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Pack Up Your Kitchen Like A Pro: Best Movers In Brooklyn

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Brooklyn movers agree that the kitchen is the hardest room to move, and will take the longest amount of time, compared to all other rooms in your home.  You need to have an abundance of packing material, and boxes of all sizes, to safely, and efficiently, pack the contents of a kitchen.


Packing your kitchen can be an overwhelming job as it contains the most amounts of breakable goods, perishable goods, and multiple appliances. The kitchen, in a home, is also one of the most used rooms – so you have to balance your packing needs, with, for example, the need to be able to use your kitchen, and prepare food, during your pack up.


You need to plan your kitchen move, differently to other rooms. You can start packing up your kitchen days before you move, but you need to know where to start.


Tips When Moving A Kitchen: Brooklyn NY Movers


Remember that it will take much longer to pack your kitchen than any other room in your home. This room is full of cupboards which contain a vast number of fragile and therefore breakable goods – that all need to be safely wrapped, and prepared for the move.


1. Time! Time! Time! & Where To Start


It takes forever to pack your kitchen goods! Brooklyn NY movers can not stress enough how much extra time you will need to pack up your kitchen, and that you need to follow a specific packing order.


Start with the least used items, such as vases, and appliances like ice-cream makers, pasta makers, and cooking ware that you don’t often use. Don’t pack your pantry first, for example, or start to sort through your junk drawer – this is not an efficient use of time. Rather start packing goods straight away – don’t be tempted to start sorting and clearing junk.


Start by packing less frequently used items. It really doesn’t matter that they are boxed in advance of your move, as you are not likely to use them.


2 . Make An Essentials Box


You need an Essentials Box! This box will be your go to the box, in the last day or so, of moving, and when you move into your new home.


You need a special box for your kettle, some cutlery, crockery, dish towels, soap, and your kitchen essentials – like salt and pepper. Brooklyn NY movers explain that your kitchen essentials box can be packed up last, as you will be able to make yourself tea of coffee, the morning you move.


Similarly, when you move into your new home, you will have easy access to your essentials. Pack a few essentials, including an all purpose pot. Don’t go crazy and pack in too much – that is not the idea – only essentials!


You don’t want to have to unpack many boxes to find the toaster if your children are rushing to school, the day you move into your new home, or hunt through boxes to find a cereal bowl.


3. Packing Your Pantry – Pack or Toss?


Depending on the amount of time that you have, you should consider clearing out old food, such as canned goods that have expired, spices that have expired, and tossing out old food. However, this takes considerable time. You also need to literally ‘ weigh -up ‘ the value of the goods that you are moving, versus the weight of the goods.


It may be a better value option to dispose of food that is too heavy, or too old, and replace these items, in your new home. You will have to make this decision based on your personal needs, and your moving budget. eg. bottles of oil, alcohol, vinegar, and any liquids need to be carefully sealed and packed.


Donating food – you may consider donating unwanted food to a charity, to your friends, or using an App, like OLIO to offer your goods to people in your local area.


4. Stop Buying Food – Perishable and Canned


In the weeks leading up to your move, you need to be very strict about what groceries you purchase. Brooklyn NY movers and movers, in general, do not move your goods inside your fridge or freezer. Moving cold goods is much more challenging, and the less dry goods, that you have to pack, and move, the better.


Be mean. Be strict. Let your pantry stock go very low. Don’t buy goods on special, or bargains. Packing up those extra 10 cans will be annoying and add to the weight of your move.


5. Pack Your Breakables Properly


You need to wrap each item carefully. Stack plates sideways, and use plenty of bubble wrap for stemware and use wrapping paper, not a newspaper, as it will stain. Label the boxes as fragile, including the contents of each box. This will make your life much easier when it comes to unpacking. Don’t forget to pack heavy items in a separate box, and to reinforce the boxes.


You will need to collect a large number of different sized boxes to pack up your kitchen efficiently. You will also need plenty of packing material – bubble wrap, paper, packing tape, and you can also think about using wooden crates. Check with your Brooklyn movers if they can make crates for you, for heavier goods, such as crockery.




Pack your kitchen like a pro with the best movers in Brooklyn, and follow a strict packing plan. Your kitchen is the most challenging room to pack up, and you need plenty of time to pack up the contents of this room.


Think about having a charity box, to donate unwanted goods, but manage your time efficiently. It takes longer to sort through, and pack – packing efficiently, and clearing out junk at the same time, is two jobs. Make sure you balance your time and your needs. Packing, clearing, and sorting goods is a long process.


If your kitchen is cluttered with many goods that are no longer in use, then you may need to sort, and donate, as you are packing – this will mean packing up your kitchen, is an even longer process. Packing up your kitchen can be an overwhelming process, but, if you manage your time, and your needs, you will be able to pack up your kitchen like a pro, with the best movers in Brooklyn.


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