the clay pots, wrap them in bubble wrap or newspaper, and move them separately.  You can then replant your house plants in their original pots when you are settled in your new home.


Getting ready to move them

Prune any dead leaves or branches of your plants.  Cover them with plastic with holes in it so the plants can breathe and get sunlight.  If Weather conditions are severe, like extreme cold, or rainy, windy weather, keep them sheltered as much as possible.


If the mover’s truck is open keep them sheltered from the weather with a hessian cover.  Other materials to protect your plants with are newspaper, bubble wrap and sphagnum moss. To prevent smaller plants in a box from bumping into each other, place newspaper or plastic between them.


Arriving at your new home

There’s going to be a lot of activity with movers carrying furniture and appliances into your new home.  While there is so much traffic in and out of your place, keep your plants out of harm’s way.  Shelter them in a garage or on a balcony or patio until it is safe to place them inside the house.



Hopefully, these are useful moving in Brooklyn tips, and to get you into your new home surrounded by the plants you’ve taken care of for so long. Reputable movers in Brooklyn NY should make moving your plants possible and stress-free.



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