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Experience first-hand just how stress-free moving can be, all with the support of our trained Long Island City movers.

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As you probably already know, Long Island City is expanding each year more and more. Every year it is becoming more popular and many people decide to move there. Which is understandable with their fastest-growing neighbors in the whole country. Mostly, it’s popular among young professionals and millennials. However, there are also those that are looking for a future elsewhere. TB Moving & Storage is a company that can help you move in either direction. Let our movers Queens show you just how smooth organizing and executing a relocation can be. Get your free quote by filling out the form or contact us directly for more information!

A view of the Empire State Building in NYC.
With our Long Island City movers, your relocation will be a jog in Central Park!

Guarantee the success of your NYC relocation with experience on your side

It’s quite simple! With TB Moving & Storage you simply can’t make a mistake. We are a company with many years of experience behind us. Many people that were looking for Long Island City movers were more than happy when they discovered us. And for us, your happiness is the most important thing. We work for you, and we want above all for you to be satisfied and to move without stressing out or any other problems. So leave that to our local movers Queens to sort it all out. Your only task will be to sit back and relax while we handle the relocation of your entire life to/from Long Island City!

Every relocation is different and we understand that

No relocation is the same. It never happens. Every person is different, and so is the relocation! People want different things, and they all focus on different things. That is the reason why we can be different. We like to adapt, and we adapt to your wishes. If you are looking for interstate movers or for packing services, we won’t mind. Whatever it is that you need help with, TB Moving & Storage has the resources to make it happen. We offer various moving services and yours is to choose from.

Long Island City movers are a team of professionals

We don’t say that Long Island City movers are professionals without a good reason. In our team, we only welcome the most professional candidates. Before they start working for us, they have special training and tests to go through. We care for you, and your belongings. And we would not allow anyone to relocate you. You deserve the best movers.

A worker of a moving company checking the cardboard boxes ready for the move.
Our movers are a team of professionals and they care about your belongings.

Years of positive feedback behind

If you don’t trust our words, you can trust our previous customers! In other words, you can find reviews and comments from people we moved. With many years of experience behind us, every relocation we had was successful and customers were satisfied. We are highly rated with only positive feedback. This should tell you that Long Island City movers are reliable and that we are here to fulfill your wishes. We work how you say!

Long Island City movers can pack you up!

The longest process of every relocation is the packing. It is tiring, exhausting and for sure stressful! And sometimes, people don’t have enough time for everything. That is why it’s perfect to let us, your TB Moving & Storage moving company pack you up. We provide packing services NYC that you can use. And we would pack your belongings gladly! You can sit back and relax, or spend time with your loved ones while we pack you for relocation to Long Island City.

 If you end up without materials, we are here to back you up!

Another thing that we can help you with our moving supplies. It is very common that people don’t have enough moving supplies NYC and other things at home. And there is no need to borrow from friends and relatives, or even buying them. Just call us and we will have you covered. Whatever the shape or the size you need.

Long Island City movers know only about quality

To be able to move someone properly, you need good quality equipment. Which is exactly what we have and what we use. Trucks that are new and safe for driving are the first thing that we provide, for instance. Every other piece of equipment that we use is also completely new, safe, and of good quality. We want what is best for you and we care about your belongings.

If you need storage options in Long Island City, you know who to call

Above all, another thing that we can offer you is a storage solution. This is very useful to have, especially while you are relocating. And if you are worried about bringing things there, don’t! That is why we are here. Let our trained professionals move in and out your belongings to storage, or from. You can use short term storage NYC, for instance. And when it comes to safety, you have nothing to worry about. We provide 24-hour safety and our facilities are monitored. So, if you need some extra space, just contact TB Moving & Storage!

When it comes to Long Island City, we know every street!

View on the Empire State Building.
We know every corner of Long Island City, so worry not!

Many people have an unpleasant experience with getting lost. Especially when you move to a completely new place, surrounded by lots of people. But, it’s nothing to worry about when you have us on your side. We are experienced movers with many years behind us. And our customers moved a lot to Long Island City. We know the area very well! Therefore, you won’t get lost with us, and your belongings won’t end up missing. So don’t worry about it.

Put your moving concerns to rest with TB Moving & Storage by your side

What you should do is stop searching and worrying! Instead, just contact us even today and we will sort out your problems! Our Long Island City movers will help you out as much as possible. After that, your relocation will be successful! With our professional movers, your move is safe and it will be stress-free. All you need to do is give us a call, tell us your requirements, and sit back! We will do the rest. With TB Moving & Storage, moving is really easy and fun!

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