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Residential moving checklist

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    As you already know, you will have your hands full with the work that will and will not be related to your relocation. So many things will be on your mind that you will not know where to start and where to finish. Of course, the best way to ensure that you remember everything and have an idea about how you want to handle the process is to make a checklist. Because making a checklist is not as easy as you might think, we will help you create your residential moving checklist and get your move started and finished in no time.

    What should a residential moving checklist contain?

    Of course, everyone has a different checklist depending on their needs and their situation. On the other hand, there are many things that every residential moving checklist should contain. At least if you want your move to be successful and without any problems. For example, a quality list should contain everything that you have to do. It should, also, have your inventory, important phone numbers, and similar. Consider this checklist like a mother checklist to all your smaller ones. It is more of a folder with several pieces of paper or even a notebook depending on the situation and how complicated your relocation is. If you are moving interstate, surely it will be much more difficult than a local move.

    A blank notebook and a pen
    Maybe a notebook will do the job,

    Keep in mind that you should start preparing this checklist some time in advance. By doing this, you are giving yourself enough time to think about everything. A list does not serve you if it is assembled at the last minute. That is the same as going through the relocation without planning,

    The first thing you should have written down as a task is to contact your movers

    Logically, residential movers play an essential role in this entire process. They are the professionals you need to see this relocation through without problems and setbacks. Just like you are creating a checklist to prevent problems, you are hiring experts because of the same reason. Therefore, the first thing you should have on your checklist is a ”call your movers” task. This task is not something you should check off because you should do it every little while to keep things under control. Also, you should talk to your movers and ask them what are the first things you should do to prepare for relocation. They will have a lot to say on this matter and you should write down their recommendations. Those tasks should also be amongst the first on your checklist.

    Make sure you have all the companies and other numbers you must call listed as well

    An important part of your pre-moving obligations is the number dialing. There are several companies, as well as people, that you should call and inform about the change of address that is about to commence. Some you are legally obligated to inform, some are useful to you, and others include your friends and family. The USPS is always one of the first you contact. You might not even have to call directly, it is possible nowadays to arrange everything from the comfort of your home through their website. All your subscriptions to magazines and similar should also be on your checklist. You do not want to forget those. Besides, you will be missing out on your mail if you forget or someone else can keep getting them.

    A man talking over the phone while using his laptop
    It is very important for you to inform everyone about your relocation.

    A residential moving checklist should contain the supplies you will be needing during your move

    Getting proper supplies is, of course, very important and, in the middle of everything, you can easily forget to buy all the moving boxes and other supplies that you need. Besides, you need to, first, assess the situation and see what is it that you require. Write down how many of which size and shape you need, as well as other things like tape, and similar. That way, you will make sure that you do not forget to buy any of those. You would not believe how many times people found themselves without tape or scissors. It simply happens due to the stress and overwhelming feeling you experience when you have to think about several things at once.

    Moving day tasks are some of the most important ones to write down

    The day of the move is probably the most important because you have made this entire checklist in order to make it a success. The day before the move, you should use it as the last check before officially checking everything off of your list. Generally speaking, during the last week before your move, everything should be covered. From supplies to the movers, your obligation, and all the other tasks that your checklist contained. One week is not enough time to complete anything but packing and that is why packing, and all that it includes, should be amongst the last tasks you have.

    A man and a woman packing and going through a list
    The last week should be reserved for packing. It would be very late for anything else.

    That is how you create a residential moving checklist

    We hope that you have found some quality guidance in this article and that, now, you can properly make your own residential moving checklist with confidence. If you stick to our advice and just add your own tasks to our recommended ones, you will see that everything will be just fine. We wish you good luck.

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