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Long Distance Move- 5 Simple Tips To Avoid Unexpected Disasters

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Even after planning weeks in advance and with one of the best affordable movers NYC based by your side, moving day could be full of challenges. And while some are expected, others could pop-out when you least expect them. Having backup for such contingencies is important to keep the day smooth and running; after all you don’t want yourself in the middle of the road, with your packed items, lost in ‘whats and hows’.


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So if you’re moving house, long distance, to a different city, here are 5 simple tips to avoid the unexpected (and could-be-costly) disasters-


  1. Look out for bad weather


While it might be sunny in the morning when you started, you never know when the weather could take 360 and it starts raining or snowing. So stay prepared to deal with bad weather condition. Stock some extra food, have car repairing kit with you, have extra phone batteries, keep in constant touch with the movers in the trucks ahead of you.



  1. Know who to call during emergency


A lot of uncertain things can happen in the way even when you’re fully prepared. So expect the uncertainties and be prepared to face them all. Have all the emergency numbers on the speed dial. Keep your friends and family informed where you are throughout the journey.



  1. Ensure insurance coverage


This is something many people overlook- moving insurance. Keep all your items insured. There is two type of coverage for the long-distance move; one is basic that is set at 60 cents per pound and other is full-value protection that is based on about 1 per cent of the total valuation. Think carefully and pick one that suits your needs, budget and of course the items you’re moving. Better safe than sorry is a simple mantra you should stick by.



  1. Have storage facility at disposal


When moving, particularly long distance, the need for storage is sometimes imminent. Any kind of emergency might need you to stack your items at a temporary place; maybe the bad weather, some kind of incident on the route, or problem at your new home. Regardless, having storage facility at your disposal is important. Good thing is that many top long distance movers NYC based these days offers storage facilities; some even for free of charge for as long as one month.



  1. Hire one of the best affordable movers NYC based


What if your moving company leaves you hanging in the middle? Your stuffs are packed but the movers backs-off right at the last moment? Or they are simple not well adept to deal with the long distance move? Picking someone reliable is very important. So do your research carefully. Look around and shortlist one from various good moving companies.


These are 5 simple tips to avoid any unexpected instance during your long-distance move and save yourself from disaster.



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