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How to Move to a Smaller House Stress Free

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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and the fact that you’re moving to a smaller place than you currently have honestly doesn’t make it any easier.


The simplest way to take care of this little conundrum, most would assume, would be just to throw some stuff out and make some more space for extra stuff, right? Well, it may sound like an easy solution, but implementing it is a lot harder than it sounds.


5 Tips on Packing to Move

Here are some tips on packing to move to a relatively smaller place without ripping the hair from your head.


Take Note of Everything You Have

Before the first items are even set in those moving boxes, it’s essential for you to take inventory of all your items. Once you have a list of everything you own, you can start crossing off stuff that you feel you don’t require.


It’s always a good idea to divide everything in your house into three fundamental categories – things you have, things you absolutely require and those you can replace later.


Of course, the must-haves needs to be moved, the replaceables are things that you don’t necessarily need and can always replace later. For example, you can always replace a large TV set with a smaller one.


Sell What You Don’t Need

A good way to create some space would be to sell the stuff you listed under the ‘can live without’ category. If you’ve ever run a business or tried selling anything, you know it’s not easy work.


If you’re lost for ways to sell your items, you can always host a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items such as old books, heavy furniture, and computer accessories. All the while, remember that the whole point of doing this is to raise money for buying more stuff later in your new home.


The best of all tips on packing to move is that if there are items you can’t sell, you can always donate them to charity.


Pay for some Storage Space

It may so happen that some items on your ‘can live without’ list hold a lot of sentimental value and you aren’t willing to altogether part with them. In which case, the previous moving tips for packing won’t really help you.


Instead, ask your moving company if they provide storage services, since paying for additional space can be expensive.


Avoid Having Duplicate Items

This step is essential for people who are moving with someone else rather than those who live by themselves. It’s important for you to go through your list and ensure you don’t have duplicate items on your list.


For instance, there’s no need to have multiple sofas, excess number of beds or even utensils.

Cut down on the number of things on your list by agreeing among yourselves what to keep and what to throw out.


Store Your Items for Maximum Space Usage

Lastly on this list of moving tips for packing stuff to your new home, is that once you’re inside your new home, find ways of storing your items so that you don’t have to sacrifice floor space. Consider using the space under your bed and hooks on your walls.



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