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Always receive premium service whether you’re with us for short or long-term.

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    Secure Indoor Storage for Your Peace of Mind

    If you’ve ever had to store anything in a NYC storage facility for any length of time, you know that it can sometimes be a hit or miss situation. At TB Movers, we offer premium moving and storage solutions across the Tri-State area that take care of everything and ensure your peace of mind.

    When it comes to storing and protecting your valuables, we have truly thought of everything:

    Flexible Lease Options

    Whether you need to store for a short time or an extended period, we’ve got you covered with flexible month to month leases.

    Climate & Dust-Controlled

    We understand that each item stored with us is precious and irreplaceable. That’s why we offer complete climate and dust controlled storage units to ensure that your valuables remain in top shape for the duration of their stay with us.

    Around the Clock Security

    Each of our storage facilities boasts 24/7 security to ensure the day-to-day safety of your valuables. That means coded locks, gated facilities, and camera surveillance.

    Pickup & Delivery Services

    Our professional team will cover your valuables from doorstep to doorstep with our pickup and delivery services.

    Short-Term Storage

    We understand that sometimes you just have to get that piano or extra bed out of the house but aren’t quite ready to sell it yet. That’s where short-term storage in NYC comes in. We offer flexible month-to-month lease options that let you store with us for a month or six, depending on your needs.

    Long-Term Storage

    Going abroad or just aren’t sure when you’re going to need that extra furniture? Long-term storage leasing in NYC is a great option to get those bulky items or boxes out of your garage or basement without selling them.

    Moving Into Public Storage

    Need to store your belongings but aren’t quite ready to relocate them permanently? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive moving solutions that help you get all those cumbersome boxes and furniture out of the way and into a storage facility in NYC, even if it isn’t ours.

    Moving Out of Public Storage

    Whether you store with us or not, our professional moving team can help you move items out of storage and into your new home, office, or another storage facility in Brooklyn.