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Moving Difficult Items to The Big Apple: Local Movers NY

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Are you moving home? Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences there is. Packing up your home can be a difficult task. Perhaps you’re asking yourself – how can I move to NYC?


There’s you, and the children, the piano, your daughter’s collection of China dolls. Do you sell your hard to move items? A huge spring clean? No. Local movers in NY will do the job for you.


Moving difficult items made easy: Local movers NY to the rescue


Moving is stressful and with all those difficult items like garden shed, piano etc, it can make you go berserk. But with expert services from a professional moving company NYC, it’s as easy as it can be.

Your Garden Shed: Can you bring your shed?


It’s possible to move a garden shed. You’ll need to use metal (or PVC) pipes, a car-Jack, and wooden tracks. Basically, you’re going to need a large trailer too.


The idea is to raise, and slide the shed onto the trailer. A shed can weigh a lot, and perhaps it’s not something you’d even consider, but it’s possible. You could use a moving company that hires a crane to lift it and winch it onto a trailer. Be sure to petty the shed first.


 Moving Your Piano: Can you move a piano?


It’s important not to lift it from the legs. You will need to completely wrap your piano and secure the parts that can open. Use an old blanket, and tape it around the body.


You don’t only protect the surface from scratches, but, you need to protect the piano from jolts, and bumps. It needs to be very cushioned during the move. It may need to be returned, upon your arrival in NY.


Moving your Pool Table: Can you move a pool table?


While it may be tempting to wrap your pool table up, just like the piano, but, you should not! It is far better to dismantle your pool table and wrap, each, part. Like a piano, the mechanisms of a pool table are more complex.


To ensure that your pool table arrives undamaged and in good working order, you need to dismantle it. Wrap it up, using an old blanket and bubble wrap for smaller parts. A few friends should be able to help you, do this.



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