Guide for moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick

Guide for moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick

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    Every move brings a lot of changes. The Upper West Side and Bushwick are actually not so far away. They are both New York neighborhoods. However, living in them is different. The Upper West Side is an interesting place. With time, people get tired of the fast-paced living style, and crowds. They start thinking about a quieter place to live. The second reason for moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick is the cost of living. Whatever your reason is, the moving companies NYC will easily relocate you over the East River.

    Cars and murals that you will see after moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick.
    Moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick, you will see many temporary murals on walls.

    A short history of Bushwick

    Bushwick is a New York neighborhood with an interesting history. In the 19th century, Bushwick was the center for beer productions. At that time, Bushwick was considered a wealthier part of town. Successful businessmen built mansions in the area. Many of those impressive buildings are still there. By the mid-1970s, the breweries, and some other businesses closed down. Eventually, in recent years, this neglected part of New York has come back to life. From early 2000, revitalization efforts have greatly improved Bushwick. Many creatives started to move into the area. And many factories’ facades have been turned into canvases. Today, it is an interesting neighborhood that attracts many new residents.

    Median rent – Upper West Side vs Bushwick

    The median rent, for a one-room apartment in Upper West Side, is $4,009 a month. The same size apartment in Bushwick is $2,395 a month (as of March 2021). In March 2020, the cost for the same size apartment was  $2,750. Also, buying a home in Bushwick is now cheaper. In March 2021 the median asking price was $949,000. So, if your reason to move is a new home, Upper West Side movers will relocate you there at affordable prices.

    Housing options in Bushwick, Brooklyn

    A woman with a white mask on her face enters the subway.
    Bushwick has many public transportation options.

    Most of the Bushwick apartment buildings are in converted industrial warehouses. In most of them, apartments are spacious. So, they offer a lot of space for living and play. Many residents, who are working from home, have a home office too. Basically, there are three different types of housing solutions in Bushwick:

    • single-family homes (20%)
    • multifamily buildings (30%)
    • condos and luxury rental buildings

    Costs of living in Upper West Side vs. Bushwick

    Like median rent, the costs of living are lower in Bushwick than those in Upper West Side. It is also having a more suburban feeling. With parks, lots of playgrounds, good schools, and wide streets, Bushwick is ideal for families with young children.

    Where is Bushwick located?

    This is one of the northernmost neighborhoods located in Brooklyn, neighboring two other popular areas, Greenpoint and Williamsburg. It is also in close proximity to historically famous Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, Cypress Hill, and East New York. Residents of Bushwick can also enjoy outdoor time. It is neighboring two nice parks – Maria Hernandez Park and Irving Square Park.

    What transport option to expect once you move to Bushwick?

    Like most other New York neighborhoods, Bushwick has many public transportation options. There, you will find the subway lines, going directly through Bushwick. You can use them to tour around the town:

    • J and Z trains (the BMT Jamaica line)
    • L train (the BMT Canarsie line)
    • M train (the BMT Myrtle line)

    Besides, you can also use the busses to go around. There are several reliable bus lines serving the Bushwick area. To go from Upper West Side to Bushwick by subway, you need about one hour. Driving through New York, with its busy traffic, can take even longer. But that’s not a problem for movers Bushwick, who know the streets of New York very well.

    What to expect after moving from Upper West Side to Bushwick?

    Fun with live music and dancers. in one of the cafes.
    One of the iconic places is the House of Yes.

    Not so long ago, Bushwick was a decaying part of New York. Today, it is full of art galleries, and exotic restaurants. It became a nexus of everything that is hip, trendy, and edge cutting. The vibrant street art is making Bushwick a tailor-made scene for Instagram. The neighborhood has an abundance of cuisines from all over the world. And you can enjoy fantastic meals at affordable prices. The nightlife in Bushwick is rich. One of the iconic places is the House of Yes. It is a world-famous nightclub, known for wild parties. There, the visitors can see the aerial dancers, circus performers, burlesque dancers, tarot card readers, etc. So, Bushwick is an interesting place, regardless of you visit it during the day or night.

    The Bushwick Collective

    You may have heard this name before. What is it all about? Bushwick Collective is a project started by local resident Joseph Ficalora. He started the project after the death of his parents. The idea was to bring street artists from all over the world to Bushwick. His vision was to make streets beautiful by painting the temporary murals on walls. Eventually, the event became very popular. The murals are being replaced once a year. And that is a neighborhood event that most of the residents attend.

    How to plan your move to Bushwick?

    Once you get your new place in Bushwick, give a call to movers Manhattan. Agree with them about the moving day and time. When moving during the workdays, the cost of moving is lower. The same goes if you move between morning the afternoon rush hours. So, knowing the exact date will give you the preparation timeframe. During this time, you should complete decluttering and packing your possessions. So, you should be ready when moving company comes to pick your things. If you are packing yourself, let us remind you of few things. No insurance will cover damage caused by inadequate packing. So, make sure to:

    • Get good packing material
    • Be careful when packing your belongings
    • Don’t rush and do it systematically to prevent injuries or forgetting something
    • Properly label and close your moving boxes

    Enjoy your new home in Bushwick

    Moving from the Upper West Side to Bushwick is finally over. Probably preparing for the relocation required several arduous weeks. And they exhausted you, both mentally and physically. Now that you are comfortably settled in your new home, it is time to take a break.  And, as we have already seen, Bushwick is a very interesting neighborhood. So, here we are proposing a short Bushwick-Brooklyn guide. It can help you in better orientation. And we are sure you will enjoy your new neighborhood. It has so many interesting events and places to offer.

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