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Movers Insurance – Do You Need It?


Moving companies in Manhattan offer mover’s insurance as a part of their service, to protect you from accidental damage, and loss of property.


The transportation of your household content’s to a new home, regardless of how securely, and safely, it is packed, comes with a certain amount of risk. Your boxes may be damaged, their contents may be broken, or there may be bad damage to your furniture when it is packed, in transit, or delivered.


Manage the risk by buying mover’s insurance: Movers in Manhattan NY


Do you have adequate insurance that covers your goods? How comprehensive is your home owner’s insurance? Are you covered for a move?


There are a number of moving companies in Manhattan, New York, that will offer your mover’s insurance.


1. Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Moving Risks?


There may be a shortfall between your homeowners, or renter’s insurance policy, as to what goods are covered, and the extent of the cover. You will need to check the specific details of your contract, to ascertain how much risk protection there is.


Does your home owner’s insurance cover all your good in transit? (Damage, loss) Make sure you are up to date, with all your payments. Any stop-gap payment during this time could mean you are not covered.


2. How Comprehensive Is Mover’s Insurance Cover?


Movers in NY Manhattan will calculate the cover of your contents using various methods. Your mover’s insurance may be calculated by calculating the general weight of the contents, and an umbrella type of insurance cover offered, that protects you against damage, for example.


You will be able to have your goods repaired, and have the cost covered. You need to read the fine print, of any contract, and check how extensive the cover is.


3. Will All Broken Goods Be Replaced? What If It Was My Bad Packing?


Moving company in Manhattan will not automatically replace all your goods. With any insurance cover, when it comes to damage claims, there may be a question of liability on your part. Were you negligent in packing? Were you negligent in labeling boxes as fragile?


Was the damage accidental? Was the damage due to negligence on the part of the moving company, alone, or are you too blame too? This is a question of liability – it may be shared, or the fault of one party. There are risks involved in the transportation of all goods, and different types of mover’s insurance.


4. What Does The Law Say?


By law, movers in NY Manhattan are required to provide yours with two types of insurance coverage options. One includes the replacement cost of all your goods, the other is more general. Should tragedy strike, and you loose all your contents – the company will be liable for replacement costs, determined by the value of your contents.


This is a more expensive type of insurance, but you are fully covered.

The second, more economical option, is a more general cover, and your goods are covered, but on a lower scale. The replacement cost of your contents is not determined by their individual value, but an amount, based on a different scale, for example, by weight.


5. How Do I Choose?


You will need to think of various factors, which may increase the risk, of moving your specific home contents. How far are you moving away? What distance will your goods need to move, and have you chosen a reputable company?


Moving company in Manhattan will offer you the best service, as well as the best peace of mind, that should something happen, you are protected. You need to choose the best option that you can afford, and consider the value of the property you are moving. The higher the value of your goods, the more comprehensive your cover needs to be.


Movers insurance is offered by moving company in Manhattan and is there to protect you from accidental damage, and loss of property. Moving heavy boxes and furniture always carries a certain risk. Your property may be damaged, and you may need to be compensated, or your goods may need to be replaced. Mover’s insurance will give you greater peace of mind.



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