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Moving House: An Ultimate Safety Guide

When moving house, there’s a lot that needs to be taken care of. The stress level notches higher by every passing day till the big move. And it is in these strain-y hours do many people simply overlook the safety and security aspects of this whole process.

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Are you soon relocating?


On the security front, there are few measures that you need to take-or, there are things that you need to be careful of. Here are 5 of them-


1.How safe is your new neighborhood?


The place you’re moving in how safe is it? How is the neighborhood, what is the crime rate there and is police force there sufficient to help you during any emergency? Have answers to all of these! It is best to head to your new place, at least once in advance, and look around carefully. And when uncertain, look for some other place.


2.Take immediate safety measures in your new place


When in your new home, there are few safety measures you need to take immediately. Foremost is, change your locks; you never know who has the spare keys. Second, make sure the alarm system at the new place is working fine. Third, make sure the windows are strong and in good condition.

3.Don’t make it obvious that you’ve just moved in


Sure you just moved to your new place. But you don’t have to make it obvious to everyone on the street. Avoid leaving your boxes on the footpath or garden. Fit curtains or blinds to your windows. Keep your windows and doors shut all the time.


4.Are your movers certified?


You’ve picked through the best affordable movers NYC based the one who meets your individual needs and requirements adequately. However, you also have to make very sure that your moving company Brooklyn NY based is certified. The non-certified ones are less reliable, with chances of theft and robbery often very high.


5.Are your expensive items safely packed?


You have a range of expensive items-right from necklaces and watches to LED TV, Play Station and Macbook. How safely are they packed? First, you need to purchase high-end packing boxes for these items. Second, pay special attention to these boxes-where they are, who is handling them, which vehicle are they in and so forth.




6.If the need for self-storage arises, where would you store your items?


Often, moving and the need for storage walk hand-in-hand. So when moving, if there’s a need for temporary storage facility, where will you store all your items? Is that facility safe enough? Pick the right place for this in advance to avoid any wrong decision. These days, few of the best affordable movers NYC based also offer free storage facility for up to one month.


These are 5 (+1) safety tips for people moving houses. Keep all these in mind and make your move a successful and secured one.


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