How to Move Your House during Christmas

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Some people choose to move during the Christmas time for their own reasons. This is the period when most people relax, buy presents and celebrate. When moving your house comes it disturbs your focus and have to focus on relocating. But, there is a way to combine moving house with maintaining the Christmas mood. Here is how to move your house during Christmas.


1. Prioritizing your packing

To move your house during Christmas provides you with little time for preparation because of the holiday. This results in less time to pack your items and getting the right moving services. It is significant to pack all the items and get ready for your new home. All that should be left are those for decorating your house.


The moving services can also provide you with the moving supplies. They can do the packing and you should request a quotation for moving during the Christmas period. Ensure that you understand their moving services correctly. Some companies will just do one thing which is either packing or moving the items.


2. Plan your budget

local movers, moving company,It is advisable to request a representative from the moving services to go to your house to see the items. This will give them a proper estimate and you can get an accurate quotation. This will prevent you from facing unexpected costs. More importantly, it will help you properly plan your budget.


Moving comes with expected expenses and it’s significant that you should have extra funds at hand. In some situations, you may have forgotten to show the movers some items. This will incur some additional expenditure. If you spend less on the moving, then you can have some extra money for Christmas shopping.


3. Presents

Moving before Christmas will mean packing all the items including the gifts. The Christmas presents are all about giving your loved ones a surprise. The gifts can be packed in boxes and label them differently from its contents. This will prevent anyone from guessing what’s inside. No one will be coming looking in these boxes.


The items that you will need until Christmas day should be left out. Such items include the sets of bed sheets, kitchen towels, and grooming products. The moving services can pack these on the day that you are moving. Remember to let the moving company know these items will be immediately needed at your new home.


4. Moving before Christmas day

movers, local movers,Moving a day before Christmas means everyone will be expecting their gifts. You can take the presents with you to the new home and wait for the moving company. Taking the decorations with you is important because you cannot be sure at the exact time the moving services will be arriving. You can decorate the new home while waiting.


Get organized is important and don’t be distracted by the Christmas spirit. You can make things easier by ensuring that you keep communicating with the movers. Ask questions when it’s necessary and read the documents that the moving company give you. The moving documentation can be requested a day before so that you can read it prior to moving.


5. Moving on Christmas day

movers in nycIf you are moving just hours before Christmas day, you can keep the Christmas mood by playing holiday songs. It’s understandable that the movers might be in a hurry to pack and load your items. Christmas songs will cheer them up and will make the moving be a jovial one.


The moving company will be handling your precious items and it will not hurt to consider giving them drinks and food. This will keep a good mood during the moving day. The kids can stay with friends or family so that you have all the attention on the movers.



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