How To Prepare For A Pre-Move Garage Sale?

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The big day is approaching fast, and you’ve finally put the decision on the table. You’ve set a date, prepared all your stuff, contacted NY moving companies, and you’re excited because you’re going to move.


All that’s left is to raise some extra cash and lighten your load before you actually move. There’s only one thing in order – a garage sale to ready you for the big day.

NY Moving Companies Advice on a garage sale

To make the garage sale successful, the sale has to be carefully planned. There are lots of details most people forget that will often land them in lots of trouble. To help you make sure it all goes smoothly, here are some things you have to remember.


Make Sure You Are Following the Law

First things first, you will need to check with your local authorities in order to acquire a sale permit. Some locations also require you to pay taxes on the proceeds of the garage sale. Finally, inquire if your city allows you to advertise the event because the last thing you want is fines for doing something illegal. Some NY movers may not want anything to do with you otherwise.


If you’re paranoid, you may also check with your insurance company cover costs of the possibility that anyone will be hurt on your property. Most people put up signs to indicate that they are not responsible for slip and fall accidents on their property, but signs don’t protect you from legal liability.

Figure Out Where To Hold The Sale

moving companiesWhere you locate the sale is just as important as holding the sale and the stuff you’re going to sell. A few questions you’re going to want to ask yourself are:


  • Are you going to hold the sale in the yard, your garage or inside?
  • Are multiple families involved in the sale, and if so, where would be a good location that everyone is comfortable with?
  • What will the weather be like? Are you willing to continue if it’s unfavorable?


Set a date

The day and time for the sale is the next essential item on the checklist. Most times, the best day to hold a yard sale is on a Saturday; however, if that’s not suitable for the area you live in, you can decide to set it to whatever day best fits with your community.


Just avoid setting it on holidays like Labor day and schedule it on days that are either close to the end or the beginning of the month to maximize customers, and such that it’s not too close to your eventual moving day with movers NY.

Decide What To Sell

If you’re going to hold a sale, you’re going to need to need something to sell. Whereas actually pinning down what to sell might be a bit of a challenge, this few tips from some famous NY moving companies might help smoothen the process.


Take an inventory of everything you own, then begin crossing out whatever you don’t use any longer. People will often stop by to buy your items if there are lots of things to choose from, so don’t be too selective.

Organize Clothes and Shoes

The number of clothes you have at your sale can make or break it because some people won’t even give your sale a second look if they spot tables piled with clothes over them.


Take time to organize your clothing and that the sizes are grouped together, clearly marked with price tags and are hung up neatly.



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