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Modern decoration ideas for your Chelsea apartment

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    Moving is always an exciting endeavor. But at the same time, it can be hard and expensive because you must pack, plan, and search for Chelsea movers to accompany you. Such a time-consuming endeavor brings a lot of opportunities for new beginnings. And people usually seize this opportunity to apply modern decoration ideas they saw somewhere on the internet or heard somewhere from a friend. Or even better, saw their neighbors. Therefore, let’s go through those ideas together or at least make a list of those available to you in a short period of time.

    Before the move

    A woman thinking about moving
    Create your moving checklist and cover all related tasks.

    In case you are still in the middle of your moving plans and looking for modern decoration ideas, we have a few words for you. Start inspecting your home quickly, note down all the furniture you have, and other belongings you have at your home. List everything down onto your moving checklist and create a personalized moving guide. On that list, you will have all the information related to the TB Moving & Storage company and the following moving-related fact:

    • Moving budget
    • Moving services
    • Insurance
    • Packing
    • Chores, errands, and legalities

    Cover everything and have it ready before the moving date so you can relocate without any issues. Pack gradually and with patience. Search for residential movers NYC patiently as well and ensure they are licensed above all. Also, they should have all the tools and equipment to cover this job successfully. Now, once your checklist is ready, let’s decorate your home!

    A few modern decoration ideas right from the start

    Let u begin with the smallest and the easiest improvements you can implement right off the start. Whether you are moving or not, you still have floors, doors, pavements, tiles, utilities, pipes, faucets, and of course furniture. You can fix or replace anything and it would be enough to make you feel better.

    It shouldn’t be the only adjustment you make, but just the one to break the ice. Of course, depending on the state of the repair you are undertaking. So, inspect your home, locate all the repairs and improvements, and get right onto it. After you are done, grab your essential home chemicals and make it all shine.

    Lights can change your world

    LED lights are one of the modern decoration ideas
    LED lights are easily installed and you can obtain them on the budget.

    Everyone knows who lights can change the setting of any room. It depends on the size of the room, the side where your windows are located, and how many you have. This is for the daylight of course. You can add a window as an extreme step or simple open up your curtains and let the light in. It will enlarge your space making it at least twice as big.

    On the other hand, you can always add artificial lights wherever you want. A lamp here and there will resolve all your problems. LED lights are modern lately and they are easily installed. Moreover, they are extremely cheap as well which means you can buy and install your LED idea in a matter of hours. We recommend LED lights on side of walls, floors, under tables, and behind mirrors.

    Storage is among the modern decoration ideas nowadays

    You can never run out of storage these days. In the age of consumerism, we have more items than we can handle and now hidden storage is extremely popular. Consider installing retractable shelves in your Chelsea apartment. Wherever you have a dead corner where you would usually place a potted plant, consider closing it with a wooden plank and hide stuff behind it. It is a great way to hide a lot of stuff especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

    Coloring can be a game-changer as well

    Coloring crayons
    Simply changing colors can be a game-changer and you can do it in thousand different ways. For example, change furnishing on your old furniture.

    Coloring will always be among the modern decoration ideas. The pallet is vast and it is all in the perfect combination you’ll make. But before you do, you must inspect all your furniture and figure out if you want to match it with your walls. Or you want to mix it around and make an array of various colors. So, the question is, minimalism or “go wild”? You’ll know the answer to this question. But do not stop at the furniture and walls. You have your window frames, floors, and other household items that can change the color like a chameleon and blend into your new picture. We recommend consulting with a professional if you are changing more than we recommended.

    A kitchen is a place where you can change a ton of things

    Remember what we said about the storage? The kitchen is the perfect place to create all those retractable shelves, drawers, cans, and so on. As long as you gain an inch of space, you should do it. And of course, the wall space. Use a huge chain and hang a bunch of hooks where you’ll hang all your skillets and pots which will buy you a ton of space. And you can use a ceiling space in dead corners in the same way. Just make sure to use proper tools and strong materials to install those. Safety comes first, after all. The second thing you can decorate in your kitchen is the tile behind your faucet. A few chromatic tiles to serve as a backsplash will give your sink a new glare and a questionably good look. Just try it out, you can install and remove it within hours.

    Now you have a few more modern decoration ideas from experienced movers Manhattan. Hopefully, you’ll use at least one when the time comes for it. But as we already mentioned, the internet is full of it and you can try anything you see as long as you have patience, budget, and a bit of help. Our guide is here for you so go for it – best of luck!

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