Moving Into A Local High-Rise Apartment in NY—6 Don’ts That You Should Do

manhattan movers nycDon’t move into a high rise apartment—an important house moving tip that you are likely to get if you’re actually relocating to a high-floor house. And rightly so, given living in higher floors has its own challenges, which starts right from carrying all your bulky and fragile items from old to the new place.


And while for Mister and Miss Know-it-all and Can-do-it-all it might seem like a simple transition, moving into a local high-rise apartment in NY is just as tedious as long distance move; it requires just as much attention and care.


So scrap down all the local house moving “tips and tricks” you read over web. Why? Well, to give you a fresher take, here are 6 don’ts that you should essentially DO-


  1. Stress over the ‘big day’


Mentioned already, high-rise apartment moving in New York is just as difficult and tedious. So don’t take it lightly just because it’s local— it’s a recipe to screw-up on the ‘big day’. DO worry and stress over it the same (and sane) amount as it were a long distance move.


  1. Hire a licensed Brooklyn NY mover


Given its local, many people believe that following DIY moving steps would be adequate. However, packing all the items, carrying them – specially the fragile ones – is difficult that requires professionals. It would be quicker and much easier. So were you thinking, with few friends you can handle everything, you better dial a good Brooklyn NY mover today.


  1. Prepare in advance


Again, with “it’s local” mentality, many people, too reluctant, don’t start preparing in advance. In fact, they are told to relax and don’t hassle early. And needless to say, things go hectic at the last moment. So DO start preparing well in advance. Book the mover weeks ahead; don’t keep off packing till the final minute.


  1. Expect storage need


Storage need and moving house walks hand-in-hand. Just because you’re moving right around the block doesn’t assures you won’t need storing facility. A range of scenarios can come up when you might need to safe-keep your items temporarily. So DO arrange for storage in North Bergen NJ for “what if” instances.


  1. Unpack the first day


To make it easier for you, you’re often told not to unpack right on the first day; relax and take your time. However, leaving all the stuffs unpacked for long can feel quite disorganized and unsettling, which could further add to your stress. So DO unpack on the first day – take help from you mover in unpacking if necessary – and it is then you relax and chill.


  1. Worry about the mover’s price


Just because it’s a local move doesn’t mean it can’t punch a hole in your pocket. While sure vehicles and transit charges are eliminated, there are other costs that you should expect, including packaging and bigger labor charge for the high rise move. So, yeah, DO worry about the mover’s price, and find out ways to eliminate the marginal cost.


These are 6 don’ts that you should definitely DO when relocating to a local high-rise apartment in NY to avoid the last minute hassle and for a smooth (and affordable) transition.



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