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Renting a moving truck in NYC – pros and cons

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    When moving, many people don’t know how to transport their belongings. They wonder what’s the best, safest, and cheapest way to do it. Many turn to an, so to say, old-fashioned way of transport – renting a moving truck and moving by themselves. But what are the benefits of renting a moving truck? What are its flaws? Is it better to do it yourself or to hire professionals? Don’t worry. Making decisions takes some time. So, take your time to think what’s the best possible solution for your relocation. TB Moving & Storage is here to help you. We are fully aware of the fact that relocation is an overwhelming and stressful venture. So, we’ve provided some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of renting a moving truck in NYC. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

    Why do people rent a moving truck?

    In the past, relocation was primarily based on a do-it-yourself move. Before the expansion of professional moving and packing companies, DIY was almost the only way of moving. So, moving truck rental has long been the only option for relocation. Many people still think about renting a moving truck and moving on their own rather than hiring professionals. Why is it so? Well, the reasons are many. One of the main reasons is that they want to organize the move all by themselves – from packing to loading and unloading their belongings. They think the DIY relocation and renting a moving truck are cheaper than a professional move. But is it really so? What are the pros and cons of renting a moving truck?

    White truck in a parking lot
    Renting a moving truck in NYC for DIY relocation may be considered an old-fashioned way of moving.

    What are the advantages of renting a moving truck in NYC

    When renting a moving truck in NYC for your move, you should carefully consider its pros and cons before making a final decision. Moving truck rental has its advantages:

    • Complete control: If you rent a truck for your move, you’ll have full control over your belongings.
    • Suitable for a small-size relocation: If you are moving a small number of your possessions, it’s okay to move it yourself. 
    • Suitable for a short-distance move: If you are moving a few blocks away with a small number of things, you can rent a truck. 
    • Time management: It helps you manage your time, and you don’t need a fixed relocation date.

    A DIY move can be very stressful, even when moving short-distance. So, if you don’t want to do all the daunting tasks by yourself, still when moving locally, you can always count on our local movers NYC. Forget about sorting, packing, and loading or unloading your possessions. Don’t bother moving on your own, no matter how short the relocation is. So, let our professional movers do everything instead of you.

    Three white trucks to choose when renting a moving truck in NYC
    Renting a moving truck in NYC is easier if you have a professional moving company by your side.

    What are the disadvantages of renting a moving truck in NYC

    Renting a moving truck has its pros. However, it seems like there are more disadvantages than advantages, especially when it comes to moving to or across New York. Let’s discuss some of the cons:

    • You have to pack your possessions by yourself.
    • Also, you purchase all the moving and packing supplies
    • You need to hire someone to drive the truck.
    • You need additional equipment such as a moving dolly.
    • High fuel costs
    • You do the loading and unloading of your furniture and boxes into the moving truck.
    • There’s no insurance.
    • There may be some hidden charges.
    • Lack of help

    When renting a moving truck, you cannot predict whether there will be enough space for loading your boxes even though you calculate or measure the load. Most importantly, it’s difficult to prevent your possessions from damaging when moving interstate if you don’t hire professionals to help you. Luckily, our interstate movers NYC are here to make your cross-country relocation an enjoyable experience.

    Moving truck size and features can make your relocation difficult

    The main disadvantage of renting a moving truck is that its size and features can affect the moving process. If a moving trailer doesn’t have enough space or enough features, you’d probably have to do the relocation more than once. It’s almost inevitable to measure up the space wrongly when you want to load your belongings by yourself.

    Renting a moving tuck in NYC has its pros and cons
    Don’t bother by renting a moving truck in NYC and loading your stuff by yourself. Avoid headaches and hire professionals.

    Renting a moving truck in NYC VS hiring professionals

    Now that you’ve acquired some knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of renting a moving truck, it’s time to focus on the difference between renting a moving truck by yourself and hiring professionals. We’ve already given you an insight into the importance and benefits of having professionals by your side. However, let’s discuss them further. Moving companies are increasingly popular with different types of relocation – short/long-distance, local or cross-country, or residential or commercial move. They not only offer various types of relocation, but they also provide a variety of additional services such as packing and storing. Yes, when renting a moving truck, you can arrange and do the relocation yourself. But, you can also organize the move yourself when hiring professionals. Just show them your moving plan, and they will follow your instructions. They can also see if you have overlooked something important and give you advice. 

    Moves loading things into the truck
    Ask professionals to help you move and have a risk and stress-free relocation

    Moving from New York to Boston: renting a moving truck or hiring a professional moving company?

    The distance between New York and Boston is 215 miles, and it takes about three hours and 43 minutes to drive, depending on the traffic. It is not so far. But if you decide to rent a moving truck and don’t have enough space in it, you must rent another one, or use the same one to relocate more than once. Also, as we’ve stated before, there’s the possibility of damage. To avoid these problems, consider using professional moving services. With TB Moving & Storage, you don’t have to worry about anything when moving from NYC to Boston. All you need to do is to ask for a free moving quote, and sit back and relax. Our licensed, experienced, and devoted movers will ensure your peace of mind. The decision is up to you.

    Avoid potential problems when renting a moving truck in NYC and have a risk-free relocation with TB Moving and Storage

    A DIY relocation can be exciting and challenging. On the other hand, it can also give you a lot of headaches. It’s up to you to decide what’s the best possible solution for you. But, before you make a decision, give us a call and get a free estimate. It costs you nothing but can save you a lot of time and money as well. Most importantly, it can save you a lot of energy and nerves. Hire our movers and packers NYC to help you with all the daunting and overwhelming moving tasks. They will pick up and drop off all your possessions without you having to deal with these tasks. Why rent a moving truck in NYC by yourself, when you can have this and many other services if you choose to relocate with a reliable moving company. 

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